Adidas Superstar Shoe Review

If you have ever seen an Adidas basketball shoe, you have probably seen the Superstar. The original Adidas design was released after the Boston Celtics won the 1969 NBA Championship. The basketball shoe has since become casual footwear. Updated for a better fit, the Adidas Superstar keeps the spirit of the original model. They also come in several different designs, with men’s, women’s, and children’s sizes.

If you are looking for a shoe that you can wear for a variety of activities, the Adidas Superstar will be a good choice for you. However, they do run large, so it is essential that you get the right size for your feet.

Variety of StylesRun Large
Rounded Shell Protects your ToesShell can Irritate Toes Without Proper Fit
Leather Upper makes the Shoe more DurableUpper can Rub Against the Foot Without Proper Fit
Men's, Women's, Children's, and Infant sizes on select modelsMild break-in Period
Moderately-PricedLimited Edition Models are Expensive, but Perfect for Collectors
Comfortable, Removable Insoles for any ActivityShoes with Synthetic Leather Crease, Ruining Appearance of the Shoe
Herringbone Cupsole gives Excellent Foot Support and TractionSome reports of Fakes

The Pros

Designed as a basketball shoe, the Adidas Superstar has quality materials to make them more durable while providing extra support for your feet. This athletic shoe has several benefits that have made it one of Adidas’ best-selling shoes for generations.


The Adidas Superstar line comes in a variety of models and styles, so you can appreciate the look of your footwear while still feeling comfortable. The Originals stick to the initial design from 1969; the only difference is that the company uses modern materials to make them. The Superstar Foundation uses full-grain leather in the upper, making the shoe more durable for daily wear. The limited edition 80s Superstar gives a retro look while keeping with the comfort of the other models. Each model is accessible to any customer, with options for men, women, and children.

Here is the availability breakdown:





With its sports background, Adidas designed the Superstar to be a durable shoe. The Superstar comes with a leather upper, although the type of leather ranges from full-grain to synthetic, depending on the model. The rounded toe shell gives extra protection against injuries to your toes during fast-paced activity, such as sports or running. They provide the same protection if you are in an environment where you may bump your toes against hard surfaces.

The real winner of the Adidas Superstar is the herringbone cupsole, located on the bottom of the shoe that rests between your foot and the ground. Common in skater shoes, cupsoles have a sturdier foundation, giving you more foot and ankle support. Unlike other athletic shoes, the sole is one whole piece that attaches to the upper with a herringbone pattern on the bottom surface. The zig-zag grooves are multi-versatile: they provide stability and traction on a variety of surfaces, from smooth basketball courts to textured concrete.


One reason that customers stick with the Superstar is that it is just a really comfortable shoe. With extra cushioning in the insole, the Superstar accommodates several types of feet. If you have high arches, or you have no arch at all, the soft insole gives you a comfortable feel during your activity. The Superstar has a low-top fit, so it doesn’t feel constricting during exercise. However, the back end of the shoe lies higher than the sides, protecting your heel and Achilles tendon. If you find that the soft insole doesn’t have the support that you need, you can replace the removable insole with your own insoles or custom orthotic.

The Cons

When you wear a pair of shoes that fit well, it makes a world of difference for the health of your feet. Although the Superstar has many benefits, there are some drawbacks to the product. Purchasing the proper size is the best way to get the most out of your Adidas Superstar. Wearing a size too big or too small can cause blisters and discomfort.

The Right Fit

The Adidas Superstar models run large, so the size you need will not match your normal size. For this shoe, you should purchase a size down from what you usually wear. If you wear a half-size, ordering a size up with give you a looser fit and ordering a size down will provide you with a tighter fit.

Adidas designed the Superstar for a snug fit without being uncomfortable. When you wear an Adidas Superstar that is too large for your foot, the upper can rub against your foot and cause blisters. This can become extremely uncomfortable if you are running, walking, or playing sports. Also, the rounded toe shell should fit well against the end of your foot without cramming your toes. However, it will rub against your toes if there is too much room between the end of your foot and the toe shell.

There have been reports that the Adidas Superstar has a mild breaking-in period. This break-in period can last about a week. If you wear them often, your breaking-in period will be shorter than someone who doesn’t wear them every day.


Unfortunately, there have been some complaints on the quality of the Adidas Superstar. Several reviews mention the quality of the brand has declined in recent years. There have been some complaints that the models with synthetic leather uppers crease during the breaking-in period. This ruins the appearance of the shoe relatively soon after purchase. Luckily, these reports have been minor.

When reading the reviews of the Adidas Superstar, you will notice that there are plenty of examples of customers receiving knock-offs. In the world of online ordering, the company has staked its reputation on a strict quality control policy. If you order shoes that are fake, return them and purchase a genuine pair.

There are a few ways to tell if your Adidas Superstars are the real deal:

  • Quality stitching on the stripes (and on the upper, in general)
  • Each shoe (right and left) will have a different serial number
  • Authentic Adidas logo on the insole, tongue, and back of the heel
    • This is usually stitched or embossed on the shoe. It will never be a sticker.

The Bottom Line

Although the Superstar is technically sported footwear, you aren’t limited to this activity. With its comfortable soles and herringbone tread, you can wear the shoe for low-impact or fast-paced movement.

The Adidas Superstar would not be a good match for those looking for budget-friendly footwear. The moderately-priced shoe has quality materials, so the extra investment will be worth it. They will last you longer than your average tennis shoe. The limited editions are considerably more expensive as well. However, the Original models are on the low end of a moderate price range, so you can find a pair that fits in your budget.

Making sure that your shoes fit is also crucially important for its overall comfort. As long as you invest some time to find your correct fit, then the Adidas Superstar may be your next go-to shoe.



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