Itasca Boots Review

Itasca makes footwear meant to be used outdoors, such as hunting, fishing, hiking, ski, snow and waterproof boots. The company offers a wide variety of models for men, women and kids. Some of the styles are even custom made. Here is a sampling of Itasca footwear available today. Itasca Men’s Swampwalker Rubber Boots These boots … Read more

Fox Instinct Boot Review

Fox had multiple goals when it created the Instinct boot. The company wanted to retain the subtle feeling of a leather boot, and combine that with instant comfort that required no break-in time. However, the boot also needed to offer ultimate ankle support, lasting durability and remarkable style. To that end, Fox began designing what … Read more

Apex Ski Boot Review

Apex Ski Boot review

If you are still clinging to that old myth claiming if your boots don’t hurt then they can’t be high performance, then you are going to love the . Not only do these boots smash that myth to smithereens, they turn it completely on its head. The company actually insists that super comfortable boots actually … Read more

Best Shoes for P90X3

Reebok Crossfit Speed TR - best shoe for the P90X3

We’ve evaluated dozens of cross training, minimalist and court shoes from multiple manufacturers to narrow down the field and make your decision of which shoe to use during P90X3 a much easier one.  Our overall winner for best shoes for P90X3 is the and we’ll get into the reasons why below: View on Amazon Most … Read more