Apex Ski Boot Review

If you are still clinging to that old myth claiming if your boots don’t hurt then they can’t be high performance, then you are going to love the Apex Ski Boot System. Not only do these boots smash that myth to smithereens, they turn it completely on its head. The company actually insists that super comfortable boots actually provide better performance and improved control.

Apex has created the most advanced ski boots in the world by taking the most advanced technology available and applying it the needs of modern skiers. The company added creative thinking to the most advanced modular engineering available and technology-driven innovation in how Nano fibers are used.

Apex Ski Boots consist of what is the only two-part open chassis and walkable boot design currently unlike anything else in the United States market. A warm, comfortable inner boot that you can walk in is easily combined with a high-performance open chassis which can then be used for skiing.

The goal was to make getting in and out of ski boots a quicker and easier process, and it was achieved with great success. Now there are several different models available. Here is a sampling, for both men and women.

Apex MC-2 High Performance Men’s Ski Boots

Image of the Apex Ski Boots MC-2 High Performance, Mondo 29.0This model was designed by Apex to improve the performances of skiers throughout the full spectrum of skill levels. It provides warmth and comfort features which allow for enjoyment on the slopes all day long, as well as an optimized fit.

The MC-2 offers custom fit, flex and cuff alignment which makes a personalized adjustment to your natural foot position possible. In addition to an EVA heat-moldable liner, the walkable boot has two Boa® closure zones which contain a whopping 18 points of closure and an Apex honeycomb tread outsole.

The Open-Chassis™ features micro-adjustable buckles, cuff alignment and a Tunable A-Flex Suspension™. These boots have a tri-level flex rating of 90/100/110.

Apex MC-3 High Performance Men’s Ski Boots

Image of the Apex Ski boots MC-3 Peak Performance 2015, Mondo 28.0The Apex MC-3 is a ski boot that is a real game-changer, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice performance in order to have optimal comfort. The EVA heat-moldable liner has Thinsulate®, to provide added warmth, and liner speed laces are included.

The anatomically designed upper walking boot is constructed with an external tongue to facilitate a smoother closure and more effective water shedding. It has an Apex molded rubber tread outsole that includes an embedded carbon shank. There are 18 points of closure across 2 Boa® closure zones for the most precise fit, which will provide the ultimate in performance.

In the Open-Chassis™, you will find cuff alignment and micro-adjustable buckles, as well as a Tunable A-Flex Suspension™. All of these combined, and more, result in a tri-level flex rating for these boots is 90/100/110.

Apex MC-S All Mountain Sport Men’s Ski Boots

The MC-S was developed by Apex to be the Alpine boot for all mountain skiing. It was designed to be useful for skiers of all skill levels. Like the rest of the Apex line, the MC-S combines comfort and performance, making it possible for you to stay warm all day long on the slopes.

Offering custom fit, flex and cuff alignment, this model allows you to make a personalized adjustment to your most natural foot position. It also has the Boa® closure system, with two closure zones. The comfortable inner boot easily slides and attaches to the rigid outer boot for maximum convenience.

Apex MC-X Big Mountain Performance Men’s Ski Boots

Apex brings an exciting new color option to the MC-X, and combines it with superior mountain performance. This boot is versatile enough to take anywhere on any mountain you choose. Nonetheless, all of the comfort features associated with Apex boots are included, as well.

Image of the Apex Ski Boots MC-X Big Mountain Performance, Mondo 28.0The EVA heat-moldable liner has added warmth provided by Thinsulate®, with speed laces for the liner included. The Open-Chassis™ not only has custom cuff alignment and micro-adjustable buckles, it also has an adjustable flex-arm for multiple forward lean positions. The chassis also has a Tunable A-Flex Suspension™. All of these features and more contribute to an improved tri-level flex rating of 105/115/125.

The walkable boot provides 2 Boa® closure zones which encompass 18 points of closure. These allow for a precise fit which results in outstanding performance. A smooth closure and efficient water shedding is facilitated by the design construction using an external tongue. The final touch is an enviable Vibram® ICETREK outsole.

Apex MC-XP Big Mountain High Performance Men’s Ski Boots

The latest evolution of high-performance walkable ski boots was engineered by Apex to facilitate maximum comfort and peak performance in skiers of any and all abilities. It is lighter, shorter and more rigid than ever.

The walkable boot has the familiar custom fit, cuff and flex alignment that lets you personalize adjustments for the most natural positioning of your foot.

Image of the Apex Alpine Ski Boots, Small/Size 26, GreenIn a complete departure from previous models, the Apex MC-XP Chassis has an “open toe” design which allows for boot soles of a shorter length. The MC-XP also features the patent pending 3PS™ system, which includes an ultra-secure 3-strap instep control and new 3-buckle performance closure.

In addition to an external tongue construction that facilitates water shedding and provides a smooth closure, the MC-XP also has 18 closure points within 2 Boa™ closure zones. However, the new patent-pending Serpentine Lacing™ system is also included, and it offers a 2:1 advantage over more traditional lacing methods. High-traction Vibram® ICETREK outsoles complete this amazing package.

Apex brought back the adjustable flex-arm that offers multiple forward lean positions, as well as the Tunable A-Flex Suspension™ to the MC-XP. It also has both medial and lateral cuff alignment.

You would have search far and wide to find a more comfortable, advanced, high-performance ski boot than the Apex XP. Boot size is based on inches. And since the open toe design allows for boot soles of a shorter length, the XP can be worn by both men and women.


Apex ML-1 High Performance Ladies Ski Boots

For women skiers of all skill levels, the Apex ML-1 will be an amazing combination of comfort and performance. These boots can be perfectly adjusted to your own natural foot position with customizable fit, as well as alignment of flex and cuff.

The walkable inner boot slides easily and quickly into the rigid outer chassis when you’re ready to ski, but allows you to comfortably walk, hike or snowmobile until then. This is truly an Alpine ski boot that is suitable for mountain skiing anywhere.

Apex ML-2 High Performance Ladies Ski Boots

A marvel of design and engineering, the Apex ML-2 offers everything women skiers could ask for: comfort, looks and high-performance. Featuring the 2-part Apex open chassis and walkable boot design, the ML-2 provides an ergonomically designed upper walking boot which allows you to safely and comfortably walk to and from the ski slopes. Simply slip it into the rigid chassis when you’re ready to ski.

There are 18 individual closure points on the ML-2. These create a precise fit which, in turn, makes possible the ultimate in performance. The ML-2 also has micro-adjustable buckles, cuff alignment, and an EVA heat-moldable liner. The Apex honeycomb tread outsole offers superior grip and traction.

Thanks to all of the innovative features found in this model, including the Tunable A-Flex Suspension™, these boots have a tri-level flex rating of 90/100/110.

Apex ML-3 High Performance Ladies Ski Boots

Image of the Apex Ski Boots ML-3 Peak Performance Ladies, Mondo 25.0The AApex ML-3 offers women skiers an EVA heal moldable liner which has Thinsulate® for added warmth that will allow you to remain comfortable even for a full day on the slopes. Additionally, the Apex molded rubber tread outsole has an embedded carbon shank.

With customizable fit, flex and cuff alignment, the ML-3 lets you perfectly adjust the boot to your specific natural foot position. Not only does this provide the greatest possible comfort, it also gives you far more control.

There are 18 closure points within the 2 Boa® closure zones. These ensure a precise fit that allows for outstanding performance. The Tunable A-Flex Suspension™ contributes to a tri-level flex rating of 90/100/110.

Performance, Comfort and Quality

The Apex two-part system was designed by skiers, for skiers. Danny Hanson and his brother introduced a rear entry ski boot way back in the seventies, trying to make getting in and out of ski boots easier. All of the evolutions since then have taken advantage of technology available at the time, the latest iteration being the one of the most up-to-date and technologically advanced products of its time.

Today, however, the goal has expanded to include comfort and performance. So each improvement on design offers more comfort and better performance. The bottom line is that skiers no longer have to sacrifice comfort for performance. They can wear the inner Apex ski boots to hiking, snowmobiling or walking to and from the ski hill. Then, when it’s time to ski, they simply slide that inner boot into the more rigid outer shell of the two-part system.

And yet, still, it’s never been easier to get in and out of ski boots…at least, if you are wearing the Apex two-part system.