Adidas SolarRide Shoe Review – News and Updates

If you’re a sneakerhead with an avid fanaticism for the Adidas brand, then you probably already caught wind of SolarRide rumors. This brand new shoe from the well-loved athletic wear juggernaut is set to hit stores near you within a few months’ time. But what exactly do we know about the Adidas SolarRide? And more importantly, is it really worth the wait? Find out here.

The Adidas SolarRide So Far

The Solar franchise from Adidas is one of the company’s most successful running shoe line-ups. Shoes like the SolarBoost, SolarGlide, and SolarDrive have all received rave reviews from buyers and fans, putting them on top of the list as some of the most efficient running shoe investments you can make. But aside from that, they’ve also managed to appeal to fashion-forward buyers, keen on stepping up their streetwear style.

Based on everything we know so far, we can only assume that the SolarRide is going to be as aesthetically appealing as its other Solar franchise counterparts. Plus, because Adidas is known for their ultra featherlight designs, it’s not impossible that the SolarRide might also feature a lightweight construction comparable to that of the SolarBoost.

Comfort, traction, and support are rarely problematic when it comes to Adidas shoes. Probably the only aspect that I’m anticipating to see improvements on with the SolarRide is durability. Adidas shoes are popular for their use of super light materials, but that does take a toll on the lifespan of their designs. I’d be happy to see some improvement on hardiness with this new release, but then again, that’s not something we can know for sure until we see the actual shoe.

The Bottom Line

The SolarRide seems like a really promising design, but I’m hoping the brand steps up durability to rectify the issues buyers commonly experienced with the previous designs in the Adidas Solar franchise.

If you want to learn more about the Adidas SolarRide, make sure you check back here regularly to keep posted on the latest information on this highly anticipated design.