Chippewa Boots Review

Chippewa Boots have been producing top quality rugged boots and shoes since 1901. Every Chippewa boot is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and materials. In this article, we review Chippewa’s best across 4 categories:

  • Engineer
  • Outdoor
  • Field
  • Road

Best Engineer Boot: Chippewa Whirlwind Engineer Original

Image of the Original Chippewa Collection Men's 1901M48 11 Inch Engineer Boot, Black Whirlwind, 11.5 E US


Hardy Sole

The Chippewa Whirlwind Engineer Original Boot use a nitro fibrum sole on a well defined 90 degree heel to provide you with a very solid and secure foot surface. In side the boot is a nice hard footbed that molds to the shape of your foot, providing you with a customized fit.

Secure Fit

There are no laces on this boot, so how do you get a secure fit. You do it with a tight heel cup – and that is exactly what this boot has got. While this proves a little uncomfortable at first, once you break the boot in, you will appreciate the very secure, snug fit. There is a single buckle to hold the heel in place. This keeps the heel cup tight, allowing it to suck down on the top of your foot. This gives you a great fit with every step.

Premium Leather

Chippewa made some of the best old style leather on the market. They use a beautiful oil tanned leather that will last and last, while looking good in the process.

Quality Hardware

Unlike many competitors, Chippewa refuse to skimp on their hardware. The buckles on this boot even feature rolling glides. This boot is wholly made in America.


Not Comfortable Out of the Box

This is not the most comfortable boot in the world. Once you get it out of the box, it will take some time to break it in for a customized fit. However this boot is not made to be an out of the box lazy-boy chair. You have to put some work into them before they reward you with customized comfort.

Best Outdoor Boot: Chippewa Super Logger Boot


Great Insulation

The Chippewa Super Logger Boot features 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate. This provides a very thin but amazingly warm insulation. Of course, this is coupled with the super thick strong leather outer of the boot.

Ultimate Toe Safety

Chippewa know that many users of this boot will be working with a chainsaw. That’s why they have done away with a composite toe in favor of a steel toe. This adds the ultimate level of protection without making the boot heavy.

Heavy Duty Outsole

The Vibram Tacoma Yellow Plug Outsole provides you with a long wearing foot bottom that is also very responsive. The shoe has good clearance and great gripping ability. It may be a little hard on the mud, but the edges of the lugs are chamfered to allow you to kick out the debris.


These boot are both re-soleable and recraftable. This is a good thing because you’ll want to hang onto them for as long as you possibly can. That’s why the welting provides you an extra bit of lip to assist the guy who will re-sole the boot.

High Spec Insole

The single density PDU polyurethane Insole makes the boot a little more comfortable.

Padded Collar

Chippewa’s padded collar uses the same oil tanned leather as on the outside of the boot. That provides you with a greater degree of longevity than a soft collar would provide.


Not Overly Comfortable

The Super Logger is primarily built as a work horse. It will provide you with comfort in the long term. Don’t, however, expect, any soft lining when you put this boot on.

BestField Boot: Chippewa Men’s Pull-On Snake Boot



Enhanced Snake Bite Protection

The 17-inch Men’s Pull-On Snake Bite bootfeatures a woven upper that has been fitted with Chippewa’s patented Espresso Rattlesnake leather vamp and collar. This provides you with the highest level of protection available against snake bites. The combination of the thickness of Chippewa original leather and lining will withstand the strike of any venomous snake.

Flexible Insoles

This boot has been fitted with Texon Flexwelt insoles to provide you with an extremely flexible and comfortable fit. This boot affords you with a surprising level of freedom of movement considering the high level of protection it affords.

Great Traction

When you’re spending hours on the trail, you need a boot that delivers superior traction on all types of underfoot conditions. The boot features a Vibram outsole that delivers a high level of traction on both wet and dry surfaces.

Very Comfortable

The Men’s Pull-On Snake boot is an extremely comfortable wearing boot. Despite the high level of protection they afford, they don’t feel heavy to wear. They will not slip around on your feet, so you should have no issues with pressure points or blisters.


A Little Too Large

Judging by online feedback, the boot appears to run about half a size too large.

Best Road Boot: Chippewa Harness Boot


Superior Riding Protection

 The Chippewa 12-inch Harness boot is Chippewa’s flagship motorcycle boot. The rugged oil cowhide provides you with the maximum amount of protection when you’re riding. They provide very good stability when you plant your feet.

Very Comfortable Fit

These boots are comfortable right out of the box with very little breaking in required. They provide a roomy feel in the toe area, so you’ll have no issues with your foot scuffing against the side wall. The boot is also very easy to take on and off.

Very Good Traction

The Harness biking boot features a non-slip Vibram mini-lug yellow plug sole to give you excellent traction on any type of surface. You will be as secure on your feet as ever when you slip a pair of these boots on.

Quality Hardware

As you’d expect from Chippewa, the hardware that you get with the harness biking boot is top quality. The fancy side harness features polished steel componentry. You also get a snoot toe and ¾ inch rubber heel on this boot.


No Steel Toe

The Chippewa Harness riding boot does not feature a steel toe, which would have enhanced your riding protection even further.

Bottom Line

Chippewa are the cream of the crop when it comes to quality classic leather boots. When you choose a Chippewa you need you are getting top quality backed by excellent service. When it comes to the top 4 boots in their range, our favorite as an all round outdoor wearing boot is the Whirlwind Engineer Original.