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pink shoes walking on logPurposeful Footwear is a site owned and operated by Lifetime Content LLC located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

That’s the legal lingo, but here’s what we believe:

Finding the right shoes and boots for work and play is very important.

Feet are all different.

The collection of footwear we have chosen to write about doesn’t really fit any preconceived notions. We write about unique situations for feet.

If you have a special footwear need and can’t find the right pair of anything, we would love to hear about it.

Another thing we believe in: DEALS

So from time to time we go looking for the best deals and feature those prominently on the site. We also pass along freebies and specialty items offered by manufacturers who see their names pop up on our site.

We work hard to be completely unbiased. It is good for you, good for us, and whether they want to believe it or not, it is actually good for the shoe brands. A little honest criticism makes for better products.

So thanks for checking us out.

If you love what we love and would like to write about it, please, please drop us a line.

Writer and Editor

Jennifer Conerly

Jennifer Conerly

Jennifer Conerly is an article and blog writer with extensive knowledge of shoes, fitness equipment, accessories, and apparel. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in history from the University of New Orleans.

After several years in retail customer service, she left the industry to focus on her writing. She calls Louisiana home, with her husband, her three cats, and her two guinea pigs. They support her writing career, and they keep life interesting.


Medical Writer and Editor

Sharon Joag - Doctor of Podiatric MedicineSharon S. Joag DPM  in

Dr. Sharon Joag, DPM is a Podiatrist in Old Bridge, NJ and has been practicing for 14 years. She graduated from the New York College Of Podiatric Medicine in 2002, and had 3 years of surgical training at Metropolitan Hospital, Lincoln Hospital and Passaic Beth Israel Hospitals in New York and New Jersey.

Dr. Joag founded East Brunswick Foot Care, her private practice in Old Bridge, New Jersey. In her Podiatric practice, Dr. Joag uses her unique holistic approach to meet all problems of the foot and ankle with a high degree of skill, experience and focus on long term results.

She treats all ages from Pediatrics to Nursing Home Care. She currently goes to two nursing homes, and does house call visits when needed. As a mother, Dr. Joag loves spending time with her daughter, and her two cats.

Dr. Joag loves to read, write, paint and play tennis in her spare time. Growing up in many different places, including India, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Queens, she often found herself spending a large part of her time reading fairy tales, mysteries and making up stories with her younger brother.

Her creative energy has led her to write poetry in a book called, “A Collection of Poems”, as well as a collection of short stories called, “OMG Baby”.