Nike Air Max Typha Review – Are They a Good Training Shoe?

Are you in the market for a training shoe? Something that is lightweight, well ventilated and offers lots of support? You must be if you are reading beyond this sentence but before you even got to this page at all, it is a safe bet that you first considered other shoes, like the Nike Metcon 3, or the Nike Free TR 7 Training Shoes. Understandable. I mean, who automatically thinks of the Nike Air Max when they think of running shoes? Have you even heard of the Nike Air Max Typha?

But there is a training shoe option, not the only one but perhaps the most viable training shoe option, from the Nike Air Max line: the Nike Air Max Typha. This article will guide you through the ins and outs of the shoe, providing all the information you will need in deciding if the Nike Air Max Typha is the right training shoe for you. Spoiler alert: it could very well be.

Who Are the Potential Buyers of the Nike Air Max Typha?

Ultimately, like the other Nike Air Max offerings, or indeed any shoe from the brand, the Nike Air Max Typha can be worn by anyone from hardcore athletes to everyday folk looking for a comfortable shoe. However, unlike some of the other shoes in the Air Max line, Nike appears to have gone out of their way to really market these shoes towards athletes and those with a more hardcore training plan. Not a very difficult conclusion to come too when the full official name is the Nike Air Max Typha Training Shoes.

Great! But what is it about these shoes that would entice gym goers to purchase them? Well, they are designed lightweight so wearers can move quickly and easily. They allow the feet to breathe. They are comfortable.There are so many great features to the shoes as well, such as the Heel Air Max, the warp knit upper, and the injected TPU heel. More about everything mentioned here further in the article.

There are several colors available in the line, all the usual options you would expect from Nike – black, black/grey, grey/white, grey/red – nothing too outlandish. Each color option has a Nike swoosh to each side of the shoes for the brand recognition that some people might crave. However, there is one major catch to the line that is important to get out of the way at the start of this article. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a female offering from the Nike Air Max Typha. Women can instead choose from the Nike Metcon 4, the Nike Air Zoom Fearless Flyknit Lux, or other available options from the brand, but let’s not lose focus on the shoe in question here.

Benefits of the Nike Air Max Typha for Trainers

Lightweight Comfort

Comfort is something most Nike brand shoes offer and the Nike Air Max Typha is no different. Firstly, there is a padded ankle collar. This may sound like something very minor but think about it; the ankle is a very delicate part of the body yet one of much importance when a person needs to keep a strong stance. Padding around the area eliminates any kind of pain or rubbing, leading to a comfortable and satisfactory wear.

There is also a cushioned footbed in the Nike Air Max Typha. This offers a plush feel and optimal comfort that, when you add them together, helps keep the endurance of the wearer go on for longer.

Mesh Upper

In addition, there is the mesh upper, something any good athlete knows is vital for the perfect training shoe as the feet need to breathe. The Nike Air Max Typha has a breathable mesh upper. This ensures that extra bit of comfort but also helps keep the shoe light in weight. When discussing the lightweight element of the Nike Air Max Typha, it is imperative that the Heel Max Air is not forgotten – but that is a feature worthy of a section of its own (see below).

Also, one really cool addition I like is the little tab attached to the heel. This helps the wearer easily pull on and off the shoe – great for when you just want to get up and go!

Flywire Technology

One of the best features of the Nike Air Max Typha is the inclusion of Flywire technology. This is a highly esteemed piece of technology from Nike and what it does is lock down the foot to provide stability and reduce slippage. But the technology is more scientific than that.

More precisely, how the Flywire technology works are via the strategically placed filaments that offer support where needed. If you want a better idea of how these filaments work, Nike describes them as something similar to cables on a suspension bridge. They also contribute toward the construction of a lightweight shoe as they can be attached to the most minimal shoe upper. Many reviews online write about the great support the Nike Air Max Typha. We can only presume that much of this is a result of the Flywire technology.

Durability and Grip

The runner sole of the Nike Air Max Typha provides a good level of durability. However, there is also the injected TPU heel, whose reinforcement gives it a high resistance to abrasion.

There is a great grip on these shoes, whether you choose to wear them training inside or outside. The grip works because of the multiple octagonal small chevrons that are integrated into the robust outsole. These chevrons allow the shoe to adhere fully and serenely to the ground. Why is this a benefit? Well, because of the grip, the wearer is better able to move with ease and raise his feet from the ground.

Heel Max Air

What would an offering from Nike Air Max be without the iconic Heel Max Air? Ultimately, it is what makes any shoe from the Air Max line recognizable. However, the actual reason it is included in any of the Nike Air Max lines – the scientific reason – is that it helps the shoe stay light and flexible. Perfect for the gym-going audience of the Nike Air Max Typha. Overall, what is probably most beneficial to those wearing the shoes while training is its ability to compress to reduce the force of impact. Nearly as soon as the heel is compressed, it immediately recovers again to prepare for the next impact. Additionally, the heel provides extreme cushioning and is durable and versatile.

Pros of the Nike Air Max Typha

  • There is padding around the ankle area that helps prevent rubbing and discomfort.
  • There is a cushioned footbed for a plush, comfortable feel.
  • The shoes are lightweight making it easier for the wearer to move.
  • The shoes have a rubber outsole with integrated multiple octagonal small chevrons. These chevrons allow for a better grip on the ground, including both indoor and outdoor floors.
  • Durability is also offered via the rubber sole.
  • The inclusion of Nike’s esteemed flywire technology means that the foot is locked down and slippage is reduced.
  • Feet can better breathe thanks to the mesh knit upper.
  • The force of impact is compressed because of the iconic Heel Max Air.
  • There is an injected TPU heel, whose reinforcement provides a high resistance to abrasion.
  • Several different color combinations are available.

Cons of the Nike Air Max Typha

  • The Nike Air Max Typha appears to currently only be available to the male market.


So, there you have it, an in-depth review of the Nike Air Max Typha. What can I say I have ultimately learned from my research of the shoe? Basically, there are no very obvious cons to the line. Besides the fact that there doesn’t appear to be an option on the market for women. Still, that just opens up another can of worms that we won’t go into in this article.

However, just that information alone would not have been enough to help you make an informed decision when purchasing the Nike Air Max Typha. What did (I hope) help you in purchasing a training shoe was the proof that this is, in fact, a very technically competent shoe for working out. There was a discussion about that padding around the ankle area that helps prevent rubbing and discomfort as well as a quick point on the cushioned footbed, which ultimately leads to a plush feel.

Then, of course, there was the lightweight construction of the shoe, something really important in helping the wearer move easily and freely while training. This lightweight feature wouldn’t be possible without the iconic Heel Max Air, the Flywire technology, of the mesh knit upper that also allows the feet to breathe. Finally, and very important for hardcore training, there was the injected TPU heel. The reinforcement provided because of this feature allows the shoe to boast a high resistance to abrasion.

Overall, it is very hard to go wrong with the Nike Air Max Typha. The price point is decent and the shoes will certainly pay back in terms of price per wear. Plus, there the multiple positive reviews found online – and a surprisingly lack of negative reviews. If ever find yourself weary of what the brand themselves say about a shoe then always go to the people. The consumers are the ones who really put them to the test. So, if you are wavering close to the edge of purchasing a pair of Nike Air Max Typha, do it – you will not be disappointed.