Best Disc Golf Shoes

I explored the market of disc golf shoes, reading about all the different designs available to discover which one stood above the rest. Now, after having completed hours of tedious research, it has come to light that the Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R Shoe outshines its competition. Featuring a robust, reinforced construction that puts together some of the best, top quality materials available, this design is the ideal pick for players who really want to bring their best game to the course.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Terrex Swift R, and you want to discover more about two other disc golf shoes that almost got the top spot, then keep on reading.

Tremendous Grip for Wet, Muddy Turf

A lot like traditional golf, disc golf takes place on expansive grass-covered courses. So you should expect a little mud and moisture here and there. Now, because the distance your disc will travel depends greatly on how well you plant your feet in the ground, a pair of shoes that gives you traction on that type of challenging terrain is vital.

The Terrex Swift R enables users to transmit energy from their feet to their arm by giving tremendous grip that overcomes even the muddiest terrain. This is made possible the shoe’s TRAXION tech. The super high traction rubber material features a number of widely-spaced L-shaped sections along the mid and forefoot.

Towards the heel, an extra deep groove divides the outsole, and a deeply lined pattern covers the entire surface of the rear. This lets you really dig your feet into the terrain, allowing you to establish secure footing to prevent slipping.

Intuitive Lace Bungee System Makes for Easy Adjustments

Mud can cling to your shoes and even cause them to pop off of your foot completely if they’re not tightly secured. So when wearing a pair of disc golf shoes, it’s imperative that you adjust the fit so they don’t come off too easily in demanding conditions.

To make that process easier, the Terrex Swift R uses a Lace Bungee system that cuts lacing time in half. The intuitive design lets you adjust tightness and fit from forefoot to heel with little effort by simply tugging on the end of the lace and securing the lace lock in place.

adiPrene Insert for Maximum Comfort

Much like traditional golf, disc golf also requires a lot of walking around. Courses are often expansive, and unless you have a cart to take your places, then you’re going to have to walk to all those holes.

To ease the pressure and stress on your feet, the Adidas Terrex Swift R incorporates the ever famous adiPrene Insert. These inserts provide maximum comfort and responsiveness so you can conserve energy with each step. This works in combination with the design’s lightweight, EVA midsole. The design provides you ample cushioning for the long term. So what you get is a durable construction with superb rebound.

Lastly, the design is topped off with a molded sockliner layer which wicks away moisture and maintains a comfortable cool at all times. This also helps optimize fit, providing a comfortable feel that reduces friction on your skin.

The Textile’s Downside

For the uppers, the Terrex Swift R uses a textile material that’s not too bad at resisting damage. Its textured feel and thickness makes it ideal for wet, muddy, outdoor terrain because it won’t easily rip or fray. So there’s no need to worry about where you step as rocks, twigs, and other natural debris won’t likely puncture the material or damage it.

The problem with the textile material is that it stains quite noticeably. Because disc golf courses can be muddy and wet, it’s impossible not to get any gunk on your shoes. While the textile isn’t likely to sustain damage, the material is highly prone to lasting stains. This was a problem for most users, even with long hours of trying to scrub away the marks.

The only workaround I found was to purchase the shoes in the brown colorway. Sure they still stain, but they still look much more presentable than the grays, blacks, or lights.

Pros of the Adidas Terrex Swift R

  • TRAXION outsoles are extra reliable on wet, muddy terrain, giving you the stability you need in order to maximize the energy used for each throw.
  • Lace Bungee system is easy to use, allowing users to achieve the ideal fit with little effort.
  • Lockdown is pretty solid, preventing injurious lateral movements that could result from the twisting motion during a disc throw.
  • Comfortable design uses adiPrene and a moisture wicking sockliner for premium comfort while navigating an expansive course.
  • Responsive midsoles provide ample rebound to reduce the amount of energy used for each step.

Some Downsides

  • Textile uppers are immensely prone to stains that are impossible to remove.
  • Pretty pricey, but it does make up for its price with premium performance.

A Few Honorable Mentions

Of course, the Terrex Swift R isn’t the only suitable disc golf shoe out there. Although it might have been the best based on my research, there are a few other reasonable designs that might suit your preferences. So here I’m discussing in short detail two other disc golf shoes that may just be up your alley.

Puma Titantour Ignite Disc Golf Shoes

It’s not often that the Puma brand makes it on my lists. That’s not because the brand isn’t any good, but because its main competitors in the market often generate designs that deserve the spots on my reviews.

So I was pleasantly surprised with the Puma Titantour Ignite. Personally, I think it leaves a lot of other disc golf shoes in the dust. This particular design combines leather and synthetic for its uppers, giving it premium resistance to stains and mud. The rubber sole uses an unconventional design featuring some of the most aggressive etchings I’ve seen.

Inside the shoe, Puma’s PWRCOOL Technology helps maintain a moisture-free environment. This doesn’t only keep the shoe comfortable for extended periods of use, but also prevents the development of odor and bacteria.

What’s Great About the Puma Titantour Ignite Disc Golf Shoes

  • Uppers are resistant to wear and stains, maintaining the shoe’s pristine aesthetic for months after the first use.
  • Rubber sole features some of the most aggressive tread designs I’ve seen, giving the shoe incredible traction on wet, muddy terrain.
  • Disc closure system lets you adjust the fit with a dedicated knob, easing the process of tying the laces to get the right tightness.
  • Ignite Foam maximizes energy return so you don’t end up spending more effort on your next step.
  • PWRCOOL Technology keeps the inside of the shoes cool and comfortable.

Some Downsides

  • The shoes take quite a while to break-in, feeling really stiff and unforgiving straight out of the box.
  • Durability seems to fall short of expectations, especially considering the cost.

Latitude 64 Waterproof T-Link Disc Golf Shoe

From its rugged design to its durable construction, everything about theT-Link Disc Golf Shoe from Latitude 64 makes it a great choice for disc golf players who want to take their game a little more seriously. The shoe boasts a vicious tread design for premium performance on the course. It’s also completely waterproof, letting you confidently tread mud and puddles without worrying about any of it seeping into your shoe.

The only downsides with the T-Link are that it can be pretty heavy on the feet which can become severely pronounced when used in thick mud. The overlays on the uppers are also attached poorly, leaving them to fall off after some exposure to wet conditions.

What’s Great About the Latitude 64 T-Link Disc Golf Shoe

  • Robust build and construction keeps your feet protected and maintains the shoe’s quality over time.
  • Vicious tread pattern provides superb traction on wet, muddy disc golf courses.
  • Completely waterproof design lets you walk around on difficult terrain with confidence.
  • Secure lacing system enables you to tighten the shoe to suit your particular foot size.

Some Downsides

  • Decorative overlays attach poorly to the uppers.
  • Heavy construction makes it difficult to tread wet, muddy grass without exerting more effort than necessary.

The Bottom Line

If you’re on the market for a disc golf shoe you can truly be proud of, then the Adidas Terrex Swift R Shoes are a pair I can definitely recommend. Sure, they might cost a very pretty penny, but with everything it gives you in return, it’s easy to see that they’re definitely worth the price. Plus the fact that their only design flaw is easily forgivable, you’re not likely to feel any buyer’s remorse after making the purchase.

If you weren’t sold on the Terrex Swift R’s from Adidas, then Latitude 64’s T-link or Puma’s Titantour Ignite are also solid choices that could better suit your needs. Ultimately, these shoes can help step up your disc golf game, so if you were thinking about moving to the next level, then equipping yourself with any of these premium designs should help you along the way.