Best Waterproof Work Boots 2021

2nd shift waterproof work boots

When shopping for work boots, the term “waterproof” is a blanket term for any boot that offers water resistance. Of all of the self-proclaimed “waterproof” work boots on the market, only a few have the features to keep your feet dry all day. We’ve listed the best waterproof work boots in the table below; these … Read more

The 10 Best Fishing Boots 2021

best boots for fishing

Nothing beats a relaxing day on the water. Fishing is a favorite pastime for both men and women alike, and it often results in family bonding. Some love the water so much that they make their living working on the water. Whether you are kicking back and relaxing, or you have a messy, wet job … Read more

Red Wing Iron Ranger vs. Wolverine 1000 Mile: Which is a Better Boot?

Red Wing Iron Ranger vs Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot

Red Wing and Wolverine are two of the most reputable boot companies still in business today. With decades of experience, they create quality work and dress boots for any environment. Footwear enthusiasts usually compare two of the companies’ oldest models, the Red Wing Iron Ranger and the Wolverine 1000 Mile. While both are excellent boots, … Read more

Red Wing Beckman Boot Review

Red Wing Beckman Review

Since 1905, Red Wing has built its reputation on constructing quality leather boots for work or casual wear. In an age when most footwear companies outsource their production to other countries, Red Wing boots remain American-made. Named after the founder of the company, the is a beautiful leather boot made to last. The Beckman is … Read more

Panama Jack vs. Timberland Boots: Which are best?

While Timberland may be a more recognizable brand of footwear to us today, Panama Jack has a loyal following of its own. Both companies manufacture quality boots that are fit for any occasion. So, which one is the best brand? We’ll compare the products of each company to help you determine which company’s boot is … Read more

The Best Boots for Skinny Calves in 2021

10 Best Boots for Skinny Calves 2018

They make wide calf boots, but what about slim calf boots? Believe it or not, women with skinny calves have a harder time finding a flattering pair of boots. Men with narrow calves have a similar problem. Most manufacturers don’t design their shoes with a specific body type in mind. This means that women with thinner … Read more

10 Best Lace-Up Work Boots

10 Best Lace Up Work Boots

It’s a classic battle: lace-up work boots vs slip on work boots. Which boots should you buy? Although one isn’t necessarily better than the other, lace-up work boots fit more securely than pull-on models. Lacing them up allows you to adjust the shoe to your foot as tight as you feel comfortable. We’ve reviewed the … Read more

2021’s Best Insoles for Work Boots- The Top 14 Work Boot Insoles

Review of JobSite Power Tuff Anti-Fatigue Insoles

Have you ever found an amazing pair of work boots with terrible insoles? This happens a lot, especially if you have uniquely shaped or difficult feet. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars trying out different work boots, invest in an insole that helps the boot give you the support and comfort you need to get … Read more