Skechers Memory Foam Review

Looking for a suitable pair of comfortable, everyday shoes? Based on my research, the Skechers Memory Foam line-up might just be right for you. Countless reviews have propped the selection up as one of the comfiest on the market. So in lots of ways, buyers seem to believe the tagline that the company uses – they’re like pillows for your feet.

Memory Foam Skechers shoes come in a wide variety of designs, so there’s bound to be one that fits your fancy. However, because the options can be so different, they don’t necessarily offer the same overall performance especially in terms of durability, traction, and support.

No doubt, a lot of the Skechers Memory Foam footwear choices available are impressive at what they do. But can the same be said for the whole line-up? This complete round-up should help you understand which Memory Foam shoes you should really invest in.

Skechers Memory Foam Shoes

The World-Famous Skechers Memory Foam Technology

The Skechers Memory Foam technology is one of the company’s most impressive innovations to date. The tech literally takes inspiration from memory foam used for mattresses and pillows, banking on the idea that these materials provide the highest level of comfort for delicate activities like sleeping.

The concept was to take the memory foam design from the bedroom and translate it into something that could be used anytime and anywhere. So the Skechers Memory Foam technology was born. Today, the brand’s Memory Foam innovation is available in three different variations which all bring a unique twist to the otherwise well-known bedtime classic.

The first type of Skechers Memory Foam is the true, blue, no-frills, original Memory Foam design. The viscoelastic material contours perfectly to the shape of your feet, changing density in areas where you shift your weight. Once you take the shoes off, the Memory Foam returns to its original shape, so you can enjoy the same seamless comfort no matter how many times you use the shoes.

Another Memory Foam variety from the Skechers brand is the Air-Cooled Memory Foam which helps regulate in-shoe climate to give you better sweat management. The Gel-Infused Memory Foam provides greater support on top of being a comfortable choice, cradling the arches of your feet and improving overall responsiveness for a better, less effortful gait cycle.

A Plethora of Designs for Every Kind of User

From walking shoes, to trainers, and even work shoes, the Skechers Memory Foam line-up literally extends to almost all areas of the market. The company’s aim is to provide options for every kind of user. This is mostly because the company sees their Memory Foam as something that everyone can benefit from, so they try to make it accessible to all buyers.

Popular athletic shoes in the series include the Sport Burst Donlen Oxford for Men which features ultra soft knit uppers. The aesthetic definitely competes with other handsome sports shoes in the market. I would argue that they even give the ever popular Nike Flyknit a run for its money.

For women, the Skech Air Run High Fashion Sneaker is a common bestseller. The bold design looks out of this world, mostly because of the outlandish sole design. But performance wise, it delivers quite the boost for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Work shoes in the line-up include the Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Shoe for Women and the Cottonwood Elks Slip Resistant Shoe for Men. The designs feature a silhouette that promotes a relaxed fit for excellent comfort all day long. The aesthetic is also a little more serious than the typical fun and colorful visuals the brand usually uses.

If you’re looking for something a little more appropriate for casual everyday use, there are lots of suitable picks. Those like the Relaxed Fit Memory Foam Superior Gains Slip-On for men or the Microburst One Up Fashion Sneaker for women are two with the most number of positive reviews. These footwear designs were developed specifically for use on the daily. They’re optimized to provide impressive comfort and simple aesthetics that can fit virtually any outfit.

Silhouettes That Maximize the Comfort of the Memory Foam Technology

What’s the point of using some of the most comfortable insoles in the market if you don’t maximize their benefits with an ergonomic silhouette? The Skechers line of Memory Form footwear tries to ensure that each shoe doesn’t only provide pleasantly soft insoles, but also impressive comfort on the overall.

Some of the most comfortable shoes in the selection are those that use the slip-on design. A good example would be the the Equalizer Persistent Slip-On Sneaker for men. Using soft, pliable uppers and boasting seamless interiors, the Equalizer can feel almost like you’re wearing nothing on your feet, allowing you to achieve a natural and effortless step.

For women, the Performance Go Walk Impress Slip-On Walking shoe is the brand’s premier selection. Aside from its ultra pliable synthetic uppers, the design also combines the Memory Foam insole with a Resalyte midsole that gives bounce and responsiveness for support and comfort. What you get is an unbeatable softness that cradles your feet and provides ample cushioning for all day comfort.

Sustained Support for Extended Use on the Daily

Comfort and support go hand in hand when it comes to footwear. For instance, a comfortable pair of shoes might feel good on your feet now. But if it doesn’t offer the right support, you’re likely to feel some aches and pains later when you finally take them off.

With that, the Skechers brand impresses buyers yet again. They do this by putting more thought into their comfort Memory Foam series. The updated designs leverage intuitive styles that give sustained support for extended periods of use. A prime example of their success at marrying comfort and support is the Skechers Performance Go Air Walking Shoe.

The ultra comfortable Gel-Infused Memory Foam insoles are shaped to hug closely against the contours of your feet. They meet your arches and move along with your weight to give you firm footing. Around the collar and tongue, thick smooth padding grips against your ankles. Their purpose is to prevent injuries and to keep your feet in proper positioning.

If you really want amped up support, the Air Infinity Athletics Sports Training Sneaker might just be the right design for you. Featuring a Gel-Infused Memory Foam insole and an air cushioned heel, the design absorbs a great deal of shock. This effectively keeps your joints properly protected throughout even the most high intensity workouts.

What’s more, the Air Infinity also boasts one of the most responsive designs from the brand. The specially designed soles conserve energy upon heel strike. This helps encourage faster weight bearing shifts from your heel to your toes, and push you off for a more efficient step that minimizes the energy you use.

Outlandish Looking Treads with a Purpose

The sole treads basically dictate how well a pair of shoes will cling to the ground. The purpose of this is to give you solid footing. Ultimately, it will prevent slipping and accidents, and may even improve athletic performance by allowing you to firmly plant your feet to optimize the power of your legs.

While lots of the different shoes that use the Memory Foam insoles tend to look pretty basic and appropriate for everyday use – like the Glides Docklands Slip-On Loafer – there are others that look a little more outrageous. Mostly, it’s because Skechers has been rolling out a new kind of outsole design that pushes the limits of aesthetics to give users better grip on the field.

The Skech Air Run design for instance, looks almost like a bizarre, chunky soccer cleat. This is mainly because of the Skech Air sole design. Several deeply and widely spaced segments that extend towards the side of the outsoles. They’re especially aggressive and help keep the users foot firmly planted over a variety of surfaces. The only trade off is that they might look too peculiar for some, but if you’re willing to sacrifice some aesthetic for athletic performance, then it shouldn’t be too much of a gamble.

Pros of the Skechers Memory Foam Shoes

  • Undeniably some of the most comfortable shoes on the market. It boasts superb softness and pliability that definitely makes you feel like you’re walking on pillows.
  • Lots of different shoe designs. This ensures that everyone will find the right Memory Foam footwear for their needs and preferences.
  • Exceptional support through and through. All the sensitive areas of the foot are taken into account to eliminate chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Secure grip on a variety of surfaces, especially for the Skech Air series which uses a never-before-seen tread design.
  • Although silhouettes can be extensively different, Skechers managed to make each choice equally comfortable by optimizing the uppers for pliability.

Cons of the Skechers Memory Foam Shoes

  • Some tread designs might take away a few points from the shoes’ aesthetic appeal.

The Verdict

There’s really nothing I can say about the Skechers Memory Foam series other than it really does stay true to its claims. The unbelievably soft insole Memory Foam cushion, the comfortable, forgiving uppers, the supportive yet flexible outsoles, and the extensive design variety really covers all the aspects of what you would look for in an everyday shoe.

So with that, I would recommend that you go out and cop a pair of these versatile footwear designs. Not only will they curb the chances of foot aches and pains, but they really will make you feel like you’re walking on nothing less than the softest pillows for your feet.