Adidas Explosive Bounce 2023 Review

When you have an injury while playing basketball, it can take weeks to months to return to the court. The most common basketball injuries are lateral, lumbar, and hamstring strains. These are painful and take a long time to heal. Basketball shoes with flexibility, stable foot and ankle support, and a lightweight sole with excellent traction can prevent injury and maximize your play. Since the Adidas Explosive Bounce 2018 hit the market, it has developed quite a fan base for its comfort and stability.


Good treadLacking midfoot support
Flexible outsoleLittle toe protection
Foot, ankle, and heel supportFlimsy grommets
Midfoot strap centers your footRuns hot
Removable insole has good reboundRuns narrow
Wide range of sizesLimited designs
Moderately pricedSome complaints that the shoe looks "plain"

The Upside

With its unique design catered to basketball players, the Adidas Explosive Bounce has several benefits for wear on and off the court. Quality materials make the shoe more durable, and its combination of foot, ankle, and heel support can help you avoid injury. The Explosive Bounce comes in half-sizes, and it goes up to a size 20, so it is widely accessible to almost any player.


The Adidas Explosive Bounce has become quite popular among basketball players over the past few months for its durability. The unique treads are similar to a herringbone pattern, and they provide excellent traction. This means that you don’t have to stop in the middle of your game to wipe the bottoms of your shoes. It also keeps you safer on the court, because the treads spread out on impact, preventing slipping on a slick court and reducing pressure on your feet during quick changes in direction.

With its flexible outsole, the Explosive Bounce is excellent for any high-intensity movement. The sides of the outsole wrap around the lower border of the upper, increasing stability. Although we don’t recommend it as a running shoe, it lives up to its purpose. It is a good option for basketball players of any position.


Several users have commented on the Explosive Bounce’s all-around comfort and well-padded design. In any sports shoe, stellar foot, ankle, and heel support can help you avoid injury. An interesting design feature is the low heel that still provides stability. The midfoot strap secures the top of your foot, which has two benefits. It prevents ankle and foot injuries by stabilizing your foot in the shoe, and it gives you a snugger fit. This not only prevents your feet from slipping from side to side, but it also enhances weight distribution.

The Explosive Bounce has an updated mid-sole for better rebound. This improved cushioning responds even better to movement, the bounce-back giving you a cushion when you need it. With less pressure on your feet, you will feel less pain in your knees and joints. Although the insole support definitely isn’t lacking, some users may find that it isn’t enough for them. In that case, the insole is removable so that you can replace it with your own orthotic or comfort insole designed for your feet.

The Downside

There are a few discouraging reports relating to the Explosive Bounce. Those looking for substantial midfoot support may want to look for another model. More physical players may need more toe protection than the Bounce has to offer. Some customers have complained that the weak grommets render the shoe useless when they break. All Adidas models run narrow, so this is something to keep in mind when purchasing your pair.

For those looking for appearance as well as functionality, the Adidas Explosive Bounce may not be for you. There is a limited selection in design, but there is some color variation. Compared to other models, some customers complain that the Bounce is plain-looking.


Several users have reported that the Bounce is one of the most comfortable shoes they have ever owned. However, it has little midfoot support, in comparison to other models. If you have painful foot conditions, such as plantar fasciitis or ball of foot pain, we do not recommend the Explosive Bounce. There have also been complaints that, despite the breathable mesh upper, the shoe can run hot.

Considering that it is a basketball shoe, it has very little toe protection. If you are a rough player, this lack of toe support can cause injury. Another design flaw that customers have reported are weak grommets. The lace holes have no reinforcement, such as plastic or metal liners. They can break if you tie your laces roughly or exceptionally tight. When these grommets no longer hold your shoelace, you can’t wear the shoe anymore.


Adidas shoes always run narrow, and the Bounce is no exception. This can complicate your selections if you are unsure of your correct size. There have been some conflicting reports on the Bounce’s fit. Many with wide, flat feet love wearing the shoes, but those with narrow feet are a little more hesitant.

A general rule to follow when ordering your shoes is to adjust your size based on your foot type. Those with wide feet will find the Bounce comes true to size; men with narrow feet should order a size down. Our advice: try on a few different sizes to figure out what works best for you.

The Bottom Line

The Adidas Explosive Bounce is one of the best-selling basketball shoes from the manufacturer this summer. Some retailers have marketed it as a running shoe, but this is not true. It is a well-designed basketball shoe designed for just that: playing basketball. We do not recommend you using this shoe for anything other high-octane activity, such as running.

The Bounce is comfortable, with good foot, ankle, and heel support for your intense games. The versatile tread, bendable outsole, and midfoot strap give you agility while preventing injury. However, some design flaws have left some customers disappointed. The mesh isn’t as breathable as it could be, and the grommets can break with repeated or rough use. Still, we do recommend you trying the Adidas Explosive Bounce. Despite a few less-than-stellar characteristics, most customers highly recommend this rather-plain looking basketball shoe (compared to other Adidas designs) for its comfort and stability on the court.



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