Timberland Premium vs Basic Boot Comparison: What is the Difference?

Timberland is a market leader in the boot industry. They have developed somewhat of a cult following due to their ultra comfy leather / suede feel and their overall durability. So, what’s the difference between the Timberland 6-inch Basic Boot and theTimberland  6-Inch Premium – and which boot should you invest in?

While we love both of these boots, the addition of Prima Life Eco Insulation along with anti-fatigue technology in it’s construction make the Timberland Premium the better buy.

Timberland Men’s 6-Inch Basic Boot


Though categorized as their basic boot, there really is nothing basic about this boot from Timberland. It features a rugged full grain leather upper with seam sealed construction. This keeps it waterproof in any conditions for years of outdoor use.


The breathable fabric of the Timberland Men’s Basic keeps the weather out without overheating your feet. It has built-in moisture wicking ability to prevent sweat build-up. This boot is also odor resistant.

Ankle Comfort

A padded leather ankle collar provides a high level of luxuriousness and a very satisfying snug fit around the boot’s shaft opening.

Image of the Timberland Men's Six-Inch Basic Boot,Black,11 M US

Internal Steel Shank

Your safety is guaranteed with an internal steel shank, offering premium level support. You won’t have to worry about falling debris or kicking a rock when you wear this boot.

Non-Marking Soles

On the underside of the boot you’ll find a non-marking, heavy duty rubber outsole. Advanced lugs help to roll away excess water.


Sizing Inaccurate

A number of online reviewers have remarked that the sizing on this boot is not true to form.


A minor consideration for some, but worth mentioning.  Stylistically the Premium looks a lot better than the Basic.  The Basic features a yellowed leather that doesn’t inspire confidence and is supported by a minimalistic pattern around the upper.  

Timberland Men’s 6-Inch Premium Boot


Excellent Insulation

The Men’s 6-Inch Premium boot features Primaloft ECO Insulation. This fabric is created from synthetic fibers that bond together to form an extremely strong cohesive insulating structure. The resulting fabric is also compression-resistant. This allows the Premium boot to retain its snug warmth, even when it is wet.

Superior Waterproofing

The leather material that the boot is made from is 100% waterproof. It is enhanced by waterproof impregnated properties during the process of tanning the leather. Each boot is also seam sealed. A breathable, waterproof membrane gives even extra protection against the wet.

Another secret to the superiority of Timberland boots in general when it comes to waterproofing is the use of their Nubuck leather outer surface. This is a smooth, suede-type which is less porous than rough out leather. Nubuck does, however, stain more readily than rougher types of leather, so you will need to be more vigilant with your Premium boots.

Very Durable

When you’re covering extreme terrain, you need a boot that is going to stick it out, mile after mile. The Men’s Premium is that boot. It features anti-fatigue technology right in the midsole that makes use of geometric cone supports. These provide a superior level of comfort. They also deliver excellent shock absorption and energy return.

The hardware on this boot is all completely rustproof. The Premium also features a very durable rubber lug outsole which provides a great level of traction and further enhances durability.

Image of the Timberland Women's 6-Inch Premium Boot,Wheat,7 B(M) US

Snug Fit

The Premium provides you with a very comfortable fit that conforms to your foot. The premium leather uppers are luxuriant to slip into. This boot provides you with an extra two inches of ankle height to provide you with the ultimate level of support and protection. The leather interior lining is very form fitting to the ankle. The insole even features a leather portion.

These boots fit true to size and width. They provide a little extra height in the heel of about an inch. The boot has a round toe, as opposed to an almond or the more narrow pointed toe.


The premium offers a much more premium leather look with greater attention paid to the patterning and detailing than the Basic.  It’s clear that Timberland goes out of their way to make their Premium work boot look nicer than their Basic so that more people will buy it.  



The Men’s Premium is a solid, heavy boot. This may make long treks more cumbersome and energy demanding.

Stains and Scuffs

The Premium can easily leave a stain on a surface, which can be very annoying. It is also relatively easy to scuff these boots.

Not Steel Toed

The Timberland premium does not have a steel toe cap. However, it does feature  very hardy boot toe, which makes this boot suitable for heavy construction or industrial work. Some customer reviewers have mentioned, though, that the Premium is not a very comfortable work boot due to the fact that it is so heavy. We suggest going with the noticeably lighter Timberland Basic, which while not having as much interior lining, is a lot lighter than the premium.


The Timberland Men’s Basic and Premium look quite different. The premium provides you with an extra rubber sole at the bottom. They also have a padded collar on the outside and extra padding on the inside of the boot. The leather on the Premium is also much thicker than on the Basic. As a result, the Basic will wear and wrinkle faster than the Premium. The Premium also feels a lot better when you put it on. It gives you a more comfortable fit which feels more natural.

On the other hand, the Premium is much heavier than the Basic. So, if you are after a work-boot and are not too concerned about extra comfort, the Basic will provide you with a lighter, less taxing wearing option.

Timberland manufacture their boots out of their Tennessee, USA factory, with some parts coming from China. Both pairs of boots are waterproof. However, the Premium provides you with special waterproof impregnated properties, making it the better option in the wet. While some Timberland boots come with a tag that hangs over the side of the collar, neither the Basic or the Premium have this feature.

Both of these boots will serve you well. From either one you will get a stylish piece of fashionable footwear that will complement the rest of your outfit. However, for an extra 20% more or so, the Premium will give you more features, including Prima Life Eco Insulation and with anti-fatigue technology. As a result, we feel that the Timberland 6-Inch Premium Boot is a better deal than the Timberland basic.