Skechers D’Lites Review

Designed to give users the ideal, comfortable, everyday walking shoe, the Skechers D’Lites line of footwear is perhaps one of the brand’s most extensive collections. And with so many people buying into this popular shoe choice, I couldn’t pass up the chance to do my research and find out just what about the D’Lites collection made it such a big hit.

Now, after diving deep into reviews and getting my hands on whatever information I could find on the line-up, I’ve come to find that the Skechers D’Lites shoes can be a solid choiceif you take your time and really learn more about your options.

Yup, Skechers may have come up with a number of really impressive shoes under the D’Lites line of footwear. But there are a few of them that seem to really miss the target when it comes to providing performance for the everyday grind.

If you’re on the fence about buying yourself a pair of D’Lites from the Skechers brand, make sure you’re choosing the right pair. This complete guide should tell you which D’Lites are worth the purchase, and which ones you need to steer clear of.

That Signature Skechers Appeal

When it comes to aesthetics, the Skechers D’Lites line up can be pretty varied. For the most part though, the collection features that signature Skechers look – leveraging thick rubber soles and extensively designed uppers that make the shoes look chunky and even busy, to some extent.

The D’Lites Interlude Sneaker is the perfect example of a common silhouette used by most other sneakers in the collection. The bulky, chunky appearance often looks a little too stocky on the feet, which tends to rub some users off the wrong way. But there are lots of other designs available in the line-up.

For instance, there’s the Rhinestud Ankle Bootie which looks great as a winter footwear choice. There are also clogs like the Fortress Clog Slipper, and sandals such as the Fresh Catch Wedge Sandal. So no matter what your taste, you’ll be sure to find the right D’Lites for your particular preferences.

Some of the Most Comfortable Shoes for Everyday Use

If there’s anything that the D’Lites can be truly proud of, it’s the comfort they provide. That’s why they’ve become a popular choice for those in search of a pair of shoes for the daily grind. The Skechers brand achieved this by using Air-Cooled Memory Foam for their different footwear styles, giving your feet a soft, substantial cushion that also maintains a cool dry comfort that lasts the whole day.

Of course, there are slight variations with comfort when you consider the different designs. This is mainly due to the differences in fit, form, and overall silhouette of the shoes. For instance, the Ultra-Meditative Fashion Sneaker is a lot easier on the feet thanks to its soft, pliable, and breathable uppers. Other choices like the Chalet Faux Fur Collar Winter Boot are a lot stiffer and less forgiving. But considering the fact that they’re made for winter weather, they do prove to be more comfortable compared to other snow boots.

If you were interested in something really laid back and casual, there are designs like the Think Fast Sport Sandalor the Cali Women’s Cool Footings Wedge Sandal. These are particularly more comfortable compared to any closed shoe design the line-up has to offer. Some other honorable mentions when it comes to comfort include the Slip-On Mule Sneakerwhich features the same Skechers aesthetic minus the completely closed-off silhouette for a comfortable and casual look and feel.

Durable Where It Matters

One of the main considerations people tend to make when in search of a shoe for everyday use is durability. After all, if you’re planning to use them every day, they should be able to withstand the wear and tear you’re going to put them through. For what it’s worth, the Skechers D’Lites do stand up to the onslaught of the daily grind. But for a lot of users, that durability might not extend throughout the whole design.

Take theNew Journey Sneaker for example. At a glance, it’s easy to see that the shoe has some weight and durability to it. Hold it in your hand, and that becomes even more apparent. For a lot of users, this particular shoe design doesn’t disappoint when it comes to retaining its original shape, density, and interior contours, which is of course, what truly matters.

The issue lies in the aesthetic design. With so many overlays stuck over the entire uppers, things like moisture and constant movement can cause them to fall off and out of place. This leaves you with a tattered shoe that looks less than appealing. Unfortunately, this is an issue with most designs as Skechers usually leverages the same, complicated design with majority of their selection.

Other than that though, there’s not much of an issue with functional durability. This is especially true when it comes to choices like the Ultra-Meditative Fashion Sneaker or the Modern Front Fashion Sneaker. These designs have been tried and tested by countless users. Plus, they don’t use the same complicated upper designs, allowing them to maintain their appealing aesthetic more effectively throughout the years.

D’Lites for Demanding Work Conditions

Aside from being a well-known everyday casual shoe, the D’Lites are also pretty impressive work shoes. The line-up has a number of offerings for demanding work conditions, giving you superb comfort and safety in a variety of work settings.

Their top-rated work shoe to date has to be the Skechers Work D’Lites SR Service Slip Resistant Safety Toe Sneakers. Featuring an ultra-durable design, the shoe also boasts a sturdy steel toe that makes it a great choice for busy conditions like hospitals and even blue collar work. The footwear design also comes with an exceptionally thick slip-resistant sole that’s impervious to being punctured, giving your feet extra protection against a variety of potential accidents.

Lastly, I do want to talk about the D’Lites’ overall traction. Most of the designs – whether or not made for work conditions – are pretty safe. This is especially true when it comes to preventing slip and fall accidents. The soles on each shoe are particularly thick and heavy. They also stick very well against a variety of surfaces to give you a stable step no matter where you take them.

Get Ready for Sweaty Feet

In order to provide you that superb, reliable durability and support, the D’Lites line of footwear had to sacrifice something. Ultimately, that sacrifice had to be breathability. With many of the choices from the D’Lites line-up, upper materials and overall construction hinder airflow to the feet.

Some of the least breathable designs include the D’Lites Me Time Fashion Sneaker. The design is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortably warm on the feet after long periods of wearing.

Of course, there are some that aren’t quite as bad. The D’Lites Rinvention for instance uses much lighter uppers. This allows more air to flow through the inside of the shoe. If you want something that’s really breathable, the line-up offers a bunch of sandal designs. Those like the Way2Go Wedge Sandal are perfect for keeping your feet properly ventilated at all times.

Pros of the Skechers D’Lites Shoes

  • Super versatile, allowing you to transition from work to play without having to switch between shoes.
  • Especially designed for everyday use. Most designs are great at withstanding damage and preventing discomfort.
  • Offer superb traction, allowing you to step in confidence without having to risk slipping and falling.
  • Some designs are exclusively made for work conditions, giving you affordable work footwear solutions that help maximize your energy and keep you safe.
  • Very comfortable designs make moving around easy and pain-free no matter how long you wear them in a day.

Cons of the Skechers D’Lites Shoes

  • Some designs might look too complicated and busy for most buyers’ taste.
  • Excessive overlays can come off after some use.
  • Not exactly the most breathable shoes on the market.

The Verdict

If you’re thinking about spending on a pair of everyday shoes, make sure to take your time. After all, you’d want to be certain that you’re buying something that can really meet that need. Based on what I’ve learned on the Skechers D’Lites, they’re definitely a solid pick. Most of their designs are some of the best performing daily footwear choices on the market. But because there are a lot of models under the line-up, it’s best to make sure you really think about what you need.

Comfortable, versatile, and durable, the D’Lites offer great performance. The only real issue with them is the fact that they’re not always the most breathable. All in all though, they’re definitely worth the purchase especially considering the low cost they come at.