Palladium Boots Review – A Guide to this Leading Collection of Adventure Footwear

Palladium boots are about adventure and discovery, right since the opening of the company’s first footwear factory back in January 1947. First to adopt their boots was the French Foreign Legion – so it is not hard to see why the military style has become iconic of the brand today.

There are so many boot options available from Palladium that it can be quite an adventure first deciding if the overall brand is right for you, and then selecting the best boot to meet your needs. That is why I have done scores of research to put together a guide to the Palladium boot offerings to help make your decision a whole lot easier. All the boots mentioned in this article have been well received by the public; you just need to trust the reviews and pick a boot.

The Palladium Boot Options

Men’s Boots


Let’s start with the waterproof options. The Pampa Hi Rain are cool, military-inspired rubber boots which come in four different colors. Ideal for every type of weather, but more so for harsh weather conditions like rain and snow, these boots are safe yet comfortable. They have a one-piece molded rubber outsole fitted with EVA sponge fillers for a cushioned step. Extra comfort and a good fit are provided via a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed.

The Pallarue Hi Cuff WP is another waterproof boot but have more of a sneaker-like appearance. They have a mid-cut shaft and they feet are kept dry due to the inclusion of waterproof nubuck leather and ballistic nylon. Like the Pampa Hi Rain, they have a one-piece molded rubber outsole fitted with EVA sponge fillers, a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed. The stitching thread is also waterproof. A soft PU padded collar provides another hint of comfort.

For a more luxury boot, men can opt for the Pampa Cuff WP Lux. These understated boots can be worn for protection in harsh weather or simply for everyday style. Feet are kept dry thanks to nubuck leather, a sealed seam and waterproof leather. Again, we see the inclusion of a one-piece molded rubber outsole fitted with EVA sponge fillers, a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed. An extra feature of the Pampa Cuff WP Lux is the 10 oz cotton canvas included for vamp and lining.

Another boot combining style, comfort and waterproof elements is the Pampa Sport Cuff WPS. With them, we see full-grain nubuck leather, sealed seams, and waterproof stitching thread. These are a good choice for those who also want to keep their feet warm thanks to polyurethane-covered cuff and pure wool lining. Also included are a tonal rubber toe caps and rubber lug soles. It is no surprise to also see a one-piece molded rubber outsole fitted with EVA sponge fillers, a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed.


In terms of the sports line, it is also possible to choose the Sport Cuff WP 2.0, a more sustainable option designed with rubber, leather and eco-friendly fabric. The recycled fibers help keep the feet warm and dry. There is also the trendy Pampa Sport Cuff WPN, with a polyurethane collar, waterproof stitching thread, polar fleece lining and rubber toe cap. Not forgetting the rubber sole and EVA sponge fillers!

Palladium Original

Buyers also have the option of purchasing Palladium’s original boot, the Pampa Hi Originale WP, introduced in 1947. These boots kicked off the iconic military-inspired design, lug sole, and protective rubber toe cap. This is another warm boot thanks to the polar fleece mesh lining. Again, signature to the brand, the boots have a one-piece molded rubber outsole fitted with EVA sponge fillers, a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed.

Another similar option is thePampa Hi Originale TC, which is produced in a soft cotton canvas in subdued, dusty colors. They have a rubber sole, die-cut EVA, and 8 oz canvas for lining.


Although the waterproof boots also use leather, there is one pair of leather boots made for more formal wear: the Pallabosse Mid. These oiled leather boots are heritage boots with a robust finish. Worn equally as nice with trousers or jeans, they include a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed we are quite familiar with now. There are also a cemented rubber outsole and 8 oz canvas lining.

Another stylish option from Palladium is the Pampa Hi LTH UL. These boast the iconic military style and are constructed using a soft, supple leather. The boots are not lined, meaning they are more suitable for wear during the spring and summer, especially considering the lighter color options offered. The sole is rubber and they have die-cut EVA.

If you are looking for a spring/summer boot, also consider the Mono Chrome. This lightweight boot uses durable leather, as well as a one-piece molded rubber outsole with EVA sponge fillers. They also feature a hugging heel cup, thick die-cut EVA, a 12oz cotton canvas upper, and 8oz cotton canvas lining. There is also the Mono Chrome II

Switch things from a high to low look with the Pallabrouse Baggy L2. These boots boast a soft leather lining and a naturally tumbled, lightly waxed leather. However, they don’t forget the features historic to the brand, the rubber lug sole and rubber toe cap. The boots are extremely comfortable thanks to a super-thick Paradrop footbed set within the insole.

Women’s Boots

One of the great things about the Palladium boots is that a good number of their offerings are unisex. Of the boots mentioned above, the following can also be worn by women:

Still, there are some boots which are unique to the female market. Take for instance the Pampa Hi Knit LP. Similar to the Pallabrouse Baggy LP, they have naturally tumbled, lightly waxed leather. They also have a warm knit cuff and a rubber toe cap and seam that match the leather. Also featured is the rubber lug sole. A variation of this is the Pampa Hi Knit LP Sue.

For something a bit more striking, opt for the Pallabosse Off Lea, another military inspired boot. It has a smooth leather and is higher in height than the other Palladium boots. Actually, they could be considered similar to the Dr Martens boots. The instep is cushioned and it has a rubber sole. Also present are a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed.

Another stylish boot is the Pallabosse Chelsea L, made using premium leather and with the signature lug sole. Stretchy elastic panels and a pull tab make them easy to put on and the sole provides a good grip, ideal for those who want these boots for more adventurous wear. We also see a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA footbed.

There are two more female boots worth mentioning, which are relatively similar: the Pampa Mid LP Perf and the Pampa Free CVS. Both are a revamped style with a thinner sole than the traditional lug sole for a leaner profile. The Pampa Mid LP Perf are made using a softer leather, while the Pampa Free CVS are without the rubber toe cap.

Children’s Boots

Although sometimes difficult to find, Palladium offers the Pampa Hi Cuff Waterproof Boot for children who like to explore and travel on different terrains. They are black and look more suited to boys, but girls could definitely wear these boots as well (but do not expect glitter and sparkle).  The boots are made from full grain, oiled, and waterproof leather and the seams and stitching are also waterproof to keep those little feet warm and dry.  Also the cuff and tongue are padded for extra comfort. A rubber outsole allows young explorers to stay dry even when jumping in water.  Kids can take these on and off easily because there are zippers on each side of the boots. 

What Does the Public Say?

Online reviews haven’t swayed too far from the praise that Palladium themselves give their boots. Overall, they are found to be durable and comfortable, and the waterproof editions are indeed waterproof. When I say they, I mean all the boot options mentioned in this article, as no one pair can be singled out as amazingly good or terribly bad. The only negative opinion about the boots that we can see some pattern in is the branding. Some people were not happy where the branding was stamped on the boot, especially when the branding was simply the word “waterproof” stamped.

Pros of the Palladium Boots

  • There are many different options available on the market for men, women, children, with many of the boots made unisex.
  • There are several waterproof options that are deemed successful in keeping feet dry.
  • The majority of the boots have a durable rubber sole and cushioning for a comfortable step.
    Some boots also have a hugging heel cup and a thick die-cut EVA.
  • Luxury styles in thick leather are available but there are also lighter models for the spring/summer.
  • Palladium also offers boots with a slicker style and more suitable for everyday fashion purposes.

Cons of the Palladium Boots

  • They are very heavily branded, with some reviewers complaining of the word ‘waterproof’ printed on the boots.


This was a very heavy article with lots of information and boots to choose from; I don’t blame you if you feel somewhat overwhelmed. The main thing to take from this research is that the Palladium boots are a great option if you are looking for a durable boot that is suitable for heavy wear and harsh weather conditions. If that’s not what you are looking for, there are other more everyday options to choose from. These options also have a long lifespan and will prove you worthy. So, finish this article, take an hour or so to digest the information, and come back to make your purchase – you won’t be disappointed.


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