Muck Boots Review

Bottom Line Upfront: Muck Boots get our highest recommendation for comfort, warmth, and quality compared to other brands we have reviewed. However not every model is the best choice in its category.

From adventurers traipsing through snow and slush in Antarctica to hunters and fishermen all over the world, to those taking care of farm animals or even just walking dogs, anyone whose top priority is keeping their feet warm, dry, and protected can probably find suitable footwear from the Muck® Boot Company.

Image of the Muck Boot Men's Woody Grit Hunting Shoes, Brown/Mossy Oak, 13 US/13-13.5 M USTheir shoes and boots have many advantages.

  • Waterproof – Given the kind of folk Muck® buyers are, usually wading through mud, water, and all manner of wilderness, this is supremely important.
  • Comfort – The Muck® Boot Company places as much importance on comfort as on quality and durability because they know their customers are often wearing these boots for long periods of time.
  • Unisex – It’s always admirable when a company offers many unisex models from which to choose. Being able to select a gender-appropriate size saves so much time, with no complicated conversions or trial and error deliveries necessary.
  • Kids Styles – In addition to the unisex models, there are also models specific to men, women, and even kids. After all, most parents will agree that kids really do need one pair of shoes they can wear without worrying about messing and mucking them up.
  • Variety – All of the best qualities are available in boots that range from the tallest profiles to the lowest cut. That’s not something you often see in waterproof protective boots.

Image of the Muck Boot Women's Hale Snow Boot, Black/Hot Pink, 7 M USWhile not every single model by the Muck® Boot Company is successful, and we will mention what to look out for, a vast majority of the styles are rated at the very top levels by buyers. Here is a sampling of what you can choose from depending on your needs.

Unisex Muck® Boot Models

The Muck® Boot Company has several unisex styles from which to choose. Here are just a few of the most popular ones.

Image of the The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot,Black,Men's 11 M US / Women's 12 M USMeasuring approximately 15.5 inches from the arch, this lightweight tall-shaft work boot has a remarkably wide comfort range, going from sub-freezing conditions all the way to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also distinguished by a wide heel that offers extra comfort and stability for anyone who has to be bending and standing for long hours at a time.

While shock-absorbing, slip-resistant traction is also provided by the blown rubber outsole.

The breathable lining offers additional comfort. A kick rim provides the convenience of hands-free removal. Like all waterproof boots in the Muck® line, the Original simply needs to be rinsed off in order to be ready for the next day. Having evolved over time, taking advantage of technological progress along the way, few customers find anything at all to complain about in the Original Muck® Boot. Instead, there are almost unanimous raves.

Arctic Pro

Image of the Muck Boots Arctic Pro Camo Mossy Oak - Men's 10.0, Women's 11.0 B(M) USIf your top priority is keeping your feet comfortable, warm, and dry, then the amazingly well-insulated Arctic Pro should be at the top of your list. However, there are a few other factors that need to be considered as well.

  • Very Heavy – At 4.4 pounds, these boots are pretty heavy. So if packing weight is a concern, you may want to look at other options.
  • Tend to Slip on Ice – Although meant for the coldest temperatures, these boots don’t have the best traction on packed snow or ice.

A high waterproof profile and excellent insulation make these the perfect boots for any number of conditions, but travel and ice are not the most suitable.

Original Muck® Boot Chore Steel Toe

unisex steel toe boot is a wonderful thing to behold, and Muck® delivers beautifully. Flexible, lightweight, and 100% waterproof, this boot means serious business. It meets the standard for ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH.

In addition to the steel toe, there is a steel shank to provide additional arch support, and a lightweight but durable rubber outsole with a quick-clean rubber overlay. The 5mm NEOPRENE bootie has four-way stretch nylon, while the topline binding has a stretch fit that hugs the calf in order to retain warmth and keep the cold out. It also has a gathered collar, the better to keep out water, mud, and gravel.

The tough vulcanized rubber shell not only provides shock-absorbing traction but it’s also slip-resistant and is particularly effective on surfaces like gravel and concrete. Both the upper and the toe area are triple reinforced, while the heel is quadruple reinforced. An impressive amount of protection is provided for such a lightweight boot.

Muckster Slip-On

When you don’t need a full boot, but still require a protective waterproof shoe to muck around in, the Muckster Slip-On is a supremely appealing option.

The protective, waterproof shell has a breathable Airmesh lining that will keep feet comfy in all manner of climates and conditions. The soft and flexible collar will keep unpleasant substances out, while the slip-resistant rubber outsole will keep you safe. It’s resistant to all pet-related contaminants as well, and cleans up easily.

Men’s Muck® Boots

There seems to be a Muck® Boot for every messy outdoor endeavor one could conceivably encounter. Here is just a small sampling.

Muck® Boots Chore Cool Mid Waterproof Work Boot

Striking the middle ground between a high boot and an ankle boot, this 12 inch model remains comfortable in temperatures from sub-freezing all the way up to an incredible 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The inside of the boot is kept cool and dry by the XpressCool lining.

The uppers are made from 4mm CR flex-foam that is flexible and lightweight, as well as waterproof. They include 4-way stretch nylon, and Spandura has been added to provide extra wear and abrasion resistance.

The toe area is triple reinforce, the heel quadruple reinforced, and a steel shank offers additional arch support. An ETC insole reduces heat build-up and friction, while the Vibram outsole offers superior traction and durability.


Pursuit Fieldblazer Hunting Boot

Image of the Muck Boot Men's Pursuit Fieldblazer Hunting Shoes, Mossy Oak, 10 US/10-10.5 M USThe classic Muck® hunting boot has been updated to provide the ultimate in comfort warmth, support, and traction.

The uppers offer extended coverage from 5mm of Neoprene and feature breathable PK mesh lining, as well as an angled topline. The Fieldrunner has an aggressive high traction waffle outsole, and Achilles reinforcement in the midsole.

Muckster II Ankle Lightweight Shoe

This is an Ankle-High Shoe with neoprene and rubber uppers that are suitable for temperatures from 32 to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit. 4mm CR flex-foam adjusts to the specific contours of your foot, which not only creates a stable and comfortable foundation but also helps to resist chafing that causes blisters.

This lightweight shoe has a comfortable topline, breathable Airmesh lining, and a convenient pull-on tab. The new technical rubber outsole provides excellent traction.

Women’s Muck® Boots

In addition to the admirable number of unisex models from which to choose, Muck® Boots has several styles created specifically for women. While these tend to be as highly rated as all of the company’s offerings, there is one which seems to miss the mark, which you will want to avoid.

Muck® Boots Women’s Woody PK

Image of the Muck Boot Womens Woody Pk Hunting Shoes, Bark/Realtree/Hot Pink, 7 US/7-7.5 M US

A 15 inch performance hunting boot designed specifically for women, the Woody PK offers two different lining options:

Fleece – This lining will keep feet warm in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mesh – This makes for a more breathable lining that is suitable for warmer climates and summer projects.

This pull-on boot features a camouflage pattern on the 4mm CR Flex-foam uppers, EVA foam uppers, and MS2 molded outsole.

Muck® Boots Women’s Muckster Mid-Height Boot

When you don’t require a tall profile, the 9″ Muckster is an excellent alternative.

Offered in two colors, this boot features an air mesh lining for added comfort even on wet warm days, an EVA molded contoured midsole for superior support and an EVA rubber pod outsole that provides great traction.



Muck® Boots Women’s Scrub Boot

The Scrub is a great shorter boot. It offers all the protection you need for gardening or tackling the dirtiest of jobs. The nylon uppers fit your calf snugly for extra warmth, while the breathable lining keeps your feet comfy and dry by wicking away moisture. They’re also easy to rinse off after using.

If you are looking for a shorter boot, it’s best to choose the Scrub, rather than Muck®Boots Women’s Tack II Mid Equestrian Work Boot, which is notorious for cracking within a relatively short time after purchase.

Muckster 2 Ankle Snow

When you have to face messy conditions but don’t need the maximum coverage of a tall boot, look no further than this ankle boot from Muck. While it’s perhaps a little on the heavy side, this Muckster offers the advantage of a self-cleaning rubber high-traction outsole, super comfy 4mm CR Flex-foam, and a breathable Airmesh lining. Great for walking the dog, gardening, running errands and more.

Muckster 2 Low Rain

These low cut boots are not insulated, so they are not meant for excursions into super cold temperatures. They are suitable maybe to 40F or so. But if you just want a shoe that will keep your feet warm and dry, as well as provide stability on wet outdoor surfaces, this comfy lightweight boot will serve you well through three seasons. The rubber outsole not only offers excellent high traction, it easily sheds debris.

Kids Muck® Boots

Kids are generally messy, but all the more so when it’s wet or sloppy out. Well, Muck®Boots lets kids run about in messy conditions without you needing to give a thought to the condition of their shoes, or the hard messy clean up you’d face with other brands. Here are a few that are available for kids of all ages.

Arctic Sport II Boot for Kids

Lightweight 9” boot with fleece lining features a stretch fit topline binding that hugs the leg for extra warmth.

Rover II Boot

This 10” boot features rubber toe and heel protectors, 5mm CR Flex-foam, a breathable mesh lining, comfort topline, and self-cleaning diamond outsole.

Dove Waterproof Boot

This fabulous kids boot is made from rubber and faux fur. It features a textured rubber sole, as well as Boa insole and lining for additional warmth and comfort.

Muckster II Low Pull-on

Comfortable as a slipper, as versatile as a sneaker, children can quickly and easily pull these on and off. This kids Muckster is 100% waterproof and extremely slip-resistant. The 4mm CR flex-foam and breathable PK lining offer super comfort, while the textured soles provide superior high traction.

Bottom Line

A vast majority of the Muck® Boots models are almost perfectly suited to the purpose for which they were created. These are high-quality boots that are comfortable as well as effective. However, there are some caveats with a few of the models, and the company has turned out at least one real clunker (see the Tack II Mid Equestrian Work Boot). So you will want to be at least a little careful in checking the reviews for any particular style you choose before pulling the trigger on a purchase.


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