The Best Nike Running Shoes For High Arches

Are you looking for running shoes with high arches? When shopping for the best pair of Nikes, people with high arches should not just be looking for style but comfort as well. Most people with high arches know that finding the correct shoe to run in without sacrificing comfort can be challenging. If you have high arches and you have never taken this into consideration, you will be surprised by the difference it makes. If you have high arches, you should be looking for shoes with arch support and a properly designed shoe with an excellent supportive midsole and adequate cushioning. 

The Best Nike Running Shoes For High ArchesWhy It's BestRating
Nike Women's Revolution 5 Comfortable, lightweight, arch support.★★★★
Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36Fashionable, comfortable, supportive.★★★★★
Nike Men's Air Visi Pro ViFlexible, comfortable, fashionable.★★★★
Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 36Fashionable, comfortable, classic style.★★★★★
Nike Men's Free RnUnique, comfortable, supportive, snug fit.★★★★★
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The 5 Best Nike Running Shoes For High Arches

Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe

The Nike Women’s Revolution 5 Running Shoe is a great choice for high arches. Although arch support is essential, finding a shoe that provides the fashion you want is also on many people’s lists. This is not an issue here. Even though we are showing this in the platinum tint, white, pink, orange, and lemon style, it is also available in 29 total styles and colors. This is excellent news for anyone worried that they will have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. You most certainly will not!

These shoes are made of soft foam and mesh, making it feel like they were specifically designed for your feet. This style is very lightweight, which is a huge bonus for anyone using them to go on walks, runs, jogging, or participate in other athletic hobbies. They have a soft foam midsole that helps with comfort and support.


  • Comfortable – The mesh style of these sneakers makes them really comfortable to wear. They feel like they were made to fit like a glove.
  • Lightweight – These are lightweight sneakers making it easier to push yourself longer during a run or other forms of exercise.
  • Arch Support – These shoes have nice arch and ankle support.


  • Runs Small – Some customers have complained that these shoes run small.
  • Quality – The stitching could be better plus wear and tear may happen quickly, according to some customer reviews.

Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoe 

The Nike Women’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoe is a great shoe when you are looking for a modern style, comfort, and quality. This is one of Nike’s most popular models for women; in fact, many people one more than one pair in different colors and styles.

The design is unique and interesting with bold colors, a large swoosh, and perforations to help with breathability. Don’t love pink? That is okay – because this is such a popular shoe. There are a total of 33 styles and color choices for you to choose from. 

These shoes also offer comfort, durability, and traction. They are designed with waffle pistons on the outsole. This helps absorb impacts better and gives better traction across all surfaces. They also have cushion ST foam, a full-length zoom air unit, and a high resiliency sock liner. These shoes are great for any foot type or activity level, including people with high arches looking for better support while running and exercising.


  • Fashion – These are great-looking shoes and with a total of 33 different styles and colors to choose from, there is a perfect match for everyone! This can be an essential factor for many shoppers, which is why this is so high on the list.
  • Comfort – These shoes are super comfortable, which is especially important when you are wearing them as walking, running, or exercise sneakers. One customer review even referred to them as walking on marshmallows. Now that is a definitive statement on how comfortable these Nike’s are to wear.
  • Support – The Air Zoom also provides a lot of support, perfect for the type of shoes we are looking for today. People who have high arches are looking for a comfortable shoe with support, and the good news is that this shoe provides that perfect combination.


  • Heel Issues – There have been some complaints about the fit around the heel. These complaints include slippage while wearing it, less comfort in this area, and less support in the heel.

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi Basketball Shoe 

The Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi Basketball Shoe is a good choice for men who are looking for sneakers with arch support. These sneakers are the basic men’s basketball shoes – currently available on Amazon in black or gray. This is, of course, not a huge selection of colors, but you don’t need a big color array of choices when what you are offering is the classics. No need to mess with perfection. 

These sneakers are designed with comfort and movement in mind. They have perforations for breathability, a breathable mesh lining, a cushioned footbed, and a padded collar and tongue for comfort. They also have cushioning and shock absorption built-in via the air-sole. For movement and flexibility, these shoes have pivot points to allow quick turns and changes of direction, as well as flex grooves designed for additional flexibility.


  • Comfort – These shoes are designed with comfort in mind, which is an essential trait for people playing basketball or other sports while wearing these sneakers. Even if you are just buying them as street shoes, you still want to be comfortable while walking around in your everyday life.
  • Flexibility – If you are actively shopping for athletic sneakers, you will want to look for a pair that will allow you to make quick turns and be kind to your feet and ankles when you are moving. These shoes do provide this flexibility.
  • Support – I am putting support under both pros and cons because it seems like this is a mixed bag. Some people felt like there was not enough support. In contrast, other people raved about the arch support these shoes provided.


  • Support – Again, a few complaints were that some people did not feel enough arch support was provided in these shoes.

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes 

The Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes is another really popular choice for running shoes. If you prefer to have a choice of style, that is certainly an option with this model as there are 20 different styles and colors to choose from. This is a pair of running shoes that focuses on style and comfort. It is a lightweight shoe that makes running and doing other athletic activities a little bit easier. 

These shoes also help your feet stay comfortable with perforations on the shoe’s upper part. This makes these running shoes more breathable and stops your feet from overheating or sweating. Waffle pistons on the outsole help absorb impact, making them great for running or playing sports on harder surfaces. These shoes also have exposed Flywire cables in the midfoot. These cables, along with the slimmer design, help create a snugger fit, regardless of how fast someone runs.

These shoes are also very comfortable with cushion ST foam, a high resiliency sock liner, and reduced tongue weight. The heel collar is tapered to slide away from the Achilles tendon, making it a more sleek and comfortable shoe.


  • Fashion – With the availability of so many styles and colors, everyone will be able to find the perfect running shoe they are looking for.
  • Comfort – There are many different areas where the shoes are designed for comfort, from the slim design to the cushioning used throughout this shoe. If you are looking for a comfortable shoe, this is a solid choice.
  • Classic Shoe – The Air Zoom Pegasus is a classic model that they just slightly update from year to year. You will love the Pegasus if you like slim shoes with clean lines and a traditional style.


  • Narrow – Some people find the shoe a little too narrow for their liking.

Nike Men’s Free Rn 

The Nike Men’s Free Rn is our final choice for running shoes for high arches. This is another popular choice for people who like to choose different colors and styles. There are currently 18 different styles you can choose from on Amazon so chances are you will find one you love. One of the best features of this shoe is how comfortable the upper is. It is so comfortable that it fits you like a glove, yet it is not too tight. Amazing.

These shoes also feature a low stack height which is a good fashion choice, making them go with anything you want to wear. They are also an easy-on, easy-off kind of shoe. They actually have an elastic band strap that goes through a loop in the back of the shoe. You can grab this strap to quickly pull the shoes off or put them on; that is undoubtedly a unique feature.


  • Comfort -These shoes are very comfortable. Comparisons have been made to fit like a glove and even water shoes. They are a shoe you can feel comfortable going on runs in all the time.
  • Supportive – These shoes are really supportive for people with high arches. This will help ensure you have the proper support, regardless of your participating activity.
  • Fashion – There are many different choices to select in this model.


  • Tight on the Toes – Although most people felt that the snugness of the shoe provided comfort and stability, some people felt like they were a little too tight in the toe area.

How We Chose These Nike Running Shoes For High Arches

When shopping for the perfect pair of running shoes, there are many different things you may consider. Here are the top 4 things we want in our running shoes in no particular order.


When people buy any type of sneakers, one of the first things they look at is how they look. Do they match the buyer’s personal style sense? Will they go with the clothes they typically wear? This is usually high on the list because this is the first thing anyone sees. Whereas other things are also important when choosing shoes, the style will always remain on top of the list for many different people.


Once you find shoes that you love the look of, it is essential to determine that you will also like how they feel when you are wearing them. Comfort is a huge deal. Is the shoe comfortable? It is comfortable in all areas – this can include the tightness of the overall fit are around specific areas like the toes, balls of the feet, heel, and ankles. IS the padding soft enough? Do these shoes make me feel like I am walking on clouds or on unfinished wood?


Support is always necessary, but it is crucial when shopping for shoes for people with high arches. For most people looking for these shoes, supportive running sneakers would be #1 or #2 on the list. The shoes we choose are good for high arches and meet some, if not all, of these other qualifications.


Finally, flexibility is also essential. After all, these are running shoes, and they are meant for running and sports. If you are doing any type of physical activity in your shoes, you do not want them to be stiff and unmovable.

FAQ About Nike Running Shoes For High Arches

Should I be concerned about my high arches?

It is something you should be aware of and the possible side effects. Your feet provide balance for the rest of your body. People who have high arches may have instability in their ankles or overall balance. Some of these issues can include ankle sprains, hairline fractures in your feet due to repeated stress and structural problems in your body.

Do high arches need additional support?

Yes, if you have high arches, you will need additional support. However, the good news is that extra support in your shoes may be all you need. Another common way to help with footwear is to have several pairs and not wear the same one for too many days in a row.

Is buying shoes with arch support really important?

Again, yes, this is important if you have high arches. Buying shoes with additional support will help you face fewer injuries from your arches. Also, as most people never think about the arches of their feet and the pain they are causing, once you actively choose shoes based on this, you will be more comfortable. If wearing shoes, especially for long periods of time, is painful for you – this may be all you need to relieve the pain.