Adidas VS Pace Fashion Shoe Review – The Perfect Casual Shoe

The easy low-top casual look of the Adidas VS Pace fashion sneakers boasts classic Adidas style. So it’s no question why they’ve acquired such a large following throughout the market. I took the time to check out the shoe and find out whether it offered more than just good looks. With so many claiming they were the perfect everyday footwear choice, I just had to discover for myself if they really were what they’d been chalked up to be.

Digging through reviews and extensive chunks of product information, I was able to uncover that the Adidas VS Pace is exactly what the company markets it to be – and that is a dependable, all-around casual shoe that can find a suitable spot in your usual shoe rotation.

There are lots of features that make the VS Pace a worthy purchase, and I’m going to tell you just why you should cop a pair to add to your growing shoe collection.

VS Pace Review By Adidas

To the untrained eye, the VS Pace could be mistaken for the Stan Smith or the Performance Baseline Fashion Sneaker. All three of these designs feature that sleek, long, lean Adidas appeal, and their silhouettes marginally vary except for a few minor details here and there.

So with all these other shoes looking almost exactly like the VS Pace – what sets it apart in terms of aesthetics? Taking a closer look at the shoe, it becomes apparent that there are some differences that make it a little more appealing.

For starters, a mesh tongue makes for better contrast and improves breathability to boot. The subtle perforated 3-Stripes on the inner side of the shoe are discreet yet stylish. And the slimmer, less stitched-up exterior makes the shoe look more streamlined, without any edges or borders popping out of the upper material.

Of course, someone who isn’t really much of an Adidas fanatic might think the subtle differences to have zero bearing. Especially because the VS Pace comes at a steeper price than other similar looking designs, some buyers might see them as an impractical choice.

But collectors and enthusiasts alike would agree that the slight changes definitely improve aesthetics on the overall to create a more appealing shoe design that looks sleeker when worn. Plus, because the VS Pace uses higher quality materials and better construction, the price is definitely justifiable.

Flawless Construction Boosts Aesthetics and Durability

Looking at the VS Pace from every angle, it’s easy to see that the entire shoe was put together with nothing short of the finest craftsmanship in the industry. With minimalist stitching and ultra discreet adhesive holding together different parts of the shoe, it looks a whole lot like a quality piece that was constructed to the highest of standards.

Aside from simply looking like a quality shoe, it takes to wear and tear like a quality shoe. Even after several years, the soles and uppers maintain their secure connections. So you can walk in confidence knowing that your VS Pace won’t fall apart on you like other lower end shoes in the market.

One minor detail that might peeve some is the lack of eyelet hardware around the lacing holes. Of course, the uppers are durable and they don’t really show signs of wear and tear. But around the eyelets, slight fraying may occur which might annoy some users. Other than that though, there’s very little to complain about regarding construction as the entire shoe is expertly manufactured.

Cool Casual Comfort for All-Around Use

Another winning feature that the VS Pace proudly boasts is its superb comfort. The design uses a soft textile lining that spans the entire length of the footbed, giving unbelievable comfort with each step. In combination with the pliable uppers and the extra breathable tongue, this creates nothing less than a blissful walking experience.

In terms of padding, the VS Pace doesn’t really have a lot to offer. So the collars aren’t as thick as what you would see on designs like the Cloudfoam series. Nonetheless, they are relatively comfortable and lightweight, giving your ankles enough room to move freely. Because the shoe isn’t an athletic design, it really isn’t so much of a downside.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning how breathable the shoes can be. Despite looking completely sealed off, the VS Pace allows impressive air circulation, mostly thanks to its mesh tongue. The breathability is also a pleasant outcome of the minimal padding around the collar and tongue, giving your feet more room to breathe and move so as not to accumulate sweat.

Reliable Soles for the Long Haul

Exposed to the most wear and tear, a shoe’s soles are the easiest to damage. Because Adidas was aiming to design a reliable, durable, and long-lasting pair with the VS Pace, they stepped up the soles to help the shoe stand up against the onslaught of wear, tear, and time.

Superbly hard wearing and resilient, the soles can impressively retain their tread pattern even with daily use and abuse. They’re also connected to the uppers with some of the strongest adhesives in the industry. So you can be confident that they won’t peel off or break away.

When it comes to traction, there really is nothing to say about the VS Pace other than they’re impressive. The tread patterns are unique, using narrowly spaced embossed “8” shapes with just the right depth. They cling closely to a variety of surfaces and resemble something you might find on a skateboard shoe. Plus, they’re hard wearing, so you can enjoy the same impressive bite for years after you first take your VS Pace out of the box.

Probably the only thing lacking with the soles is responsiveness. Again, the shoes are a fashion sneaker so there’s really no need for any rebound. But because the VS Pace can make your step feel particularly flat, I would have preferred some sort of bounce system or tech incorporated into the soles for better comfort and support.

Disappointingly Limited Colorways

You would expect more color combinations for a shoe that’s designed for casual everyday use. This should make it possible for buyers to find the right fit for their daily outfit choices. Unfortunately, the VS Pace comes in a very limited number of colorways which are black, white, and collegiate navy blue.

Personally, I would have preferred to see more colors especially because a lot of the other similar looking models from Adidas use practically the same colorways. If more color combinations were made available, the VS Pace could have been set apart from other Adidas designs.

Even then, the colors are characteristic of the Adidas brand. They resonate with that classic aesthetic that the company was trying to go for. So for dedicated Adidas fanatics, the lack of colorways might not be too big of an issue.

Pros of the Adidas VS Pace Shoes

  • The original Adidas aesthetic makes the shoe a great pick if you want to expand your daily footwear selection.
  • The shoe’s construction leverages impeccable attention to detail, guaranteeing long lasting durability.
  • Casual comfort and cool climate allows users to enjoy a comfortable stride for extended hours.
  • Soles are particularly durable against wear and tear, keeping their shape, density, and pattern for years after the first use.

Cons of the Adidas VS Pace Shoes

  • Doesn’t come in too many colorways.
  • Lacing eyelets don’t have hardware, which can cause minimal fraying.
  • Would have been better with some cushion unit in the heel for better responsiveness.

The Verdict

Comfortable, stylish, and long lasting, the Adidas VS Pace makes the perfect investment. If you’re in search of a great casual shoe that can stand the onslaught of daily use, it’s a purchase you won’t regret. Mostly, it’s because they go above and beyond the usual lifespan of your average everyday casual footwear design.

If you were looking for something a little more affordable though, you might want to check out other Adidas shoes. Lots of those in the Performance line-up resemble the VS Pace, but come at lower costs. The Daily Fashion Sneaker features pretty much the same aesthetic, but comes at a reasonably lower cost. The Stan Smith’s – which are also popular on the market – are also significantly more affordable. So they do make a great budget substitute for the VS Pace.