Adidas Cloudfoam Review

I recently took some time to sit down and research the Adidas Cloudfoam footwear line-up. Since the company released the technology a few years back, they’ve become a pretty big hit in the market. The line-up’s appeal mostly comes from the fact that they’re designed for optimal comfort. Promising no more pain, fatigue, or restriction, the Cloudfoam insoles are intended to give you lasting comfort. This makes the everyday grind a whole lot easier on your feet. 

With most of the shoe models included in the line-up, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. The Cloudfoam insoles do exactly as they promise. So sure, differences among the silhouettes of the available models might affect their overall performance. But the the mere presence of the Cloudfoam insoles makes comfort exceptional across the board.

Now, you might be wondering – what exactly is it about the Cloudfoam design that has me sold? Well, there are a number of things but this complete review and guide should give you a better idea why they’ve got my two thumbs up.

Cloudfoam Shoes for Anyone and Everyone

The Cloudfoam was designed to optimize and maximize comfort. The unique insole technology features a newly developed EVA compound material that conforms to the shape of your feet to eliminate the chances of unnatural foot positioning. The soft, pliable surface are a dream to walk on, and make the daily grind a whole lot more bearable even after hours of walking or running.

Another reason why the Cloudfoam is so efficient at providing the best comfort is the fact that the revolutionary midsole inserts make the soles a whole lot more responsive. So with each step, you can really feel a substantial bounce that makes your next stride a lot less demanding. For that reason, you can really rely on the Cloudfoam line-up to maximize your energy and prevent pain or discomfort that radiates through the calves when using inefficient, energy consuming footwear designs.

Lastly, I want to mention how the Cloudfoam tech also manages interior climate. The material was made to let air flow through, so it’s exceptionally effective at maintaining a comfortable cool no matter how long you wear them. This also prevents too much sweat production which maintains the integrity of the material over years of use.

Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Running Shoe

One of the reasons why Cloudfoam has gained such popularity is the fact that it’s available in a variety of footwear designs that caters to all types of users. From athletics shoes, to everyday footwear choices, there’s sure to be a Cloudfoam shoe for your needs.

Among the best running shoes in the line-up is the Adidas NEO Cloudfoam Running Shoe. Boasting sleek, lightweight uppers and a curving sole design, the shoe’s design guarantees to help you achieve top speed. Aside from providing impressive comfort that’s characteristic of the Cloudfoam insert, these shoes are also particularly breathable and streamlined. So they don’t burden the feet with too much moisture or an overly bulky construction.

Cloudfoam Advantage Sneakers

If you’re looking for something a little more casual for everyday use, the NEO Cloudfoam Advantage Fashion Sneaker is a top seller among others. The design boasts that signature Adidas aesthetic that we’ve seen in the past from releases like the Stan Smiths or the Superstars. The uppers on this one aren’t quite as pliable as those designed for running, but they do break-in pretty nicely over a few uses.

Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

For casual basketball players, there’s the Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball shoe. The design features that typical basketball shoe silhouette, leveraging a mid ankle high collar for greater support. Sure, it’s not quite as impressive as the Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe in terms of overall performance, but it’s not too shabby especially if you’re an occasional or casual player.

NEO Cloudfoam Pure Running

These days, buyers are more particular about the way their shoes look even if they’re going to be used more for their function rather than fashion. This trend was started by Nike with their Flyknit designs which ultimately set the trend for any fashion or athletic shoe that came after it.

That’s why the Adidas Cloudfoam shoes are designed to be some of the best looking shoes available. Options like the NEO Cloudfoam Pure Running shoe for instance boast a silhouette that’s optimized for running, but at the same time, feature killer aesthetics that make it great for everyday casual use as well.

CF Racer TR

The CF Racer TR is yet another great looking design that’s clean, streamlined, and stylish. It’s perfect for users who want to run and train without sacrificing aesthetics. For women, fashion forward choices like the Cloudfoam Daily QT Mid Shoes are a common choice for street style enthusiasts. The mid-height collar and the structured, textured uppers add an edgy touch to any casual outfit.

Cloudfoam Sandals

What’s nice about the Cloudfoam line-up is that you can literally get a footwear design for almost any need. Adidas was smart enough to come up with a variety of choices that take the Cloudfoam tech a step further. Ultimately, they offer buyers a number of footwear options that aren’t just for athletics and casual fashion.

A great example of this would be the Adidas Cloudfoam Mono Slide Sandals. For women, there’s the adidas Women’s Adilette Aqua. These choices are perfect for those downtimes in the gym or the track. They even make a superb choice if you’re in search of something that’s a little more on the laid-back side of the style spectrum. For the most part, people who buy these sandals often use them for errands and recreational purposes. That’s because they offer some pretty impressive comfort thanks to the CF insert and the rocker sole that maximizes your energy for everyday walking.

Cloudfoam Shoe Performance

Because not all of the Cloudfoam shoes feature the same design and material, there are some minor performance differences. It’s hard not to notice even between designs intended for the same purposes. For instance, shoes like the adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Lite Racer Slip On are exceptionally comfy. They mostly owe this to their lightweight uppers, flexible construction, and seamless design. This becomes apparent when the slip-on is compared to the Cloudfoam Advantage Fashion Sneaker. Based on what I’ve seen, the latter is a lot more restrictive because of its synthetic uppers.

Flexibility and support wise, you’ll also notice some discrepancies between choices. A great example would be the Ultra Zen Cross-Trainer shoe – a premium athletic footwear design – and the Superflex TR which is slightly more restrictive of movements. Sure, they feel pretty much the same when it comes to their soles. And sure, the shoes’ designs work for basically the same purposes. But the design on the Ultra Zen Cross-Trainer is just a notch above the Superflex TR. This is especially if you’re looking something that can lock your foot in. Overall, the Ultra Zen Cross-Trainer is just a lot better at controlling lateral movements.

Pros of the Adidas Cloudfoam Shoes

  • Offers superb comfort that lasts with responsive insoles that cradle your feet for a dreamy feel.
  • Great aesthetics make the shoes not only functional, but fashionable as well.
  • Extends beyond athletic and casual shoes, available as sandals and children’s shoes as well.
  • Efficient at maintaining interior climate to keep your feet comfortable. This also helps to prevent damage to the insoles over years of use.

Some Cons and Possible Downsides

  • Cloudfoam comfort could be compromised by the differences in the available footwear designs.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to comfort and performance, there’s a whole lot to love about the Adidas Cloudfoam line-up. The Cloudfoam design is intended for everyday and demanding athletic use. So they effectively reduce a lot of the fatigue and pain that you might develop with other shoes.

So, given everything I’ve learned about the line-up, I can confidently recommend them. They’re particularly suitable for anyone who wants a suitable training, running, or everyday shoe. The only advice I can give when buying a pair of Cloudfoams is that you should be mindful of your needs. Discrepancies in the materials used for the uppers and the silhouette of the shoes could affect the overall comfort and performance you experience. So make sure to choose a shoe that meets your preferences to make the most of your purchase.