The Best Nike Football Cleats

highschool football running back carrying the ball

Having comfortable football cleats is essential when playing the intense sport. Nike is well-known for providing quality shoes, and they don’t disappoint when it comes to football. The Best Nike Football Cleats provide durability and ensure they can last the length of the game and the whole season, for that matter. Having the proper football … Read more

The Best Lightweight Basketball Shoes

best lightweight basketball shoes

The first-ever basketball shoe was a Converse All-Star, created in 1923 by Marquis Converse. It boomed in popularity within the decade, and has been the prototype for all basketball shoes to come after. Well, it’s the start of a new decade now, so it’s time to look at the best lightweight basketball shoes of 2022. … Read more

The 10 Best Fishing Boots

best boots for fishing

Nothing beats a relaxing day on the water. Fishing is a favorite pastime for both men and women alike, and it often results in family bonding. Some love the water so much that they make their living working on the water. Whether you are kicking back and relaxing, or you have a messy, wet job … Read more

The 10 Best Boxing Shoes

Best Boxing Shoes

Boxing is one of the most popular grappling sports in the world today. Many amateurs discover that the best equipment they can purchase for their new pastime is a great pair of supportive boxing shoes. This footwear will protect your ankles, feet, and toes from injury while increasing your versatility in the ring. We’ve reviewed … Read more

The 8 Best Running Shoes for Kids (2023 Edition)

The 8 Best Running Shoes for Kids (2018 Edition)

If you have an active child, finding a quality pair of kids’ running shoes is important for their comfort at school and home. The best running shoes for kids have flexibility for their growing feet, combined with cushion and responsiveness to maintain their speed. Not all youth running shoes are the same. Most will fall … Read more

The 8 Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

The Best Shoes for Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is simple and effective exercise, but it can be killer on your feet! To protect your bones and joints, you need shoes that have extra support in the midfoot area as well as foot and ankle stability. Cross-trainers are the best athletic shoe for jumping rope because they have more support and cushion … Read more

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

8 Best Basketball Shoes Under $50

Although buying a great pair of basketball shoes can significantly improve your game, finding the perfect pair takes some effort. Your new shoes should have excellent traction, foot and ankle support, and a durable upper. Most basketball shoes come with higher price points, which can be a tough investment if you are on a budget. … Read more

Most Comfortable Baseball Cleats for the 2023 Season

Review of Men's Under Armour Leadoff Baseball Cleats

When you are stealing bases, running through the outfield, and trying to slide into home, you need a pair of cleats that will give you superior grip and maximum comfort. Even though baseball shoes must be thin and flexible, with spikes on the bottom, you should not have to sacrifice comfort for the perfect grip. … Read more

The 10 Best Men’s Bowling Shoes

The 10 Best Men's Bowling Shoes 2018

Why rent stinky, disintegrating bowling alley shoes when you can invest in your very own pair of game-changing shoes? Only a few reliable companies make quality bowling shoes, and they have introduced models that are comfortable, stylish, and priced right. We have found the 10 best men’s bowling shoes and compiled all the research and … Read more

9 Best Bowling Shoes for Women

9 Best Bowling Shoes for Women

Women have been bowling professionally since the 1960s, and they make up a sizable population of bowlers today. Whether you are a career bowler or you compete as a hobby, you can find appealing and cushioned women’s bowling shoes. Before you invest in a pair, read our reviews of the top-rated bowling shoes for women. … Read more