Arcopedico Shoe Review – The Most Comfortable Shoe on the Market?

Sometimes one purchases a pair of shoes with something specific in mind. Sometimes that something specific is that they need a pair of shoes for the gym or something with safety features that suit the workplace. However, probably in most cases, people purchase a pair of shoes solely to look stylish or to be provided with the optimal level of comfort. Style and comfort, they are two things that don’t always go hand-in-hand with a pair of shoes, right? Well, then you obviously haven’t become well-acquainted with the Arcopedico brand yet.

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If you are looking for style and absolute comfort in your day to day life, then keep reading!

The Background Behind Arcopedico Shoes

The wonder that is Arcopedico shoes is the brainchild of Dr Elio Parodi who launched the company back in 1966. The initial thought process behind the launch was the need for a strong double shank to support the foot arch. Since then, the terms “Arcopedico” and “comfortable footwear” have gone hand in hand, with the company currently boasting statistics of 600,000 pairs of shoes produced annually and sold across five continents. They are most definitely doing something right!

Arcopedico Shoe Options

The Arcopedico brand offers four great options to consumers, ensuring everything from the most optimal comfort to trendy designs. The brand caters to male and female consumers.

The Arcopedico Classic Comfort Shoes

Nothing says comfort quite like the Arcopedico Classic Comfort Shoes. The Arcopedico Classic line of shoes is probably one of the softest on the market. Unlike other shoes, they don’t irritate or squeeze the feet due to the knitted breathable nylon stretch upper that easily forms to the wearer. The foot rests on an Anatomic footbed and can benefit from twin arch support that distributes the weight evenly.

Image of the Arcopedico Women's Light Black Clog/Mule 35 (US Women's 4.5-5) M

The Arcopedico Relax Shoes

The Arcopedico Relax line is perfect for everyday, casual wear. Within the line, there are two styles, City and Lyra. Both styles use Lycra stretch material as uppers, which allows the shoes to instantly mold to the feed. In addition, this fabric is breathable and lightweight. As with the other Arcopedico shoes, they include an Anatomic footbed, twin arch support, removable insoles and ultra light PU soling.

Image of the Arcopedico Women's LS 1151 Oxford Shoes

The Arcopedico Leisure Sport Shoes

The most versatile and contemporary shoe option from the brand is the Arcopedico Leisure Sport. They come in classic black and gray colors but also vibrant red and blue options. Besides the more trendy style, the Leisure Sports shoes have all the best features of the other Arcopedico options: a techno elastic knit upper, leather insock, twin arch support, and a lightweight sole.

The Arcopedico Ballerinas Easy Walk

Another of the more trendy offers from Arcopedico are the Lolita ballerina pump from the Easy Walkers line. Ballerina pumps can sometimes have the reputation of being uncomfortable but that is certainly not the case here. They have stretchy synthetic uppers that mold to the shape of the foot, while the soft material helps fight against discomfort, irritation, and chafing. Like with the other shoes from Arcopedico, the shoes allow the feet to breathe and boast the usual combination of an Anatomic footbed, twin arch support, removable insoles and ultra light PU soling.

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The Arcopedico Lytech Shoes

The Arcopedico Lytech line offers the optimal comfort but was created to provide a new step forward in styling. Like the other lines that have come before it, it features old favourites such as the Anatomic footbed, twin arch support, absolute comfort soles and the new removable biocalce insoles. What is new for this shoe are the revolutionary uppers of stretch Lycra and polyurethane. There provide a better form, extra durability, and a more contemporary look for the biologically and environmentally friendly shoes. They come in a range of different colors and prints and include options with an elasticated hold, a tie buckle, and laces.

What the Arcopedico Shoes Can Do For You

The Arcopedico shoes, in any of their lines, include three essential features that really help the feet – twin arch support, anatomic footbed and a lightweight construction. Individually, these features are amazing but combining them is the perfect recipe for the feet, ultimately providing a balanced, secure platform which aids circulation, exercises muscles and ensures comfort. Absolute comfort is a given but let’s take a closer look at what a pair of Arcopedico shoes can do for you.


Support is not compromised in the Arcopedico line. One of the best ways they offer support to their wearers is via the Twin Arch Support System. This feature is very beneficial to wearers – both young and old – who suffer from poor posture and back or whose feet tire easily. The Twin Arch technology works by supporting the foot arches by forming a comfortable bridge between the heel and the ball of the foot. This, in turn, helps correct the positioning of the spine.


If you are going to own a pair of shoes as comfortable as any that Arcopedico offer, then you are going to wear them a LOT. Thankfully, the shoes are as durable as they are comfortable. That is due to the Ultra-Light Polyurethane Sole. This tough sole allows for daily wear without the fear of the sole wearing out anytime soon! The sole also adds to the comfort of the shoe as it consists of many tiny air bubbles to help with shock absorption.


Some of the newer Arcopedico shoes, such as the New Sec and LS styles, are fitted with a unique volumetric controlled Knit Upper. These knitted nylon fibres allow the foot to breathe but are also essential in providing comfort and support. How? Well, the elastic upper provides a certain level of controlled freedom so the shoe can adjust to your foot shape. A special softener wax is also used on the upper in order to reduce an uncomfortable rubbing feeling when the shoe is worn on bare feet.

Another great feature of the Arcopedico shoes is the inclusion of an Anatomical breathable insole. This technology was developed with the intention of wicking perspiration away from the foot, allowing the foot to breathe more easily. The breathable insole allows means that the Arcopedico shoes are suitable to be worn in both summer and winter.


Finally, and very important for shoes aimed to allow the feet to breathe, the Arcopedico products are light in weight. A combination of the lightweight construction and the breathable fabrics mean these shoes are ideal for swollen or sensitive feet.

Pros of the Arcopedico Shoes

  • There are a variety of different styles, designs, and colors available on the market.
  • The shoes are manufactured using materials which allow the feet to breathe.
  • The shoes easily mold themselves to the foot of the wearer.
  • An Anatomic footbed is included in all shoes.
  • All shoes have twin arch support, which is beneficial for those suffering from poor posture, back pain, or tired feet.
  • The Ultra-Light Polyurethane Sole of the shoes is extremely durable and provides extra comfort to the wearer.
  • Some of the shoes have an anatomical breathable insole that wicks perspiration away from the foot.
  • All shoes from Arcopedico are lightweight.

Cons of the Arcopedico Shoes

  • Some reviewers report that the more fragile, knitted fabrics used in the shoes can snag.
  • The insides of the New SEC Slip-Ons are not lined.


If you read every single word of this article then you have probably already gathered how highly I rate these shoes. If you haven’t and were just looking for a quick answer on whether or not you should buy from Arcopedico, then let me quickly recap for you.

Arcopedico manufacture some of the most comfortable shoes on the market, thanks to the stretch and easily moldable fabric it uses. This fabric also keeps the shoes breathable, as does the inclusion of the Anatomical breathable insole, which helps fight against perspiration. Arcopedico provides wonderful support shoes due to the Twin Arch Support System, developed with those with bad posture, tired feet, and a sore back in mind. Finally, the Arcopedico shoes are extremely durable. The Ultra-Light Polyurethane Sole sees to that.

Like I always say, if you are in any way sceptical of a shoe and its performance, then check out what the others are saying. I read through many reviews when collecting my research for this review and it was hard to find negative thoughts. Most people agreed that this was one of, if not the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn. Any negative reviews I did read were minor and did not take away from the excellence of these shoes at all.

Last, but certainly not least, there are so many different options from the Arcopedico line, each offering the same fantastic features. Not only is there a variety of colors available, consumers can also choose from a classic style or a ballerina flat or even a more leisurely, sporty shoe.

In conclusion, I just can’t see how you can go wrong with a pair of shoes from Arcopedico. They seem to be some of the most comfortable shoes on the market and the price point is pretty reasonable. The cost per wear you will get from these shoes will be way down the lower end of the scale. At this point, there is no more pondering to be done. Go and buy a pair of the most feet-friendly shoes on the market!

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