Wesco Boot Review

The West Coast Shoe Company got its start in the timber camps of Oregon way back in 1918. Yet it is, to this day, still a family owned business selling its shoes all over the world from a workshop in Oregon.

The company attributes its long-lasting success to two factors: attention to detail in craftsmanship and the quality of materials that are used in manufacturing. All shoes are made from top quality, full grain leather, and are created in a 155 step-by-step process.

There is no question that Wesco boots for men and women are absolutely top of the line. They are meant to survive the toughest conditions and last a very long time. However, they are also a triumph of design – both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


No matter where you need a tough boot, or what conditions you will face when you get there, there is certain to be a Wesco boot to suit your needs and preferences. Here are some of your choices.


The Jobmaster could be Wesco’s signature boot. While many other styles are made with the needs of specific professions in mind, the Jobmaster is a general workhorse.

It is a versatile lace-to-toe boot with a 10” shaft that is preferred by workers, hunters, hikers, and anyone who needs a durable hard toe boot with serious safety and comfort features.  It has Vibram soles, removable firm PORON® cushion inserts for shock absorption, full leather sweat-resistant insoles, solid brass eyelets, and studs, plus so much more.

However, that is just the beginning of the many features which contribute to the Jobmaster’s built-in support, comfort, and durability. There is a rolled leather top facing, removable false tongue, full leather gusset, extra-heavy stitching, a permanently formed Stytherm™ counter, Cambrelle® lining, leather lined vamp, and much, much more.

The Jobmaster is also available with a short ankle cut that is particularly striking in a two-tone color combination of tan and black. However, while it has the same sturdy materials, durable construction, steel toe, brass eyelets, and studs, the low-cut version has rubber soles instead of Vibram.

Boss Engineer

The Boss Engineer has the look of a vintage-style classic, but all of the features required for a tough work boot. The oil-tanned leather Boss Engineer has an 11” shaft, with one strap at the top of the shaft, and another over the instep displaying attractive nickel plated hardware. Edging is smoothed by a rolled leather top. But its good looks don’t sacrifice quality construction for style.

In addition to the hard toe, the Wesco Boss Engineer offers a sure grip, thanks to the heavy lug Vibram #100 soles. There is a ribbed, slightly arched non-corrosive steel shank, as well. Yet, the West Coast Shoe Company values comfort, in addition to style and function.

Not only is there a full leather midsole, but the vamp is also lined with leather and the full-leather insoles are sweat-resistant for additional comfort. The Boss Engineer also has Cambrelle lining, a permanently formed Stytherm counter, and removable firm PORON® cushion inserts for superior shock absorption.


For those needing the extra protection of higher coverage, the Wesco Highliner offers a 16” shaft on a solid lace-to-toe boot. Maximum comfort and support is provided by a ribbed and slightly arched non-corrosive steel shank, as well as extra heavy lug Vibram 100 soles. Further support in the arch is provided by a leather 10 – 10-1/2 iron (.219″ thick) half-slip.

A leather side flap and removable false tongue are included on this model. There is also a recessed metal heel breastplate, to protect from climbing spurs and a steel side plate. However, the steel sideplate is not available with the Vibram #100 soles.

Still, the Highliner offers many features that are desirable even if you don’t require such a high shaft. For this reason, Wesco also offers the exact same lace-to-toe boot in a 10” version.


The Wesco Timber was designed to cater to the needs of forestry workers, and it became a huge success. In fact, it is actually the best-selling boot found in the timber industry.

The lace-to-toe boot features the West Coast Shoe Company’s exclusive replaceable calk design, with 12’ replaceable calks. There is also a removable false tongue, rough out vamp, and counter.


wesco firestormer

Smokejumpers love the Wesco Firestormer water-resistant boots, because they have more fire-resistant features than any boots on the market made for firefighters. The leather is both fire and water resistant, and the lace-to-toe boots have extra heavy lug non-marking #100F Vibram soles, which are both flame-resistant and oil-resistant.

The 10” shaft boots have a lightweight Technora® no-burn upper stitching, as well as heavy Kevlar® stitching on the upper and sole. There is also a removable false tongue.

Wesco Firestormer boots are the real deal. They have been officially UL Certified for Protective Clothing and Equipment for Wildland Firefighting.


wesco voltfoe

The Wesco Voltfoe is a climbing boot that was created to meet safety specifications for the most extreme electrical hazards. The semi lace-to-toe boot has a composite toe and 16” shaft with leather side strap. The #109 Vibram soles are puncture resistant.

Not only does the Voltfoe have full leather welt construction, but there is also a removable false tongue and double full leather insoles. A slightly arched ribbed shank made of non-corrosive steel is included for maximum comfort and support.

The Wesco Voltfoe meets the following standards: CAN/CSA Z195-09 and ASTM F2413-05 MI/75 C75 EH PR.


One of the most admirable things about the West Coast Shoe Company is that it accords women enough respect to understand they often endure conditions as tough as any men will face. And that means they require a boot to hold up in those environments, as well.

Fortunately, with the design expertise that is incorporated into every Wesco boot, women don’t have to sacrifice style in order to get the toughness they require. Whether on a hard job, or a fast road, Wesco has two excellent choices in women’s boots.


For industrial strength protection, or just high quality comfort, durability, and style, the Wesco Women’s Jobmaster is everything you could wish for.

A versatile lace-to-toe boot with a 10” shaft and durable hard toe, this is a boot with safety and comfort features that are second to none.  In addition to rugged Vibram soles, there are removable firm PORON® cushion inserts for superior shock absorption, solid brass eyelets and studs, full leather sweat-resistant insoles, and a whole lot more.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Jobmaster’s many details for maximum support, comfort, and durability. In addition to the full leather gusset, there is a removable false tongue, rolled leather top facing to smooth out the edging, extra-heavy stitching, leather lined vamp, a permanently formed Stytherm™ counter, Cambrelle® lining, and much, much more.

Athena Motorcycle Boots

The Wesco Athena Motorcycle Boot is, without question, one of the most stylish motorcycle boots around today. Both edgy and fashionable, they feature a diagonal fold closed with three leather straps that are attached with studs and trimmed with metal buckles.

Back and side contrast stitching detailing provide attractive accents, as does the welted finish. The final touch is provided by the striking contrasting trim and lining. It’s safe to say that the Wesco Athena Motorcycle Boot is memorable enough that you will want to tuck your pant legs inside to provide the fullest effect.

Wesco Boots Offer Quality, Comfort, Style and Durability

When a company has managed to remain successful for an entire century, particularly in this day and age, it is definitely doing something right. And it’s not hard to see that the success of the West Coast Shoe Company is due simply to the fact that it does not compromise on any of the most important factors of shoe manufacturing.

The quality of Wesco Boots is obvious with even the briefest glance. The superb leather, premium Vibram soles, and heavy duty stitching are easily visible. The same is true of the exquisite design.

However, while it is always nice when quality and aesthetics are found in the same products, shoes are meant to be worn. That is why comfort is of utmost importance, and Wesco Boots do not disappoint. While the slightly arched steel shanks, sweat resistant insoles, and removable cushioned inserts are not as easily visible as the external features, they are what make these boots a joy to wear.

All of that would probably be enough to recommend Wesco Boots on their own, but the crowning touch is that the company creates products that last for such a long time. This is particularly admirable since many of the boots are used in extreme conditions. It isn’t difficult to believe that a company could be so successful for a century and beyond when the products offer such durability.

So if you are in need of boots that offer quality, comfort, style, and durability, you need not any further than Wesco Boots. What all of that adds up to is value, pure and simple.


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