ASOS Shoes Review: Fashion with an edge

Offering fashion-forward designs at affordable prices, ASOS shoes has become a big hit in the market. So, I took that as my cue to learn what I could about the fashion and footwear juggernaut – especially regarding their shoe line-up. I conducted a lot of research and tried to discover as much as I could regarding their various designs, and it seems the company’s reputation is very well-deserved.

What I found is that the brand offers some of the most stylish shoe choices on the market, and wins at consumer patronage because of their fair prices. Their designs do great in terms of comfort, but certain aspects like durability could use some improvement.

At the end of it all though, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t grab a pair of ASOS shoes given that they are pretty impressive on the overall. But if you’re still on the fence about the brand, this complete round-up should tell you more about their best offerings.

Killer Looks That Put Your Best Foot Forward

As one of the biggest online marketplaces for fashion and footwear, ASOS offers not only selections from well-known brands, but products and designs under its own brand name. Their footwear line-up is extensive and quite varied. But they mostly try to aim for fashion forward comfort at reasonable price points.

For men, majority of their designs focus on dress shoes and casual shoes. The selection is mostly intended for formal occasions and everyday use. Some of their best sellers in terms of looks include the Oxford Brogue Shoes in polished leather, which gives off a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that’s perfect for dapper users.

Casual picks like the ASOS Boat Shoes in suede-leather combination uppers are both comfortable and stylish, ideal for use on the daily or for simple chores and everyday tasks like running errands. The design also comes in a number of different colorways, which guarantees that there will be a suitable design for every buyer.

Women’s picks from the brand are slightly edgier, with lots of their designs taking cues from high fashion selections. Shoes like the PINOT Satin Lace Up Heels are some of the most stylish on the brand’s selection. The ultra slim design is dramatic and daring, although it works well for both formal and casual outfits. The satin laces add a touch of romance to the overall aesthetic of the shoe, and the lean silhouette makes for a very feminine appeal.

ASOS is also known for their Driver Wide Fit Slip On Trainers which is a favorite among female buyers. The metallic uppers in combination with its thick white rubber creeper soles give it a bold yet wearable aesthetic, making it a practical statement piece for a variety of get-ups.

Remarkable Comfort Despite Being a Budget Shoe

Shoes from ASOS are pretty pocket friendly, so you should expect them to feel a little clumsy. But most of their shoes are actually pretty comfortable, using pliable, soft, cushioned insoles that provide substantial bounce and support. Most of their designs use a signature ASOS insole which is made from breathable suede and padding that creates the ideal internal climate for extended periods of use.

Their Men’s Driving Shoes are particularly comfortable, with forgiving uppers that move and bend along with your feet. The insoles are breathable and soft, contouring to the shape of your soles to reduce pressure on the different prominences of the feet.

Other honorable mentions in their men’s line up include the ASOS Espadrilles and the Lace Up Derby shoes. Both of these designs provide impressive comfort with seamless interiors that minimize friction on the skin. They’re also really soft and flexible, allowing you to walk effortlessly and naturally, without the restriction of stiff uppers.

Women’s heels can be pretty uncomfortable on a general note simply because they drastically alter the natural walking pattern and posture. However, ASOS does have a few heels that can be used for extended periods of time with minimal pain and discomfort. The Heidi Heel Sandal for instance features a rather large heel surface area. So despite its height, it provides enough stability to keep your feet comfortable during use by reducing some of the effort you’d place into trying to stay balanced on a tiny heel.

The same goes for the ASOS Picasso Platform Heels which are surprisingly comfortable despite their daring aesthetic. Then there are more traditional choices like the Devlin Lace Up Trainers which are exceptionally comfy. Their soft and pliable feel and construction make them perfect for regular, casual use.

Not Exactly the Most Durable Shoe

Falling within the budget range of shoes and footwear, ASOS had to cut a few corners to be able to offer their selection with the prices that they do. So despite being comfortable and stylish, the shoes from the brand aren’t exactly that impressive when it comes to durability.

For instance, the Canvas Espadrilles for Men have very little structure to them at all. So using them on the daily could result to wear, tear, and significant damage that render them almost completely unusable after just a few months.

With leather shoes like the Casual Brogue Shoes, creasing is very apparent and scuffing can easily develop even with mild pressure. Suede uppers are also prone to stains and creasing, which takes away significantly from their aesthetic after just some time. It’s also worth mentioning that suede choices like the ASOS Men’s Loafers aren’t exactly put together with the most reliable stitching and adhesive, so the uppers can peel away from the soles.

For the women’s selection, the same remains to be true, and the ASOS Lassie Ballet Flats are proof of that. These flats, although simple and basic, come apart quite easily. The uppers separate from the thin soles which are also prone to breaking apart because of their lack of density.

Choices like the Endangered Heels from the brand are also particularly flimsy. This is true for most of the other stiletto type heels from the company. Unfortunately, some users have had the unpleasant experience of the heel breaking completely from the shoe. This was more likely to happen after the shoes had been used repeatedly for some time.

Unbeatable Value for Money

Maybe they’re not the most durable shoes out there. But for what they’re worth, you can’t really deny that they’re something of a steal. Shoes from ASOS are ahead of their time in terms of style, and they definitely don’t look like budget shoes. So if you’re willing to forgo the durability issue, they do make a pretty good footwear choice.

In most cases, buyers choose footwear from ASOS without the intention of wearing them on the daily. So their daring dress shoes can be a suitable choice if you only intend to wear them now and then for special occasions.

The ASOS Princess Jewelled High Heel looks like a high end fashion heel from an expensive designer brand. But at just a little over 50 dollars, the design makes a suitable budget choice. This is especially true if you plan to buy them for a one-time event.

The Zip Front Shoes for Men is another style-savvy choice that looks almost like it comes from a luxury brand. The high shine, polished uppers look exceptionally handsome in a dark burgundy color. In combination with its thick rubber creeper soles, the design definitely looks like it could cost up to double its actual price.

Pros of ASOS Shoes

  • Stylish and trendy, making the ideal purchase if you’re looking for a statement shoe that you can wear for special events and one-time occasions.
  • Incredibly affordable despite offering designs that mimic high fashion selections.
  • Comfortable, using breathable, cushioned insoles that are soft and accommodating of different shapes of feet.
  • Comes in a wide variety of designs, guaranteeing that you’ll find something that fits your needs and preferences exactly.

Cons of ASOS Shoes

  • Not exactly the most durable shoes on the market. Most of their designs tend to show significant signs of wear and tear after a few months of use.
  • Support isn’t the brand’s strongest suit.

The Bottom Line

Despite having a few flaws here and there, I don’t really see why I wouldn’t recommend the ASOS shoes. They’re especially ideal for anyone who wants a trendy, daring, and bold shoe to use for special events. Given the outlandish and fashion-forward designs, it’s really hard to say that they’d work as an everyday shoe anyway.

Many buyers patronize the brand for single or occasional use, and the company definitely outperforms a lot of other choices. Considering their price, they’re also a lot more practical than designer shoes that you may not even get to use a second time.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the long-lasting side, there are other choices. I would actually recommend that you look into choices like [easyazon_bestseller items=”5″ locale=”US” node=”8754864011″ tag=”pfootwear-main-20″ title=”Bestseller Hush Puppies”]. The brand offers comfortable, durable, and fashionable choices within a similar, however slightly steeper price range. So they make the ideal substitute for the ASOS designs.