Best Futsal Shoes: 7 Shoes for Indoor Soccer

Futsal was first invented for an indoor court in 1930, and it’s made the game of soccer fun year-round ever since. Whether you are playing for sport or for fun, the last thing you want is a shoe that will make you slip or send the ball flying off in the wrong direction when you are trying to score a goal. You need a futsal shoe that grips the floor and the ball and is flexible enough to give you the control you need to score. Consider some of these best futsal shoes—they will live up to the high expectations you have for a quality indoor soccer shoe.

Futsal ShoeFitBest Feature
PUMA 365 Netfit ST soccer shoeNarrow fitGreat air flow and good ankle support
Adidas Performance X 15.3 futsal shoeNarrow fitGreat grip on the sole and the upper for superior control of the ball
NIKE Hypervenom Phelon II IC soccer shoeConforming fit with extra paddingAsymmetrical lace closure makes shoe conform to your fit and provides a wider contact area for the ball
Diadora Capitano ID Polyurethane soccer cleats Can be narrow in the ball of the foot, average everywhere elseSuperior level of comfort
PUMA Invicto Sala soccer shoeAverage fitReinforced rubber toe area for increased durability
Walstar indoor soccer sneakersRoomy, wide fitRotational traction stops you from sliding across the floor
Adidas Performance Men’s Sambal Classic indoor soccer shoeAverage fitUnsurpassed durablity

Best Shoes for Indoor Soccer

PUMA Men’s 365 Netfit ST Soccer Shoe

These shoes are built especially for superior soccer performance. It has a low-top style that is a little higher than some of the others listed, which improves ankle support. The shoe also features a white, non-marking rubber sole and an upper made of synthetic and textile materials.

The outsole of the PUMA 365 Netfit ST soccer shoe is flexible and has a great grip, which is critical for directing the ball where you want it to go. It also has a form-fitting base, net overlay, and customizable lacing system that helps the shoe grip to your foot. The tongue connects directly to the shoe to hug your foot and the laces help secure it. This also increases responsiveness.

The design of the shoe makes it comfortable and lightweight. It has soft sides and great air flow, so your feet won’t sweat during intense play. As you wear the shoe, it will conform to your foot for a superior fit.


While this shoe has many great features, it is not as durable as you may need for intense play, especially if you want the shoes to last more than a season. The toe area can be too loose for some feet and it may not be compatible with high arches, because of the minimal arch support. It also is not very protective, since the outside and upper are soft.


Adidas Performance Men’s X 15.3 CT Futsal Shoe

If you want your feet to stand out in style and performance, this shoe is an excellent choice. It attracts the eye with the bright, contrasting colors of its design and it is lightweight. The synthetic material that makes up the upper helps grip the ball and move it with your foot, while the rubber outsole provides aggressive traction to stop you from sliding all over the play area.

There is a minimal break-in period for the Adidas Performance X 15.3 futsal shoe and when it does fit, it will conform to your foot. The shoe is designed with a good amount of toe space without being too roomy and it has a slight amount of padding, which adds comfort while keeping the shoe lightweight. The outsole is lightweight and non-marking.


As is common with futsal shoes, this shoe is a little narrow and has minimal arch support. The sole is a little thin for some people and it might hurt the bottom of your foot if you come down on the playing court too hard. Finally, the shoelaces are a little too short to secure the shoe completely, but they are easy to replace.


NIKE Men’s Hypervenom Phelon II IC Soccer Shoe

This is another shoe that features styles using bright, vibrant colors that will make your foot stand out. Its unique design gives you an advantage on the field. 

The asymmetrical lace closure helps secure the shoe to your foot, giving it responsiveness so the shoe moves when you move. The position of the lace closure also gives you a larger surface area to kick the ball. This improves your aim and gives you a wider range of contact points for the ball.

While this shoe is not as light as some of the other options, it is a lot more comfortable. The NIKE Hypervenom Phelon II IC soccer shoe features a die-cut EVA midsole that adds support and comfort, as well as a collar padded with foam for added softness. The upper is made of a soft, flexible material that is still sturdy. The rubber outsole is non-marking and designed especially for indoor use, making it perfect for futsal. This shoe is also durable, especially compared to some of the other options.


Aside from being a little heavy, the only disadvantage of this shoe is its stiffness. It will bend with your foot better as it breaks in, but it still might not be as flexible as some people like.


Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Polyurethane Indoor Soccer Cleats

These shoes have limited style options, but they make up for it with functionality. The shoe has a thick, grippy, rubber outsole that stops you from sliding around. The polyurethane upper is flexible, but provides a little more support than some of the other shoes on the list.

If you have ever been achy after a futsal match, the Diadora Capitano ID Polyurethane soccer cleats might help solve the problem. A shock-absorbing EVA foam insole minimizes the impact you feel when coming into contact with the hard floor. There is also a fixed cotton layer on the inside of the shoe and a good amount of padding all around.

Another nice feature of this shoe is the stitching, which holds the upper and sole together better than the glue that some of the competitors use. This, paired with the quality materials, lets the shoe withstand heavy use.


Though these shoes are not as narrow as some others, it can still be narrow in the ball of the foot. Another problem is the lack of ventilation, which may cause your feet to sweat during intense playing conditions.  


PUMA Men’s Invicto Sala Soccer Shoe

This is another shoe that will give you great command over the ball. The upper is made of leather and natural suede. It is soft to the touch and helps grip the ball. The material also breaks in nicely. Over time, it will loosen so it fits your foot like your favorite pair of jeans. It features bold color schemes that will make your foot stand out.

The low-profile outsole of the PUMA Men’s Invicto Sala Soccer Shoe has good traction, flexibility, and grip. You do not have to worry about lateral sliding and there is a rubber reinforcement on the toe area, which increases the durability of the shoe.

Despite its many features, this is a lightweight futsal shoe. It also has a removable sockliner that can be used to adjust the fit and weight of the shoe. Finally, this shoe has good arch support and a roomy, but not sloppy toe box.


Though the color scheme of these shoes is bold, they are not always true to color when compared with photographs online. The laces are also a little on the short side, but this is something that has an easy fix.


Wanmeil Samba Indoor Soccer Shoe

These shoes are made of soft PU fabric to make it a lightweight and comfortable around the foot. It features short rubber studs to ensure comfort for your joints on artificial turf when playing indoors.

These shoes are designed with a hexagonal grid on the cleats to allow increased speed and easier running. The Wanmeil Samba Indoor Soccer Shoe has an inner, breathable lining to offer increased comfort and dryness as it improves heat dissipation. 


These are designed specifically for a thin carpet indoor turf and are not recommended for thick artificial turf.


Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

This is a practical shoe, with a simple black and white design that matches a wide range of soccer outfits. The earlier models featured a full-grain leather, but the company has switched to a synthetic leather in recent years. It is lighter and more breathable but has a slightly more plastic-like feel. Both models have high durability.  The upper also has suede overlays that sticks to the ball for optimum control.

The low-top style of the Adidas Performance Men’s Sambal Classic indoor soccer shoe has good ankle support. On the outside, the low-profile gum rubber outsole is flexible and lightweight. It also has great traction, ensuring you don’t slip on the court. The materials used make this shoe durable enough that it can withstand several seasons of abuse from serious players. It will even last through casual wear.

As you wear these shoes, the leather will break in and start to conform to your foot. Even though the upper will start to look worn with regular use, the soles will continue to grip the court and perform on the court.


This shoe is great for people with high arches, but the high arch support can be uncomfortable for people with average arches or flat feet. However, you can peel back the insole and remove the arch support layer. You can even replace this with a custom insole if you want to maintain the tightness of the shoe. The tongue of the shoe is another disadvantage. It is short, so it might roll around and cause blisters if the shoe is not tied tightly enough.


General Criteria

For a pair of these shoes to earn the title of Best Futsal Shoe, there are a few areas where they needed to excel. Some of the criteria used to evaluate the shoes on this list include:

·         Flexibility so the shoe moves with your foot

·         Ankle and arch support to help prevent injury

·         ‘Sticky’ outer that gives you control of the ball

·         Great fit for superior control

·         Durability to withstand the game

·         Grippy outsole for both concrete and gymnasium floors


Closing Recommendations

When playing an intense sport like futsal, having the right shoe can make the difference between sliding all over the court and making professional-worthy goals. Consider factors like flexibility, grip, and fit as you choose a shoe. Then be sure that you have sufficient support to prevent injury and durability that will withstand the abuse of fast-moving futsal. Don’t be afraid to try out several shoes—eventually, you will find one that fits right.


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