Twisted X Boots Review – The Most Comfortable Handcrafted Boots?

Twisted X has been making handcrafted boots for more than ten years. Starting initially as a company offering cowboy boots, they expanded their line to include comfort casual footwear, work footwear, and outdoor footwear. At present, they have a continually growing customer base of men, women, and children.

Twisted X claims that they produce “the most comfortable handcrafted footwear”. That may be so but credit cannot be bestowed until some in-depth research is done on the brand. This article will look at the various boots offered by Twisted X for men, women, and children, examining their various features and how these can contribute to a comfortable wear. Will they triumph as the most comfortable handcrafted footwear? All will be revealed!

The Male World of Twisted X Boots

Men’s Casual Pullons

There are some really stylish pairs of boots in the men’s casual pullons category, starting with the Men’s Casual Boot – Distressed Saddle/Saddle. These boots can be dressed up or down and are constructed using molded memory foam moisture-wicking, antibacterial, machine-washable footbed.

Then we have the Men’s Hiker Boot – Distressed Saddle. These are a tall boot that can be worn every day, but also a durable boot fit for work purposes. They are fitted with an XSD insole board with a built-in composite shank providing foot stability. The padded collar provides ankle support as well as comfort. For those who will wear the boots for work, they have an SD molded, memory foam footbed that is antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and machine-washable – ideal for protecting tired feet. With the same qualities, just a slightly different shape, is the Men’s Hiker Boot – Distressed Saddle/Saddle.

The Men’s All Around Boot – Distressed Saddle is lightweight enough to be worn every day and has an EVA midsole and an XSD composite shank for stability. For additional comfort, they also have an SD removable, moisture wicking, antibacterial and machine washable memory foam insole. The rubber sole and rubber toe guard provide protection and durability.

Men’s Hooey Boots

The Men’s Hooey Boots are an absolutely fantastic creation! Before we even go into the features of the boots, it must be mentioned how visually appealing they boots are. If you are looking for an eye-catching boot, they are certainly the right choice! Featuring many variations of color and design, one can choose from:

The boots are marketed toward competitive ropers but can be worn by anyone with a love for cowboy style boots. They feature XSD insoles for fit and stability and an SD footbed that is moisture wicking, antibacterial, and machine washable.

Men’s Work Boots

First up is the Men’s Lite Cowboy Lacer Workboot, which comes in a number of colors. These boots meet the same requirements as other steel toe boots on the market but weigh ? less than its competitors. It features all the standard additions to meet the famous Twisted X levels of comfort, such as an XSD insole board with a built-in composite shank for foot stability, a padded collar, and an SD molded, memory foam footbed.

The Men’s Lite Cowboy Workboot is similar to the Men’s Hooey Boot, even rivalling its wide color range. This durable boot is fitted with an EVA midsole whose addition means that 15 percent of weight from the original Cowboy Work collection is eliminated. It also has the  XSD insole and moisture-wicking, antibacterial machine-washable footbed.

The final work boot is the Men’s Mud Boot. This waterproof rubber boot has a steel toe cap and a better fit than regular rubber boots.

Men’s Western Boots

There is such a wide range of colors and patterns available in the Twisted X cowboy boot lines that I will mention it just once now so we can concentrate on the other boot features. Let’s start with the Men’s Top Hand Boot, which can be worn daily thanks to a lightweight outsole and a mesh lining for breathability and comfort. There are also a rubber outsole and midsole, an XSD insole, and an SD molded, moisture wicking, antibacterial machine-washable footbed.

The Men’s Western Boot has a classic cowboy silhouette that can be dressed up or down. It has an XSD insole with a built-in shank and an SD molded moisture-wicking, antibacterial machine-washable footbed.

Next is the Men’s Horseman Boot with rubber soles, a wicking washable footbed, and safety steel toe.  

Those who want a really hard-wearing, durable boot should opt for the Men’s Ruff Stock Boot. It has heavy duty rubber 50K outsole, a rubber midsole for added comfort, and an attached heel. Also, true to form with Twisted X, there is the XSD insole and the SD footbed.

Another hard wearing western boot is the Buckaroo. Some of the styles in this line have Butyl oiled leather outsoles for durability and an attached heel. Surprise, surprise, there is also an XSD insole and SD footbed.

The Female World of Twisted X Boots

For females, we can find a lot of the same options available for men. In terms of casual pullons, there is the Women’s All Round Boot. Then, we have the Women’s Pull-On Hiker Boot with a memory foam footbed. The Women’s Lite Cowboy Workboot cover the need for a safety at work boot. For a western style, there are the Women’s Rancher Boot, the Women’s Ruff Stock Boot, the Women’s Top Hand Boot, and the Women’s Western Boot.

Twisted X and Kids

As with the women’s line, we see some old favorites pop up again in the kids’ line. There is the Kid’s Hooey Boot, the Kid’s Buckaroo Boot, the Kid’s Ruff Stock Boot, and the Kid’s Top Hand Boot. There is also a Kid’s Work Boot with some really cool design options.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Having discovered the various features of the boots, I am not surprised to see that approximately 80% of online reviews are in favor of Twisted X boots. Reviewers agree about the durability of the boots, with many still wearing their first pair of boots from the brand a few years later. Comfort is also something agreed upon by many.

However, it is worth noting that not every Twisted X review is a positive one. There are some reviews online from people who really enjoyed their first purchase but were disappointed in the quality of other purchases bought thereafter. From these negative reviews, many people now believe that Twisted X are overpriced for what they offer. It is also worth noting here that for a lot of the reviews online it is hard to distinguish if they are in regards to the boots or other products from the brand. Still, it is good information to have overall.

Pros of the Twisted X Boots

  • There is a wide selection of casual pullons, work boots, and western boots for men and women in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Some of the most popular adult boots also come in kids sizes.
  • Many of the boots are fitted with a molded memory foam moisture-wicking, antibacterial, machine-washable footbed.
  • Many of the boots have an XSD insole board with a built-in composite shank providing foot stability.
  • The Hooey boots are suitable for professional ropers.
  • The Men’s Lite Cowboy Lacer Workboot meet the requirements of steel toe work boots but weigh ? less.
  • The Men’s Mud Boot, is waterproof, has a steel toe cap, and is a better fit than regular rubber boots
  • Suitable to be worn daily, the Men’s Top Hand Boot has a lightweight outsole and a mesh lining.
  • Butyl oiled leather outsoles for durability feature in the Buckaroo line.

Cons of the Twisted X Boots

  • Some consumers are not happy with the quality and there are a notable number of reviews online which claim poor quality.


There you have it, an overview of the Twisted X boot line. What is my verdict? I think Twisted X offers a solid boot that is very likely to fit your needs. Most of the boots can be considered suitable for the workplace, no matter what that may be. There is the Hooey for competitive ropers, western boots for farm or ranch work, and the work boot options for general, well, work. These various styles offer desirable features such as steel toes, lightweight construction, waterproof leather, an SD molded moisture wicking, antibacterial machine washable footbed, and so on. These boots can also be worn casually or one can opt to buy from the casual pull on line. Boots are available to men, women, and children and yes, the comfort is there.

All this information sounds great and the consumer reviews have been for the most part positive. However, more so that some of the other shoes I have researched in my time, there are reports of bad quality. Some have had good experiences with the product the first time but other purchases weren’t as fruitful. With that in mind, my overall verdict is not to shy away from Twisted X but proceed with some level of caution, making your final decision after you have weighed up all options.