Lugz vs Timberland

The battle for the crown of the best yellow boot is in full swing, and two juggernauts muscle it out to see who comes out on top. Are you on Timberland’s or Lugz’s side? Throughout the years, these two brands have come out with a number of different footwear designs that pit them against each other as competing companies. So which of the two really is the better boot choice?

Personally, I prefer the Timberland brand of boots and footwear. They’re just better overall – quality-wise, aesthetic-wise, and cost-wise. So if I’d have to choose a winner, I’d place my bet on any Timberland footwear design any day. But hey, that’s not to say Lugz doesn’t put up a fight. In fact, the brand also offers a number of great picks that I wouldn’t mind incorporating into my everyday wardrobe.

If you’re having a hard time choosing the better boot, don’t worry. Here, I’ve put together a comprehensive brand comparison so you can find out where to place your purchase.

More About the Lugz Brand

Lugz first appeared on the scene in 1993. During the time, the company only had about two different footwear designs, a quilted vest, and a pair of jeans in its product line-up. Through the years though, Lugz has developed its offerings extensively. It has even earned itself a reputation as the clothing line of choice for rap artists and hip hop stars.

Today, Lugz aesthetics remain essentially the same – featuring thick, chunky, standard footwear designs that prioritize form over function. They’re fashionable to say the least. But if you were looking for something a little more robust and durable, these style-forward pieces might not actually hold up.

More about the Timberland Brand

Timberland were fashioned and manufactured by its founder since way back in 1928. But the brand only formally entered the market in 1973 as The Timberland Company. The brand specialized in creating durable boot designs that were engineered not only to look good, but also to work as reliable work boots. Needless to say, their designs really could stand up to the test of demanding work environments.

Today, Timberland is seen as the original yellow boot manufacturer, creating an iconic image for itself in the industry. Most of Timberland’s offerings consist of boots, but they do have some dressier and casual shoes up for grabs as well.

The Battle for the Best Yellow Boot

Both companies have leveraged the yellow, full-grain, nubuck leather in many of their boot designs. This is why lots of consumers often pit these companies against each other as competitors. While there might be an advantage to both boot designs, I’d have to say that there is a clear winner between the two.

Timberland’s Signature Yellow Boot

Firstly, I want to talk about the first-ever, original yellow boot from Timberland. Through the years, the boot design has become so iconic that brands like Lugz had no choice but to follow suit. This would help guarantee that they could keep their place in the market as a contender.

The Timberland original yellow boot comes in a number of different designs, but the most popular would probably have to be the Timberland 6” Premium Waterproof Boot. The piece is designed with high quality full-grain nubuck leather, a sturdy rubber sole, plush collar and insole padding, and a secure lacing system with hexagonal eyelets for added style.

Aside from looking like a real fashionable boot, the original yellow boot from Timberland is also pretty hardy. The design is robust and durable, so it can actually be used for demanding work and outdoor activities.

Lugz’s Yellow Boot Dupe

The Lugz brand also has a number of different yellow boot designs, but their most popular would have to be the Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot. In many ways, it looks a lot like the Timberland original yellow boot, with their main difference lying in the shade of yellow used for the nubuck leather upper.

The Lugz Convoy Lace-Up Work Boot also features a synthetic sole, round lacing hole eyelets, and fluffy fleece padding that peeks out of the tongue of the boot. This doesn’t only make it more comfortable, but also gives some added aesthetic appeal. No doubt, if you weren’t keen on the two brands, you might think they’re the same design.

It pays to mention however that while the Lugz Convoy is labelled a ‘work boot’, it might not actually be one. The design was ultimately made for aesthetic purposes. So it may fall apart on you when used for heavy work and outdoor use. Nonetheless, it is a great Timberland dupe if you want to enjoy the appeal of a yellow boot without having to spend too much.

Other Men’s Shoes

To widen their reach throughout the market, both of these brands also offer a number of other footwear designs to cater to more than just boot-wearers. Timberland is particularly keen on men’s footwear designs that maximize both durability and style.

The Men’s Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe is the perfect example of how Timberland marries form and function. This ultra durable casual shoe features robust construction characteristic of Timberland. On the outside though, it offers a simple, stripped-down appearance that’s perfect for everyday use.

The Timberland Killington Chukka Walking Shoe is another great pick from the brand. This handsome footwear design comes in a number of colorways, and makes the perfect addition to any style-savvy guy’s wardrobe.

Not to be outdone, Lugz also has a few other great shoe designs to its name. The Lugz Rivington Fashion Sneaker is one of the brand’s best sellers. This footwear design features a sporty fabric upper, combined with a light colored synthetic sole that gives it great aesthetic appeal.

The Clipper Fashion Sneaker is another common choice for Lugz fans, offering a standard slip-on sneaker design that really transcends all fashion and style tastes. In fact, Lugz manufactures a lot of standard, familiar silhouettes which makes it a great choice for those who want something that isn’t too far out.

Women’s Picks

Of course, both brands have women’s boots and footwear designs in their line-up. For Timberland, the bestseller remains to be the original yellow boot design. Adapted to better suit the sleeker, slimmer shape of women’s feet, these boots look a lot like their male counterpart. Essentially, all other features of the design remain consistent with the men’s, so it does work well as an everyday work boot.

Some other honorable mentions under the Timberland brand include the Jayne Waterproof Teddy Fleece, Fold Down Boot, which features a very feminine aesthetic and is offered in a variety of color choices. The Earthkeepers Glancy 6” Boot on the other hand exudes a sexy, feminine vibe that doesn’t sacrifice the robust, hardy image that the brand became popular for.

Lugz women’s shoes are basically a replica of their men’s selection. The boots are often designed to be slightly more lightweight, pointier, and slimmer, so as to look more feminine. All in all however, the Lugz women’s line-up looks practically the same as the men’s selection.

The Empire High Winter Boot looks a lot like the design used for the general selection of Lugz men’s boots, and features the same make and material. They also offer sporty sneakers for women like the Seabrook Fashion Sneaker, but ultimately fail to come out with anything that’s really uniquely Lugz.

Footwear for Kids

In the kids’ deparment, both brands leverage the same designs and aesthetics that appealed with adults in their men’s and women’s selection. So with Timberland, kids’ shoes ultimately make use of their standard boot design and construction. For instance, the original yellow boot is also available in a cute little toddler size.

Timberland also has adorable Chukka boots for boys and girls, and comfy strappy sandals like the Adventure Seeker collection. To further extend their reach into the market, Timberland also offers crib booties that come with equally adorable hats to match.

The Lugz brand offers pretty much just boots for kids. Coming in a variety of shaft heights, these boots are ideal for use on toddlers and young children as they can be a little uncomfortable for smaller kids.

Some designs worth mentioning include the Lugz Boys Youth Drifter Fleece Boot, which can add some serious style to your little one’s wardrobe with little effort. They also offer some pretty cute boots in solid black leather, like the Lugz Boys Mallard Boots, which definitely look like a durable pair for rowdy kids.

The Bottom Line

When comparing these two brands, it’s hard for me to really lean in favor of Lugz because it almost always feels like they’re just a more affordable Timberland dupe. The designs are pretty basic and standard, and they don’t really bring anything new to the table, so it’s hard for me to see them as a unique brand.

Timberland on the other hand, is basically the gold standard for boots, competing neck and neck with other more popular brands on the market. So whenever I see Timberland designs, I know they’re high quality, durable boots that really will stand the test of wear, tear, and time.

So when it comes down to it, I’d have to place my bet on Timberland – a long standing brand with hardy boot and footwear designs that are capable of toughing it out in harsh environments.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly dupe alternative though, Lugz may not actually be all that bad. Just remember they’re not really for demanding situations and outdoors, so to extend their lifespan, try using them strictly for fashion and you’ll be in the clear.


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