Adidas Hoops VS Mid Basketball Shoe Review

Are the Adidas Hoops VS Mid basketball shoes worth your hard earned cash? For the right reasons, they could make an excellent choice. I went online to find out everything I could about this popular budget athletic shoe. After everything I’ve seen and read, I’ve come to find that it serves a decent purpose as an everyday casual shoe. Can I recommend it as a basketball shoe, though? Probably not.

Affordable, well put-together, and sporting a vintage aesthetic characteristic of classic basketball shoe designs, the Adidas Hoops VS Mid could make a great new addition to your fashion footwear collection.

Overall, the Hoops VS Mid isn’t a bad shoe – it just doesn’t offer the right stuff for the court. So what exactly is it about the design that makes it fall short of being a true blue basketball shoe? Find out the nitty gritty here.

A Vintage Basketball Shoe Aesthetic

These days, basketball shoes across all brands feature outlandish, flashy, sometimes even peculiar aesthetics that don’t really translate well to casual wear. For instance, the Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe from Adidas is one of the strangest looking so far, featuring a combination of different materials, textures, and patterns that make it look odd of the court.

That’s why the classic aesthetic of the Hoops VS Mid has become so popular among buyers. The leather-look uppers feature that old school basketball shoe structure with their no-nonsense silhouette. Very few textural changes happen across the leather-esque material, like around the posterior ankle area which changes to a textured fabric to add a little contrast to the overall appearance of the design.

Colorways for the Hoops VS Mid are pretty basic as well. So don’t expect to see any bright neons or strange color combos in the line-up. Sure, there are a few that use a pop of orange or red to add some contrast here and there, but ultimately, the entire colorway selection uses blues, blacks, and grays for a more casual attire appropriate look.

Strong Construction Makes It the Ideal Everyday Shoe

Despite falling within the lower-tier price wise, the Hoops VS Mid doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to construction. Holding the shoe in your hand, it’s easy to feel that it’s really well put together. Strong adhesives and pristine stitching keep all the different parts of the uppers and soles securely together.

That said, the Hoops VS Mid can take a serious beating without showing any signs of damage. If the brand had taken the shoe’s other aspects into consideration, it would have turned out to be a suitable basketball shoe as well because they are pretty hardy against wear and tear.

Probably the only minor flaw that the shoe has in terms of ‘durability’ is that the uppers do crease pretty noticeably across the area of the toes. Given that the design banks on its streamlined, clean aesthetic, this could take away from its overall visual appeal. Nonetheless, the creases don’t really interfere with the shoe’s lifespan. So if you don’t mind the slight aesthetic issue, the Hoops VS Mid can definitely last you a long time.

Substantial Support for the Daily Grind

The Hoops VS Mid features a mid-top silhouette that cradles the ankles just below the joint. This doesn’t only help prevent accidents, but also provides some psychological restraint so you don’t end up moving your feet in ways that could cause pain or injury. Inside the shoe, a forgiving footbed conforms closely to the soles of your feet. This provides substantial support to the arches, eliminating chronic pain and discomfort.

Image of the adidas Men's Vs Hoops Mid Fashion Sneakers, Onix/White/White, (10.5 M US)

Many of those who own a pair of the Hoops VS Mid say they’re great for users with wider feet, and even those with flat arches. On a side note, the footbeds are removable, so you can switch up the feel with nothing more than some inexpensive inserts.

Outside the shoe, a reinforced section of leatherette layers over the posterior ankle region. The purpose of the overlay is to resist lateral movements, keeping your foot in the proper position to prevent injury. So all in all, the Hoops VS Mid would have made a pretty decent basketball shoe given the support it provides, if only it didn’t fail in a few other aspects of a suitable basketball shoe design.

Comfort Isn’t the Worst, But Isn’t the Best Either

If you were expecting to feel ultra plush, soft, and dreamy insoles with the Hoops VS Mid, you might be disappointed. Sure, the footbed isn’t the worst there is, but there’s really a lot of room for improvement if the company really wanted to make the Hoops VS a suitable basketball shoe.

The collars do have plush padding though, and the tongue is also pretty packed. So the ankle joint gets its fair share of comfort. But then, all these cushions combined with the relatively sealed off design makes climate control a bit of a problem. The shoes are pretty encouraging of sweat production. Without a lot of material inside to wick away the moisture or to manage the internal temperature of the shoe, it gets pretty stuffy.

Take the shoes out on the court, and expect to experience some comfort issues. But if you were planning to use them just for casual, everyday use, then the comfort problems might not be too noticeable.

Traction is a Better Fit for the Sidewalk

Using the Adidas Hoops VS Mid for typical situations like walking around town and running errands is unlikely to get you into any slip and fall accidents. The treads are pretty decent, giving just the right bite on a variety of surfaces. This helps gives you stable footing while you go about your day.

On the court though, the same can’t be said. Unfortunately, the shoes don’t really offer too much bite especially during demanding games. This is ultimately what makes the Hoops VS unsuitable for the court. Without enough traction, they really can’t give you a solid grip on heel strike.

Slipping and skidding are common issues you’ll encounter while using the shoes for an actual basketball game. Cutting and quick turns are almost impossible to do without somehow losing your balance, so the shoes are something of a hazard especially if you really want to get in the game.

Nonetheless, the treads are good enough for typical conditions like those you would encounter during casual use. But if you were hoping to use the shoes as your dedicate basketball companion, you might find yourself struggling to keep your feet planted firmly.

Pros of the Adidas Hoops VS Mid Shoes

  • Boasts a classic basketball shoe aesthetic and silhouette, making it a great piece of street-wear.
  • Impressive construction despite being a budget shoe – won’t fall apart on you even after years of use.
  • Support is substantial and perhaps even suitable for the court, preventing different types of ankle and foot injuries.
  • Comfort makes the shoe a reasonable casual footwear choice for average, everyday activities.
  • Definitely a pocket friendly choice that won’t put your money to waste.

Cons of the Adidas Hoops VS Mid Shoe

  • The uppers tend to crease noticeably, greatly affecting the shoe’s overall aesthetic in the long run.
  • Lacks the right comfort to keep your feet in top condition during a basketball game.
  • Traction is substandard, not offering enough bite to keep you safe on the court.
  • Room for improvement in terms of comfort keeps the shoe from becoming a full-fledged basketball footwear choice.

The Bottom Line

It seems the Adidas Hoops VS Mid basketball shoe – despite having that signature basketball shoe aesthetic – was designed more as a street-wear piece rather than an actual athletic shoe. Nonetheless, given its affordable price and overall performance, it really isn’t a bad purchase. So if you’re simply in search of a stylish shoe that adds a sporty touch to your favorite outfits, this is the one.

So, would I recommend the Adidas Hoops VS Mid? Absolutelyif you’re not looking for an actual basketball shoe. When it all comes right down to it, the Hoops VS Mid offers impressive durability, sufficient comfort, support, and traction, and unbeatable aesthetics that could make it a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

If you were hoping to find a decent basketball shoe on a budget, then I would suggest that you check out other choices. The Adidas Ball 365 Inspired Basketball Shoe, which definitely performs much better on the court, can be a suitable alternative.