Sanita Shoes Review

Sanita Shoes has been manufacturing occupational footwear throughout Europe and the USA for more than 100 years. Sanita originated in Denmark but are now manufactured in factories around the globe. In this article we will review the best in the Sanita product lines across four key categories:

  • Closed Clog
  • Boots
  • Open Clog
  • Trade / Hospitality

Closed Clog

Sanita Julie Closed Clog


Slip Resistant

The Sanita Waves Closed Clog shoe is slip-resistant so you can wear them in any weather, rain or shine, without compromising the risk of falling. 

Very Light Weight

If you are used to the idea of clogs being heavy and cumbersome, then you are in for a pleasant surprise when you encounter the Sanita Julie clog. This shoe is impressively lightweight. The full Nappa leather upper and lining are ultra-comfy without adding any bulk to the shoe. The polyurethane construction of the body of the shoe keeps it nice and light.

Conforms to Your Feet

The Sanita Julie Closed Clog has an ergonomically designed shape with an anatomically shaped footbed that conforms to the shape of your foot when you are walking. This puts you in a very natural position which helps to eliminate any stress. The rocker bottom with elevated heel is another adaptation that keeps your foot positioning just right.

The outsole of this shoe is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Easy to Clean

The Sanita Julie Clog has been designed to be easily cleaned. This allows you to keep them looking great all the time.

Comfortable Sock Liner

This clog comes with a shock absorption sock liner for added comfort and protection.



The Sanita Julie Clog is a rather pricey shoe. If you’re after a top-quality product, though, you will view the cost as an investment in your future foot comfort.


Sanita Women’s Brittany Zipper Ankle Fashion Boot


Natural Leather

The Sanita Brittany Zipper Ankle Fashion Boot is provided in a soft, durable natural leather. This makes it far more durable than it’s non-leather competitors. It also delivers a more comfortable and stylish look.

More Comfort

This boot features twin elastic goring on each side to enhance your level of wearing comfort. The natural leather provides a soft, plush feel, while the side zippers allow for an easy on / off experience.

Greater Fit

The Sanita Brittany features some stylish add-ons that bring it to the next level. These include  stud and pull tabs which allows you to secure the boot to the ideal level of fit.


Sizing Issues

These shoes tend to run about half a size too small. They are also a little wide through the mid-foot area.

Open Clog

Sanita Women’s Ingrid Open Clog


Anatomical Fit

The Sanita Women’s Ingrid open clog provides you with a naturally shaped arch that give you a perfect ergonomic fit. It has been designed to provide the maximum amount of walking comfort, even for people with Podiatry issues. In fact, many users who have suffered from chronic foot pain have found immediate and lasting relief when switching to this shoe. They are especially noted for providing superior arch support.

Very Comfortable

The open back nature of this shoe makes it very easy to slip on and of as required. There is also a good deal of space for lift in the toes. You will have no issues with your feet rubbing against the sides of these shoes. The padded instep strap adds a further level of comfort.

Rocker Botom Outsole

This shoe has been designed with a rocker bottom outsole, allowing you to maintain a solid ground contact while also getting ideal foot placement.



Some people may find the Sanita Women’s Ingrid clog to be a little too narrow across the mid foot. The shoe also tends to run about half a size too small.

Trade / Hospitality

Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog


Ideal Heel and Platform Height

The Sanita Women’s Professional Celina Clog has a base platform height of 0.75 inches and a heel height of 1.75 inches. The one-inch differential between forefoot and heel allows for the ideal walking step. The inclusion of rocker bottom technology in the sole of the shoe relieves stress on the arch and base of the forefoot when you are walking. This is an important consideration for workers, such as nurses, who are on their feet all day long.

Very Lightweight

Weighing in at just two pounds, the Celina is an extremely light weight shoe. This makes every step lighter and less taxing. Despite the lack of weight, this shoe also provides a very good level of support. Unlike many competing shoes, it is just as good for people with high heels as well as those who are flat footed.

Plenty of Toe Room

You get a good level of room to move your toes in the Celina. This accommodates for the natural swelling of your feet that takes place over the course of your work day.

Added Safety Feature

A PVC insert has been added into the sole of the shoe to help to provide stabilization when walking. This is a nice aid to shore up the rigidity of the construction of the shoe, while also providing a shock absorption factor. This shoe has been approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association


Tight Across the Front

Some people have complained about tightness across the front of the shoe. This is, however, what gives the shoe its rigidity and sturdiness.


The shoe tends to run about half a size too small. There can also be confusion due to the fact that Sanita shoes come in European sizing. You may have to find an online sizing conversion chart to help make sense of it all.

Bottom Line

Sanita have been providing some of the best loved work boots, shoes and clogs for such workers as nurses, teachers and hospitality workers for over a century. Their huge range of shoes are easy to put on and comfortable to wear. They also require a minimum of care and look stylish. The common problem is to do with sizing. Apart from the confusion that may be caused by European sizings on the box, the entire range tends to run a little small.