Georgia Boots Review: Best for your work site?

Bottom line, upfront: Georgia Boots are about the best you can buy.

Reliable, durable, and protective, work boots are must-haves for demanding job sites. But work boots aren’t all made equal. It is easy to throw away good money high dollar boots that simply do not deliver.

One of the best ways to find a reliable work boot is to check the brand. Long standing brands with good reputations don’t get that way overnight. For instance, names like Georgia Boot achieve their status by providing consumers high quality options that do what they promise.

As an 80-year old name that enjoys a lofty seat among its competitors, Georiga Boot is one of the most trusted work boot manufacturers around. Having been in the market since 1937, Georgia Boot has nearly perfected the work boot design, providing buyers some of the best options available. So if you’re in search of the best work boot there is, some of the picks that Georgia Boot offers might just fit your fancy.

Not quite sure if they’re the right brand for you? I’ve put together a comprehensive review of some of Georgia Boot’s best of the best so you can see if the shoe fits.

Georgia Boot Men’s Footwear

The Georgia Boot brand started out catering to just men, which is apparent in their current selection of footwear. Even to this day, the brand’s line-up offers significantly more men’s shoes than women’s.

Georgia Giant Work Boot

Possibly Georgia Boot’s most popular release to date is the Georgia Giant. The shoes are made of genuine full grain leather which gradually molds to the shape of your foot.

Inside the shoe is a high performance mesh fabric. This wicks away sweat and protects the cushion against wear and tear. The insole on the other hand, is designed for comfort, contouring slightly against your weight to properly accommodate the arches of your feet.

Finally, the sole is made from high density rubber.  Highly resistant to wear, the sole can maintain its non-slip properties even with daily use. In many ways, the Georgia Giant offers excellent support and comfort. The only downside is the boot’s weight, which can become tiring for extended, everyday wear.

Athens Work Boot

Designed for moist, muddy, and wet environments, the Athens Work Boot uses the Georgia waterproof system. This makes it much more resistant to water damage. Compared to typical work shoes and boots, it lasts much longer even with daily exposure to high moisture environments.

The exterior is made from genuine full grain leather, while the sole features a synthetic rubber material that’s designed to prevent slip accidents. Measuring 11 inches from the arch, the shaft is long enough to protect the feet and a substantial length of the leg from environmental hazards at work.

Keep in mind though that the leather used for the Athens is relatively softer than other work boots from the brand. This is because it doesn’t use a lacing system, which requires users to slip the boot on to wear it. That said, they may loosen up and soften over time.

Chukka Boot

Designed with the ranch in mind, the Chukka Boot is a handsome footwear choice. Much like other Georgia boots, the Chukka is made from premium, full grain leather that’s 100% chemical resistant so you can wear them anywhere without worrying about damaging the material.

An ultra thick, rubber sole  lines the bottom of the shoe, protecting your feet from sharp objects that could pierce poorly designed soles. The tongue is fully padded, providing extra comfort and a snug, secure fit. As with some Georgia Boot designs though, the Chukka tends to run smaller sizes.

Durable and good looking, the problem users have had with the Chukka Boot is the fact that the leather is prone to scuffing, which makes them look worn out. It also pays to keep in mind that the insoles are not removable, so anyone who wants to replace the insoles with custom cushions or padding may need to place them over the existing ones.

Loggers Work Boot

The Loggers Work Boot was designed to let users tackle different terrains in confidence. The heavy duty, waterproof work boot features a semi-high heel which cuts away from the rest of the sole. This provides greater traction, allowing users to ‘hook’ the heel into pots in the terrain for added stability.

The sole itself features an aggressive tread design that’s intended to give you better balance and traction against a variety of difficult terrain like mud and rocks.

Inside the Loggers are steel toes which are strong enough to take on and sustain significant weight. The lace up closure makes them much easier to wear than slip-on boots, and prevents the boot from opening up around your leg.

Be sure to check sizes meticulously before making a purchase though, as the Loggers tend to offer relatively more room around the ankles than other work boot designs from Georgia Boot.

Giant Romeo Work Shoe

The Georgia Boot work horse shoe design has to be the Giant Romeo Work Shoe. Built for a variety of settings, this shoe is versatile, durable, and reliable. Basically, it’s an industry standard work boot that you can confidently don in a number of different work environments.

Crafted from genuine full grain leather, the Giant Romeo work boot resists damage caused by exposure to different chemicals, fluids, and contaminants. The inner surface of the shoe is lined with high performance fabric that wicks away sweat and maintains cool, dry comfort for hours on end.

For added protection, the Giant Romeo uses a full on steel shank to protect your feet against trauma. The soles are built to the highest of standards, maintaining the texture of the treads even after years of use.

The only real issue with the Giant Romeo is aesthetics. But while it isn’t the most good looking work boot there is, it does have a lot to offer.

Georgia Boot Women’s Footwear

Although they don’t have too many options to choose from, the Georgia Boot brand does cater to women. These work boots vary slightly from their men’s counterparts. They also leverage aesthetics a little more to appeal to discriminating female standards.

Mid Calf Boot

The Mid Calf Boot for women from the Georgia Boot brand features a look and feel that’s similar to Doc Marten’s. The boots uses a mid calf design, secured by robust lacing which allows wearers to achieve a snug fit around the ankle.

Made from genuine full grain leather, the shoe moves and contours to the shape of the user’s feet over time. The soles are made from high density rubber which gives them aggressive traction.

Finally, the inside of the boots are lined with high performance lining. This Georgia Boot staple keeps your feet comfortable, cool, and dry for extended periods of time.

When it comes to looks, the Mid Calf Boot from Georgia Boot is definitely a top pick. Serving well as an all-around work boot, lots of people also use the boot as a casual wear staple.

Carbo-Tec LT Steel Toe Waterproof Boot

For all day comfort, the Carbo-Tec LT was built for users who want a western style waterproof boot. The ultra robust boot features a leather upper exterior combined with a steel toe guard

The interior on this women’s boot is lined with moisture wicking material, while the breathable Georgia Waterproof System is designed to let air in while keeping water and muck out. The cushioning, removable insole compresses with each step but quickly returns to its original form.

Aesthetic wise, the Carbo-Tee Waterproof Boot may not be something you’d wear with your favorite outfit, but then again, it wasn’t designed for casual fashion purposes anyway. If you love a western style with a pop of color, then this teal and brown boot is the perfect work boot for you.

Giant Romeo Boot

Compared to the men’s Giant Romeo, the women’sGiant Romeo Boot features a much sleeker, more feminine silhouette. They also come in a greater variety of colors as many buyers like using them for casual wear purposes.

Most of the shoe is made from Georgia Boot’s signature high quality full grain leather. It also incorporates durable elastic sides for easy wearing as the boots do feature a lace-less, slip-on design. The outsoles are made from polyurethane, featuring a solid steel shank that provides a stable work platform.

All in all, the women’s Giant Romeo Boot is a well-constructed, heavy duty, low cut boot. Of course, because it does look very appealing, lots of buyers tend to use it for casual purposes rather than work despite its ultra durable design.

Is Georgia Boot a Good Buy?

I’ve seen a lot of work boot designs through the years – both from reputable brands and start-ups. But of course, nothing really beats a good work boot from a company that has been making them for close to a hundred years.

The Georgia Boot brand is a popular choice among buyers and for very good reasons. They offer some of the best work boots around. While some of their shoes do have minor design flaws, it’s clear that they’re made to the highest of standards.

So can I recommend the Georgia Boot? I’d say absolutely. Each boot is made with utmost durability, and others even incorporate some very fashion forward style elements. This makes them ideal for those who want something for both work and play.

Of course, these great shoes do come at a price, but you ultimately get what you pay for. So if you’re on the market for a work boot investment, Georgia Boot just might have one for you.


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