Dansko Pro XP Review

If quality and comfort are the main things you look for in a shoe, then look no further than a pair of Dansko Pro XP clogs from the legendary manufacturers Dansko. The numerous positive customer reviews on the range can’t be wrong. Plus, the Dansko Pro XP was awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. It’s no wonder with its all-day comfort, Memory Foam Footbed, arch support and anti-fatigue rocker bottom.

The Dansko Pro XP range comes in a variety colours and designs so, although it might be touted as the shoe of the working professional, the different colours and materials on sale are enough to add a touch of glamor into your everyday wardrobe as well.

I was a bit sceptical and thought that this shoe was too good to be true. However, with this article and my research, I proved to myself and will prove to you that the Dansko Pro XP is the perfect shoe for professionals or others who spend long hours on their feet. Or, like me, those who just appreciate the comforts of life.

The Wonderful World of the Clog – Variations in the Pro XP Range

Female shoe shoppers can choose either a standard classic clog or a more trendy version from Dansko, and there is a design or a material available in the Pro XP range for just about everyone.

Those who are perhaps looking to wear their shoes on a day-to-day basis rather than for work can opt for the Pro XP in the patent leather finish, a dress leather with a high shine. The aesthetics of the patent leather are more visually appealing to the other versions due to the inclusion of animal and floral print design options along with the plain black option. Another more dressy option is the Wide Pro XP in Cabrio leather considering its black top coat and high-gloss shine.

The Pro XP clog with tooled leather offers a full-grain leather embossed with a pattern. This pattern allows the shoe to easily transform itself from a work to a daytime shoe. If you are looking for the best version for the workplace, then a box leather pair in black or white is the right choice. Chefs, nurses or similar will find great durability in box leather due to it strong standing in wet, acidic or greasy conditions. Its smooth finish is also easily cleaned. Another good option for workwear is the Pro XP or Wide Pro XP in oiled leather. This choice of leather is very durable and has a strong resistance to moisture.

The Pro XP clog in oiled leather and Cabrio leather are also available to the male market. An additional choice is the Pro XP clog in black burnished nubuck leather, although this option needs a protectant spray against water and stains.

A Force Against Demanding Conditions

Designed with professionals such as nurses and chefs in mind, the Pro XP product was made to endure harsh working conditions. How you might ask? First and foremost is its stapled construction, something which launched Dankso above other shoe manufacturers. The distinctive feature here is that each shoe is hand stapled to attach the shoe upper to the outsole.

In addition, the highest-quality leather is chosen following a rigorous process by the Dansko design team. Out of thousands of samples sourced from around the world, the team choose a selected few to go through a series of tests before the final product material is decided upon. What is the result? Well, besides longevity of your shoe, you also have a product that works to perfectly contour and accommodate most foot types.

Finally, TPU (thermoplastic urethane) is used to construct the toe box. As well as providing for protection, this material also provides reinforcement.

Slip-Resistant Sole For a Confident Step

Safety should always come first in the workplace. An added bonus of the Pro XP is that it is also slip-resistant meaning it can help protect you against those unfortunate falls which sometimes happen in the workplace. The slip-resistant soles of the Pro XP range are tested on dry, wet and oily-wet surfaces using the MarkII Standard, and will help professionals who are constantly on the go stay upright! That is why Dankso Pro XP clogs have become a shoe of choice for professionals.

Quality Over Quantity – Every Time

How can you be certain that the Pro XP meets the quality and endurance that you are looking for in a shoe? One way is by listening to others thoughts on the product. The Dansko Pro XP was awarded the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, which only adds to its already great reputation. Rightly so! The shoes are frequently reported as having reduced pain within the first week of wearing, while also helping toward better posture.

Durability, another way to monitor quality. One of the most highly-esteemed positives of Dansko Pro XP, as proclaimed by the range’s fans, is that one pair of shoes can last many years. This is due to the extremely durable material and supportive sole used by the company. Yes, some wearers may find their Pro XP clogs stiffer in comparison to other shoes as a result, but this leads to many years of not having to replace your pair – unless you want to, of course.

The Perfect Fit Customized For You

It is your responsibility to get the best shoe fit for you if you really want to experience the comfort levels of Pro XP to its fullest. If you buy a pair of shoes from the range online, make sure that your heel can move up and down easily and your toes have room to wiggle. However, you can also visit a Dansko store to have your foot digitally analysed. One of the stores fit experts will take detailed measurements and construct a shoe which will then be fitted on the Last and on their Test Team. These prototypes can be adjusted and the team will carry out analysis of materials, construction and fit before the production of your shoe begins.

Another thing to be aware of is that one size does not fit all and just because you are one size in previous Dansko shoes, does not mean you will be the same in the Pro XP clogs. The is because not all of their shoes are made on the same lasts and some are produced using handmade elements, which can also contribute to change in size. So, when purchasing, keep in mind that the Pro XP clogs run about a half a size larger than the other professional clogs from Dansko.

Comfort in the Workplace

People choose the Dansko brand when they want comfort and, more often than not, Dansko have outdone themselves in giving consumers what they want. Naturally, it was expected that the Pro XP clog would do this and more and it definitely delivered in some areas. For instance, the generously padded collar of the shoe, the rocker bottom which helps propel the foot and the removable padded sole. There is also the non-allergenic leather-lined synthetic foam footbed which absorbs sweat.

While many people have enjoyed the comforts of these features, the Pro XP is not comfortable for everybody. There have been complaints that the shoe is too heavy (although this is really a 50/50 view) and the top of the shoe is too stiff that it hurts toes. Also causing some discomfort for people is the Memory Foam Footbed as some have found the stiffness of it to be uncomfortable.

Pros of the Dansko® Pro XP Range

  • The slip-resistant shoe bottom is excellent for those who find themselves walking on floors splattered with oil, water and other liquids.
  • The inclusion of the Memory Foam Footbed provides extra comfort and arch support.
  • The shoes are light in weight allowing those who are continually on their feet to move faster and easier.
  • TPU (thermoplastic urethane) is used to construct the toe box of the clog. This, in turn, helps with the longevity of the clog but also offers extra protection for the wearer.
  • It does not take long to break in the shoes, usually, less than a week is sufficient to gain maximum comfort.

Cons of the Dansko® Pro XP Range

  • The Pro XP clog is more expensive than other shoes in the range, for example, the Dansko Professional Stapled Clog.
  • The sizing is a little off in comparison to other Dansko shoes. The Pro XP range is known to run a half a size larger than Dansko’s other professional clogs.
  • The footbed is firm which can lead to discomfort for some people (although many have also reviewed the firm footbed as something which provides extra comfort).

The Verdict Is In

What is there really to say about the Dansko® Pro XP range other than that it is THE perfect choice for working professionals who spend hours at a time on their feet? It is lightweight and slip resistant, and is comfortable on the foot due to its Memory Foam footbed.

With its eye-catching designs and dressy leathers, it’s also a great choice for anybody looking for a comfortable shoe with a hint of glamor. There have been some reports of soreness wearing the Pro XP but most people describe the opposite. The only real flaw to keep in mind when purchasing is that sizing runs about a half a size larger than other Dansko shoes.

Do your feet a favour and grab a pair of shoes that will give them the comfort and care they deserve. Foot pain is a thing of the past!