A Review of the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8

There are not many brands out there that can compete with the powerhouse that is Nike in terms of athletic wear. Although sometimes on the pricer end, their shoes are known all over the world for the stylish look and, most importantly, their high level of quality. The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 does not defer from the standard that has been set over the years.

The fact that the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is going to be a good shoe is not what is in dispute in this article. What we are here to find out is its best purpose or, more specifically, if it can cut it as a training shoe. My gut feeling is that it is a decent choice for buyers looking for a heavier shoe for everyday use or running, but cannot be hailed as an all-round perfect training shoe. Let us carry on and see if I am right!

What is the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8?

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is another offering from the world-famous Air Max line. Some people will wear it for fashion or just to have a comfortable shoe on their feet but ultimately it is a heavyweight running shoe designed for endurance training. The inclusion of the Air Max sole, which is actually the main feature of the shoe, means that it has a key element needed to reach the benchmarks of comfort and performance within the Air Max line.

How Stylish is the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8?

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is available to both men and women. These shoes, like most of the other offerings from Nike, are pretty stylish, meaning that they are chosen as often for everyday wear as they are for training purposes. In fact, there are quite a number of reviews found online which state that the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is worn by their children as school shoes! The shoes have a pretty slick design and the unique bottom they have makes them stand out a bit. There are some really bright color options available (think pink and purple in the women’s line) but there are also more discreet black/grey/white versions available.

The extreme comfort of the shoe can be seen from first glance and the high-quality materials used in manufacturing means that the Nike Air Max Tailwind has the look of an expensive shoe. One major difference that we can see in comparison to other Air Max shoes are the placement of the Flywire cables, whose connection to the laces and the sole are quite visible. More about the Flywire technology later in this article.

How Comfortable is the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8?

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is a comfortable shoe that can be worn throughout the day.

The level of comfort can be immediately felt in a collar and tongue that are slightly more padded than the average shoe. This padding is ideal for making the fit and wear even plusher. Also adding to the comfort is the mesh upper of the shoe. The larger holes in the forefront help massively with breathability and ultimately helps keep the foot cool while training.

In terms of sizing, the Tailwind 8 version does not defer from the usual Nike fit. If you measure from the forefoot, it is a standard fit and most foot widths can experience comfort from this shoe. There is nice midfoot that cradles the foot very well.

Also, a great addition to the shoe is the bootie construction. Not only does it provide the wearer with seamfree comfort, it also assists in comfortable and easy on/off application and a secure fit. The lace-up closure also offers more security.

Finally, there is a comfortable foam insole, which can also be removed and replaced with another insole.

How Durable is the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8?

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is a relatively durable shoe but will not last forever. The rubber outsole is known to last and is decent against general wear and tear. The midsole can hold its own as well thanks to the use of Phylon, which is able to well retain its shape and springiness. Finally, the mesh upper of the shoe is solidly constructed but you should bear in mind that these knitted fabrics cannot hold themselves as well as say leather or suede can – the price you have to pay for breathability.

How Suitable Are the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 for Training?

It is likely you stopped by this page because you are considering the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 as a training shoe. Good choice. Many sources have put the shoe to the test and came to the conclusion that it helps enhance training is enhanced because it is comfortable and considered safe in terms of grip and keeping the foot in place, particularly the clear rubber outsole which provides plenty of traction on different trails. Durable BRS 1000 carbon rubber is placed in areas prone to wear and tear to provide better durability.

The outsole features deep flex grooves, which provide the wearer with more flexibility and a better transition. Traction is enhanced via the nubs on top of the threads. This is especially important when wearing the shoes for running purposes.

The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is also quite successful in absorbing shock. This is thanks to the Air sole units that are located in the midsole. The air sole units are paired with a full-length Cushlon foam for responsive cushioning. One of the main aims of the Air sole units are to keep the shoe lightweight but they are unable to provide in the case of the Tailwind 8. However, all is not lost. As a result of the cushioning and shock absorption, there is extra protection for muscles, joints, and tendons. Additionally, the cushioning immediately returns to its original shape. This, in turn, helps the body against fatigue and stress.

Additionally, the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 include Flywire technology. This technology is basically cables which are directly connected to the laces and the sole. Nike describes the cables as working somewhat similar to the cables on a suspension bridge. They are highly regarded for their ability to provide extremely solid support and flex with the aim of providing and enhancing personalized fit.

However, it has not been all positive reviews by people who wear the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 for training. Some people have described them as a heavy shoe for high performance and speed works. The shoes weigh in at about 13 oz, 3 oz more than most other running shoes. Many shoes on the market these days actually fall under the 10 oz mark. Therefore, they are not considered optimal for wearers who want to take part in a race, but more for those taking part in long distance runs. Best keep this in mind before making your final decision.

Pros of the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8

  • They have a BRS 1000 carbon rubber sole that is shock resistant and durable. Flexibility is provided via the grooves on the sole.
  • There is a Cushlon foam midsole with Phylon which does a great job providing energy return and durability.
  • The Nike Air sole units help protect against hard impacts.
  • The mesh upper creates a breathable design.
  • Flywire technology provides support and stability at the top of the shoe.
  • The shoes are very well-cushioned and the shoe lining is soft and comfortable.
  • They have a sleek design and a discreet color choice that makes them suitable for everyday use.
  • They are suitable for running on most terrains due to their vast grip.
  • Fairly good flexibility is provided.

Cons of the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8

  • An expensive shoe for beginner trainers or runners.  
  • The heavyweight construction limits them against fast moving training.
  • There are not the most responsive shoes, even with the inclusion of Phylon.


There is no denying that the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is a pretty solid shoe. There are many great features which would make a buyer gravitate toward the line. Take for instance the BRS 1000 outsole, whose deep flex grooves help with flexibility and great traction on most terrains. Then there is the Phylon midsole with the Air cushion pods, ideal for absorbing shock while running. The mesh upper and the work it does to facilitate breathability must also be considered. However, the construction of the upper part of the shoe is not really without the Flywire technology. Without the inclusion of these cables, the support and flex of these shoes would not be so great.

Everything is great up to this point but there is one aspect of these shoes that prevent them from contending with the truly great training shoes on the market: their weight. The Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 is at least 3 oz heavier than other options available. They are perfect for long-distance running and are stylish enough for everyday use but that is where they stop excelling. So, have a long think what you would like the Nike Air Max Tailwind 8 for before making your purchase.