Adidas Pro Bounce 2023 Low Review, Updates, and News

A while back, I wrote about the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 which is scheduled to hit stores in August 2018. Of course, where there’s a high cut variation, there’s sure to be a low cut version. So there isn’t any surprise that the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018 Low is scheduled for a release on the same date as its high-cut counterpart.

Sure, there isn’t a lot of difference between the two designs other than the fact that the low has a shorter shaft. But there are lots of buyers who still find it difficult to make a choice even with such minimal difference. So if you’re one of those careful shoppers and you want to figure out whether to save the extra $10 USD with a low cut Pro Bounce 2018, then read on to find out what I learned about this shoe with thorough research.

What We Know So Far

Much like the Adidas Pro Bounce 2018, the Low features a forged fiber upper which provides incredible support and lockdown. What I did notice about the lows though is that aside from having a much shorter shaft, they ditch the collar reinforcement all together. On the high-cut version, you’ll see a ribbed, reinforced shaft that is said to bump up stability exceptionally well.

Since the lows don’t have the height to accommodate it, support might suffer. Plus, it’s hard to tell if the small reinforced section above the heel cup will be enough to provide sufficient stability to reduce lateral movement of the heel. When it comes to responsiveness though, there really isn’t any difference. And because we already know that bounce on the Mad Bounce was nothing short of perfect, we can probably assume the same from the Pro Bounce Low.

The Bottom Line

The Pro Bounce 2018 Low Basketball Shoe from Adidas seems like a really promising pick. I’d imagine the shoe would make a great choice for high-flying players like point guards.

But of course, nothing is set in stone, and the only way we can know for sure if the shoe is worthy of the hype is when we finally get our hands on it when it’s released in August. So be sure to check back here by then to find out my final verdict on this promising shoe design.