Baffin Boots Review

Baffin has been manufacturing insulated and non-insulated footwear products for over 25 years. Since traditional molded boots are not actually ideal for cold temperatures, Baffin tried to obtain the same advantages while also providing more warmth. So the company has created a hybrid style of high-performance footwear by combining advanced molding technology with an inner boot system that is foam-based and extremely warm.

On the whole, the company’s products have been pretty popular with their various products. And, fortunately, there are lines for men, women and even kids. Here is a fairly representative sample of what you can expect when buying Baffin boots.

Baffin Men’s Boots

While Baffin seems to have succeeded in achieving their goal of creating boots which look good without sacrificing warmth or protection, you should be aware that the company seems to have a consistent issue with sizing in the men’s line.

Maple Snow Boot

This is a rugged, yet compact snow boot. It looks a lot like a sneaker or simple 6 inch boot, with a nice slim profile, but it has all the features of a serious snow boot. The Maple is rated to -40F.

The upper is waterproof, with sealed seams, a padded collar and lace-up vamp. There is also an eight-layer removable foam inner boot that is not nearly as bulky as traditional ones are. All of those combined will keep your feet nicely warm and dry.

The foam inner boot not only provides warmth, it provides thick cushioning that is extremely comfortable. The lugged outsole adds to that with plenty of torsional rigidity, which also offers a great deal of support.

Before you buy, however, there are a couple of things you definitely want to note.

One is that this boot runs really small, so you will want to get at least a full size larger than your normal size, possibly even one and a half to two sizes larger. Also, in spite of the slim profile, these boots are heavier than you would expect from shoes this size.

Control Max Insulated Boot

If you are looking for a slightly higher profile and a lot more warmth, then the 12 inch Control Max Insulated Boot with arctic rubber shell may be more your style. It’s rated to -94F and has waterproof insulated leather uppers with sealed seams.

The multi-layer removable inner boot system has a waffle comb foot bed, which makes it comfortable, as well as warm. There is an EVA midsole and polar rubber outsole, too, which help to kick the comfort level up a notch.

The D-ring lacing makes it really easy to put the boot on and off, and looks really good, too. All in all, buyers tend to rave about this boot. For this model, the sizing issue means you should probably start with two sizes bigger than what you usually wear.

Shackleton Snow Boot

The Shackleton is a very good-looking boot, particularly in the two-tone Worn Brown color option. It’s also extremely warm and comfortable, It’s rated to a whopping -148F, mostly thanks to 8 layer removable foam inner boot system. However, it also has a drawstring topline to help keep the warmth inside the boots where it belongs.

This boot is waterproof, with sealed seams, and has a lugged rubber outsoles which will provide stability when tramping through the snow. A pull-on loop at the back of the shaft makes this boot easy to take off at the end of a long day.

It should be noted that these boots are very bulky, about 3 times the size of a normal boot. They also run very small, you may want to start with as much as 2 sizes larger than your normal shoe size.

Selkirk Snow Boot

The Selkirk is a serious knee-high waterproof snow boot. The 13” shaft has a drawstring topline to keep warmth in, but it also has an adjustable calf strap with a compression buckle, plus an adjustable hook and loop ankle strap. That means it works for most leg sizes and shapes. Buyers with larger calves, in particular, have raved about these features.

This boot is really easy to put on and take off. Also, for so much protection, the Selkirk is a relatively lightweight boot. It is as comfortable as it is warm. The 7 layer inner boot has Thermaplush wicking fibers. However, the liners are not marked, so you will want to keep track of which side is which.

While the straps make the boot shaft adjustable, the actual shoe size runs just a bit small. You should consider starting with one size larger than usual.

Endurance Snow Boot

Baffin has really pulled out the stops on this boot. Buyers are pretty much unanimous in their praise…except for the usual caveat that it runs at least one size smaller than you would consider normal.

They are also really big and bulky, you would probably have a hard time driving around town in these. But then, that’s not what they’re meant for. These are rugged boots intended for tramping around in the great outdoors during frigid temps, and it’s got a few extra features that show Baffin was really considering the needs of the wearer.

Of course, the boot is waterproof with sealed seams and has an aggressively treaded sole for superior traction. But Baffin added:

  • Strap wraps at the ankle that allow you to make adjustments with just a single pull.
  • An adjustable snow collar that was designed specifically to be easy to use while wearing gloves.
  • An extremely handy pocket on the side of the boot when you want to wander out with only the barest essentials such as a house key.

If you need a tall warm boot and don’t mind the bulk, it’s probably hard to beat this one.

Baffin Women’s Boots

While the boots on the men’s side all look really good, Baffin’s women’s models seem to have an extra dash of style. Here are some of the best available, they are as warm and comfy as they are fashionable.

Chloe Insulated Boot

The 10 inch Chloe is part of Baffin’s Drift Series collection, which was specifically designed for women, and it is available in five really attractive color options: Black, Dark Chocolate, Sand, Taupe and Auburn. The leather uppers have D-ring lacing that has a drawstring toggle closure and they are trimmed in faux fur.

The insulated Chloe doesn’t just look good, though, it’s super warm and comfortable, too. It has a 7 layer inner boot system that is rated for -40F and includes Thermaplush for extra comfort. Also, the midsole is made from a proprietary substance that is cold resistant. The rubber sole provides heavy duty traction.

Unlike almost all of Baffin’s men’s boots, the Chloe seems to run pretty true to size. In fact, it is already sized to be worn with thick socks. The only thing buyers have noted, besides how much they love this boot, is that it runs just a bit narrow and the lining seems to need a little time to break in. Other than that, Baffin seems to have nailed the magic trifecta with this design, because the Chloe is beautiful, warm and comfortable.

Hannah Snow Boot

Baffin’s 10.5 inch Hannah boot is part of the company’s Ultralite collection. This series tries to achieve a combination of protection, comfort and warmth without sacrificing style. Buyers seem to agree that the company succeeded.

The uppers are made from a waterproof suede leather that is highly breathable and trimmed with faux fur. The speed lace style hardware is attractive, but also allows for a quick and easy fit. Baffin added an airgrip outsole and rubber contact points to the midsole to make sure the boots were comfortable.

The Hannah contains a body-heat moldable liner which is removable for faster drying, and is guaranteed for temperatures ranging from 41F to -58F. Considering how warm they are, these really are one of the lightest models of boots available today.

These boots do run true to size. However, you may want to go one size up if you plan to always wear thick socks with them.

Escalate Snow Boot

The Escalate is a new addition to Baffin’s women’s lineup. It’s part of the Ease series, which refers not only to how easily the boots can be slipped on and off, but also how easy they are to wear and pack.

CIt’s a very lightweight boot, which is probably due to its breathable nylon shell. The shell is waterproof and has a drawstring snow collar, as well as a front lace fastening that has a locking toggle. As lightweight as the Escalate is, it still has High Loft insulation which is rated from 50F to -22F.

This model has a lot of features to make it comfortable, including a Thermaplush foot lining, removable insole, a midsole that has rubber contact points and an airgrip outsole that provides really good traction. Most buyers seem satisfied, though they would require further cushioning to feel like you were walking on clouds.

The only significant flaw is that there is just way too much excess lacing. It’s to the point that figuring out what to do with it is a bit of a pain. Still, particularly if you need a warm boot to travel, the Escalate could be a great choice. It’s available in a striking red or teal, in addition to black.

Coco Insulated Suede Winter Boot

The 12 inch Coco is another model in the Ultralight series. The pair only weighs 2 pounds, yet it’s guaranteed to be comfortable in temperatures ranging from 41F to -20F. That is thanks to the multi-layer inner boot that is based on a revolutionary self-molding foam. It’s conveniently removable to allow for a faster drying time.

The uppers are made from suede that has been treated to be water repellent and stain resistant. They are available in 3 extremely attractive neutral colors: Black, Charcoal and Taupe.

The Coco has a reinforced arch, as well as a TPU and Airflex base. These make the boot really comfortable. Buyers really gush about how great this model looks and feels, also how warm and lightweight it is. No one really has any complaints about it.

Baffin Kids Boots

It’s so wonderful when great boot makers offer sizes for kids. After all, they don’t like being cooped up just because the conditions might be a little harsh outside. And Baffin has some really good options in the children’s line. Here is one that is available in sizes for toddlers, little and big kids

Cheree Insulated Snow Boot

The Cheree is a cute boot that is offered in 4 great colors. It has a foam based multi-layered inner boot system just like the adults, which allows it to be rated for temperatures all the way down to -40F. It’s removable for quicker drying.

The Cheree has an arctic rubber front piece that is contoured and has a hidden Velcro closure. The waterproof rip-stop nylon upper has a locking snow collar to keep snow out and warmth in. A slip-on design makes it easy for little hands to pull on and off.