Alden Indy Boots Review

There’s something about a pair of skillfully crafted casual boots that pulls at the heartstrings of footwear enthusiasts. For some, it’s because they can be dressed up or down with any outfit. Others feel it’s because they last much longer than any other type of shoe. Then there are those who like boots because they age beautifully, becoming more and more appealing as wear, tear, and time tread on.

Whatever the reason, buying a pair of high quality boots is nothing short of an investment. So if you’re looking to splurge on a worthy pair, the J Crew Alden Indy Boots might be just right for you.

Stylish, comfortable, and expertly designed, the Alden Indy is one of the most popular boots to date. It comes from the Alden brand which has been around for hundreds of years. That said, the boots may come with a pretty hefty price tag. However, that hasn’t stopped countless buyers from spending on the luxury boots.

I took the time to find out more about these highly regarded boots, and let me tell you – I wasn’t disappointed with what I learned. So if you’re on the fence about buying these boots, let me tell you why you should make that purchase.

Online Ratings for the Alden Indy

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Pros of the Alden Indy Boots

  • The Alden Indy boots are designed with killer looks, making them some of the most stylish picks available. The overall look makes it a timeless classic, perfect for both formal and casual outfits.
  • Durable and long lasting, every last inch of the boot is designed to withstand the test of wear, tear, and time. They’re crafted to the highest of standards, so you can wear them every day for years without worrying about damage.
  • Despite the stiff leather construction, the boots are much more comfortable than other choices in the same segment. They break-in after some time, allowing the boot to contour more accurately to your unique foot shape for a custom, comfortable fit.

Cons of the Alden Indy Boot

  • Probably the biggest drawback is the cost. At over five times the price of other dress boots, the Alden Indy’s aren’t exactly targeted at mainstream consumers. Ultimately, they’re ideal for those who are truly invested in fashion, as it’s unlikely for anyone to purchase these boots for the purpose of wearing them out as work boots.
  • The design features a hook lacing system halfway to the top of the boot, and it can be a little more tedious to work with compared to the eyelets.
  • The boots tend to run a half size larger, so online buyers should be careful to choose their size without first considering the discrepancy.

Timelessly Stylish

At a glance, it’s easy to fall in love with the Indy Boot design. The sleek, sophisticated silhouette is refined to perfection. This gives the boot a classic look and feel that assures you it will stay in style even years after you’ve purchased it.

It combines rugged work boot and casual dress shoe aesthetics to give you a pair of boots that you can easily match with any outfit. They’re particularly handsome with denims though, with most buyers accenting the boots with cuffed denim jeans.

Excellent Comfort

The Alden brand has been around since 1884. During their time in the market, they seem to have perfected manufacturing a variety of stylish boots and shoes that offer maximum comfort. The Indy is no exception.

Of course, at first, the crisp, stiff leather may press on your feet and ankles in places where they shouldn’t. But even then, the Indy’s can be exceptionally comfortable straight out of the box. As you continue to wear them, the leather loosens up, contours to the shape of your feet, and accommodates your curves and arches more suitably for a comfortable fit.

No doubt, a well-worn pair of Indy’s can feel excellently comfortable. Using them in combination with a thicker pair of boot socks can also make them significantly easier on the feet.

The inside of the shoe features a glove leather lining and a neocork midsole which slightly contour to your weight and foot shape. They’re long lasting to say the least, so you won’t have to worry about flattening them out over time.

Gets Better with Time

Few boots can sustain the wear and tear of a lifetime of use, but by the looks of things, it seems the Indy’s might be able to do just that. The boots are designed with premium leather and stitching that promises to become even more beautiful with time.

Some users who have had their Indy boots for a while can attest to the pair’s ability to look even more appealing as the years wear on. Plus the fact that they also become much more comfortable with constant use, there’s no denying that the boots are something of an investment.

In the unlikely case that your Indy’s give in to wear and tear, or if you simply want to give that old pair a new lease on life, the Alden brand also offers restoration services. Just send your shoes over, and Alden will bring them back to brand new status in no time.

A Wide Selection

It pays to keep in mind that the Alden Indy comes in a variety of material types.

The most durable and possibly most popular would have be the Chromexcel – a semi-polished leather finish that ages to perfection. This material type is the most durable of all, requiring very little maintenance. The Chromexcel options come in a number of colors, including natural, brown, and dark brown.

Some Indy’s come in a suede material, which are much more prone to wear and tear. They’re really intended for users who want to wear the shoes for fashion rather than work.

Black work boot leather with light tan trimmings is another available material and colorway for the Indy. These lean more towards the work boot feel, with the material making them slightly more difficult to break-in.


Finally, a unique variant of the Alden Indy – the Rugged Kudu – is also available. This Indy features a textured sole and a more robust build all together. It’s intended for use as a work boot, or even a hiking boot in certain cases. While it is much more durable, it does sacrifice a bit of its aesthetics.

Lacing Hooks

A flaw that I just can’t pass over is the lacing hook system. Halfway towards the bottom of the boot, it features a typical eyelet lacing system. They’re easy to work with, straightforward, and familiar so there’s really no problem there.

The issue starts halfway up the shank as the eyelets turn into a hook lacing system. For anyone who isn’t used to them, they can be clumsy to use. It can take some getting used to them, but even then, they’re a lot more tedious to work with compared to the standard eyelet design.

Another issue I have had with the hooks is that they can catch on the hem of your pants. While a little jiggle of the pant leg can get them loose, it’s just annoying to have to deal with that sudden tug while you’re walking around.

Quality at a Cost

When they say that the Alden Indy’s are some of the priciest boots on the market, they mean it.

A single pair could cost you up to (or more than) five times of what you would spend with any other pair of dress or work boots. So for some buyers, the Indy’s seem more like a luxury purchase than anything else. Keep in mind that other material options and colorways cost even more.

Considering the quality of the Alden Indy however, you might be able to let that price tag slide. Ultimately, you’re getting a reliable, long lasting pair of boots that you can use for many years in the future. They’re ultra durable and get even better with time, so they’re definitely an investment.

If you were planning on buying the Indy’s as a work boot however, they may not hold up against the rough and tough of a blue collar work environment. Plus, at the price you need to pay for a single pair, I doubt you’d be willing to put them through that onslaught.

Is the Alden Indy Boot Worth It?

Very few boots can come up to par with the Alden Indy Boots. The quality design boasts expert craftsmanship, evident in the way the boots stand up to the test of time.

Designed with utmost stylishness and sophistication, anyone can find a great deal of satisfaction out of the Indy’s. Of course, they’re not exactly cheap, but if you consider the number of years you’d be able to get out of a single pair, the cost becomes a reasonable price to pay.

So are the Alden Indy Boots worth the purchase? In my opinion – they absolutely are. Just be sure to get a pair that suits your needs and aesthetics, as the different material types available will greatly affect the satisfaction you get out of the pair your buy.


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