Timberland Pro Endurance Boots Review

The Timberland Pro Endurance line of boots are safe and comfortable, but they do not get our highest recommendation because their durability is questionable. We prefer instead the Redwing 6-inch Moc Toe Boot, see our review here. Or for those on a budget the Timberland 6-inch Moc Toe Boot.

The Timberlands are a series of standout work boots marketed towards construction engineers, welders, concrete workers, and long-haul truck drivers among others.

Timberland is known for crafting premium boots and shoes with a purpose. With close to 70 years in business, there is no ambiguity that this manufacturer is a genius regarding surrounding your feet with the right amount of safety and comfort.

As you will soon find out, Timberland has replicated several safety and comfort facets throughout this collection, including the use of anti-fatigue outsole with conical geometry, and a roomy toe box.

However, there exist several sharp distinctions between these boots which make each of them entirely exclusive and desirable for specific outdoorsmen.

This Timberland Pro Endurance Review article is footed on these little discrepancies. So, let us roam down the trail and figure out what model best tackles the challenges that come your feets’ way.

Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch steel toe work boot

Our first recommendation here is going to be my old trusty: the Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch steel toe work boot. This pair is made for the workman who wants optimum foot protection, without sacrificing style and comfort.

Image of the Timberland PRO Men's Endurance PRO Waterproof 6

With my experience with the Endurance boot, I find it a reliable option for anyone whose job involves being on their feet for prolonged hours. Unfortunately, they are not the most long-lasting boots that Timberland puts out.

So, if you want a pair that you can subject to heavy-duty abuse and still get several years out of it, you will need to consider other options.

But if you have a regime for replacing your work boots after every 8-10 months of continuous use, the Pro Endurance 6-inch boot is a viable choice.


What is there to like about these boots?


Honestly speaking, the Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch toe boot is a treasure trove of support, especially for workers who are on their toes for a better part of their day. As an electrician, I put in tons of hours on hard concrete floors, and these boots feel great all day long.

The Pro Endurance PR 6-inch boot boasts Timberland’s latest approach to anti-fatigue technology which redefines the concept of a work boot that offers safety without compromising comfort. This is a system of technical features that primarily collaborate to absorb impacts and provide a good rebound with each step.

The most notable of these are the single density contouring footbeds. These templates have open-cell polyurethane that offers excellent malleability. The footbeds are of the right size and have excellent underfoot support and shock absorption that is critical for long-lasting comfort.

The fact that they are removable reveals the convenience of replacing them with secondary pads of your choice, for instance, if you want to upgrade the level of heel cup support.

Better still, these boots have Cambrelle lining whose devoir is to keep your feet temperate irrespective of outside conditions. This renders the Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch style boot nicely as a respectable boot that you can depend on in winter, without the worries of having sweaty, cold feet. This lining also wicks moisture away thereby leaving your feet drier in summer or when working in hot weather conditions.


This boots upper is made up of premium full grain leather. As you may know, full-grain leather is the most durable type of hide that has not been snuffed, buffed, or sanded.

That being said, most of the natural characteristics of high-quality leather, including more fiber strength, durability, and abrasion-resistance are evident on this boot.

I also give these boots top marks for their nicely padded collars and tongues. These collars offer just the right amount of support at the ankles. The tongues not only add a little sophistication to the boot but also protect the top of your feet from tight laces. The nice padding on the boot also makes putting the boot on and off a little bit easier.


Uses Compo Process/ Stuck on construction

Timberland takes a different course in attaching this boot’s sole to the upper, in a bid to offer you a boot that you will wear comfortably for hours.

If you have some experience with other Timberlands with the Goodyear welt construction, you will believe me when I say that they are hellish to break in and they are super heavy.

Conversely, the cement construction in the Pro Endurance 6-inch boot results to a lightweight pair that offers you optimum flexibility when moving in cramped environments. This sturdy but lightweight construction design also has incredible support to your arches and ankle, which lets you maneuver around easily.


Crafted with your safety in mind

The Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch boot is precisely designed for job sites. As such, we expect it to thrive so well in this front, which it inevitably does, in my opinion.

Among other highlights, the outsole is designed to meet and perhaps even exceed the ASTM 5512-05 and the ASTM 5413-05 safety standards.


But what renders it as the best work boot for most professionals is its puncture resistance. Whether you work in a construction site, workshop, or any other unforgiving locale, this sole is the difference between your feet and sharp nails, glass, and scrap metal.

This outsole is crafted from a rubber compound which makes it somewhat lighter than you would expect from a boot of its size. You might also like its excellent resistance to heat which is rated at 572 degrees Fahrenheit and its advanced slip, abrasion, and oil resistance.

Another standout feature of this boot is its rugged steel reinforced TiTan-shaped toe. It has been designed to stand up to most impact and compression standards including the ASTM 2412-05. A kick with a heavy-duty steel cap will undoubtedly be your first port of call if your feet face threats from falling objects.

Enhancing this further is the Timberland Pro rubber backstay that adds another line of defense from objects that may fall from behind.


It is EH-Rated

Without forgetting, the Timberland Pro Endurance boot also has Electrical Hazard protection. This makes it a go-to boot for electricians, welders, wildland firefighters and anyone else whose job involves working around live electrical circuits.


Is it waterproof?

Worth mentioning is that the Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch boot comes in 2 versions, one with a waterproof membrane and another one without. However, the two models boast full-grain leather construction and a superior blend of triple and double stitching.

That being said, both versions have reliable protection from water to some degree. But as expected, the boot with a waterproof membrane takes the game a little bit higher. This boot also costs several bucks higher. So, if this aspect matters to you, you might want to consider the pricier model.


What are the possible drawbacks?

Does not last forever

As I hinted before, the Pro Endurance 6-inch boots will not last you forever. Its extreme durability seems to have been traded off with absolute comfort.

But its longevity is relative. In saying this, if you work in wet areas and construction sites with lots of debris, the leather will start to fall apart from the sole after several months. Debris, sharp objects, and heat also work against the rubber outsole, and it may rip after a few months depending on how severe the punishment is.

However, if your work does not subject these boots to the harshest conditions, you might be lucky to get several years of comfort out of it.


Timberland Pro Endurance 8-inch Review

Assuming that you are looking for more advanced ankle protection than what the 6-inch style boot offers, the Timberland Pro Endurance 8-inch has got you covered. This is a replica of the 6-inch with the only slight difference being the added height of the uppers.


It comes with a durable Cambrelle inner lining for exceptional breathability. This coating offers excellent air wicking properties that keep your feet cool in hot months and warmer in winter.

Timberland’s super comfortable footbeds are also present with this boot. Each of these footbeds has 5 layers: the first layer is an anti-microbial cover that minimizes foot odor. The second layer is a self-molding template which molds itself to your feet for a custom fit. Layer three encapsulates air-filled open cells responsible for cushioning and support.

This is followed by a macro-perforated footpad that promotes high air flow which is ideal for keeping you cool in summer. The last layer is an innovative midsole designed with anti-fatigue technology for optimum cushioning and a good deal of rebound to prevent fatigue.

Importantly, this boot also incorporates a rugged outsole with electrical hazard protection, and a flexible puncture resistant plate. The steel plate and molded heel kick plate have not been left out also. This assures you of optimum protection from debris, spikes, steel plates, and falling objects.

As it is the case with the Timberland Pro Endurance 6-inch style boot, the Pro Endurance 8-inch boot also comes in a waterproof and insulated version and another model that does not offer this combination. As expected, their price tags also differ by a couple of bucks.


Timberland Pro Endurance Met Guard Steel Toe 6-inch

The Met Guard Steel Toe 6-inch makes its appearance on this list only because of the level of comfort and safety that it offers. This boot is not as durable as our first two recommendations and, therefore, not worth its cost, in our view.

Its impermanence aside, the Met Guard features full-grain leather uppers with a combination of single and double stitching. Doubled with the cement construction, the Met Guard becomes easy to break in and to enjoy its high levels of comfort as it lasts.

Its inside boasts a mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment and a contoured single-density footbed, responsible for supporting your feet when standing for long.

In the safety department, the Timberland Pro Endurance Met Guard has a steel toebox, metallic puncture-resistant plate, and a rubber backstay that increases its abrasion resistance.



The Timberland Pro Endurance series has decent boots for different occupations. While their unreliable durability is a serious letdown given Timberland’s reputation for high quality boots, their unrivaled level of safety and comfort act as a guarantee that you will go back home with your feet.


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