Nike Air Max Dynasty Review – A Good Training Shoe From the Air Max Line?

We are here to discuss the Nike Air Max Dynasty but first let me ask: Is there a shoe more ingrained in popular culture than the Nike Air Max? The Air Max line was first created by Nike, Inc. in 1987 and is one of the most recognizable shoes of the company today. The shoes are extremely popular among certain subcultures, hip-hop, for example, and among the working class.

There have been many varieties of the Air Max produced over the years, some more popular than others. We are here today to examine the Nike Air Max Dynasty. More of a running shoe than most of the popular offerings in the line, this article will investigate who exactly the Nike Air Max Dynasty is more suitable for – the athletes or the fashion conscious wearers.

Who Are The Nike Air Max Dynasty For?

The Nike Air Max Dynasty are marketed as running shoes so the intended audience is runners. However, as has been the trend since the general Air Max launch in the 80s, the shoes can be worn simply for fashion purposes too.

The Nike Air Max Dynasty are available to both genders. For men, a variety of different colors are on the market, from the standard black, white, and grey to shades such as cool grey and wolf grey. The shoes are mesh knit on top and have the iconic Heel Max Air unit. Other features include a rubber sole, Phylon midsole, and Flywire technology.

A version of the Nike Air Max Dynasty Running Shoe is also on the market for women and features the same marks of excellence as the male version. It has plush upper combined with a large Max Air heel and soft, responsive foam. ¬†Again we find the Flywire cables for adaptive support. There is also a soft midsole and an upper design inspired by the Nike Aeroloft Vest’s down baffles. The female line is more colorful than the male line and includes options in gamma blue and pink blast. It is recommended that both male and female wearers size up a half a size due to the narrow fit of the Nike Air Max Dynasty.

There is also a Nike Air Max Dynasty Junior Boys Trainer for the little man in your life. The junior version features basically the same elements as the adult version: a durable rubber outsole with flex grooves and a waffle grip pattern; cushioning to the heel; FlyWire cables to the laces that help to keep the foot locked down and mesh panels to help increase breathability. The little ladies have not been forgotten either – there is a version of the Nike Air Max Dynasty for them too! Both the girl and boy junior lines are offered in a variety of colors.

The inclusion of bright colors in both the adult and junior version of the Nike Air Max Dynasty brings a somewhat youthful vibe to the shoes. Additional, all shoes in the line include the world-famous Nike swoosh on the outer side – just in case the classic Nike Air Max features did not make the shoes already recognizable enough.

What Does The Nike Air Max Dynasty Offer As A Running Shoe?

You might be wondering if anything from the Nike Air Max line could contend as a running shoe, even if it has been marketed that way. That is understandable considering the reputation it has as more of a fashion shoe and, initially looking at the Dynasty, it does look a bit too solid, let us say, to provide the flexibility the feet need when running. However, there are several features which are of benefit to the runner.


The addition of a lightly padded collar helps eliminate pain as the shoe rubs up and down at the back as you run. Other small but important elements providing comfort for the wearer are the smooth lining and the cushioning insole. However, the feature that offers the most comfort, and that something special to the Dynasty is the soft Phylon midsole.

The midsole is one of the three key components of the shoe (upper, midsole, and outsole) and is considered by Nike to actually be the most important part of the shoe. Why? Because it provides stability, cushioning and shock absorption. The Phylon midsole is the one which Nike opts for the most when manufacturing their shoes. The reasons behind this are it’s lightweight, low profile, and responsive. EVA Foam Pellets are compressed then heat expanded and then finally cooled into a mold in order to create the midsole. With that information, the Nike Air Max Dynasty rises up the ranks in terms of good running shoe options.

Safety and Support

Safety might sound a bit dramatic but if you are going to do any kind of physical activity in a shoe they should be sturdy. The Nike Air Max Dynasty have a rubber waffle outsole with articulated grooves. These deep flex grooves provide the runner with a more natural and flexible ease of motion. Also, because the outsole is made of rubber, it provides the traction and durability you need in a running shoe.

Flywire Technology

The Nike Air Max Dynasty also use Flywire technology. What this technology basically does is lock down the foot and reduce slippage. Now the science bit: it works by implementing strategically placed filaments to offer support where needed. Nike describes these filaments a being like cables on a suspension bridge. They can be attached to the most minimal shoe upper, meaning they contribute toward the creation of a lightweight shoe. The flywire technology must be doing something right as the majority of the reviews found online all report a great feeling of support with the Nike Air Max Dynasty.


Any good athlete knows that the perfect running shoe is the one that allows the feet to breathe. The Nike Air Max Dynasty has a breathable mesh upper in a running shoe style, ensuring that extra bit of comfort.

The Iconic Heel Max Air

The Nike Air Max Dynasty has the iconic Heel Max Air. You might be aware of it already for fashion purposes, but did you know the technology behind it also has benefits for runners or even just walkers? Its main purpose is to compress to reduce the force of impact. When the heel is compressed, it immediately recovers again to prepare for the next impact. Great – but it does so much more as well. Firstly, the lightweight material of the Air technology reduces the overall weight of the shoe, making it easier for the wearer to move. It is durable and versatile, meaning that it is designed to meet the exact specifications of athletic performance.

Pros of the Nike Air Max Dynasty

  • The Nike Air Max Dynasty line are available for male and females, as well in a Junior line for boys and girls.
  • The lightly padded collar helps prevent the pain or a rubbing shoe. A cushioned insole also adds comfort to the wearer.
  • A soft Phylon midsole provides stability, cushioning and shock absorption.
  • It is a lightweight shoe.
  • The shoes have a rubber waffle outsole with articulated grooves. The benefit of the deep flex grooves ensures a more natural and flexible ease of motion
  • Traction and durability are offered via the rubber sole.
  • Flywire technology locks down the foot and reduces slippage.
  • A breathable mesh knit upper is featured.
  • The iconic Heel Max Air works to compress to reduce the force of impact.

Cons of the Nike Air Max Dynasty

  • Consider sizing up by half a size as many consumers have reported the shoe as a narrow fit.
  • Customer reviews consider the Nike Air Max Dynasty okay for a running shoe but not as good as other Nike lines.


So, where does this article stand in regards to the Nike Air Max Dynasty? Let us start with the most straightforward aspect, the style. Over the years, Nike Air Max has been known as a stylish shoe and this remains the case with the Nike Air Max Dynasty. They have a neat shape, come in a variety of colors (bright and dull), and have the famous Nike swoosh. However, in comparison to other Nike Air Max lines, they do have more the look of a running shoe. Acceptable considering they are a running shoe but this may be off-putting for those who purchase the shoes with the intention of wearing them for fashion purposes.

Yes, the Nike Air Max Dynasty is indeed a running shoe. They have a number of wonderful elements to prove this. Take for instance the high level of comfort the shoe offers due to the lightly padded collar, the cushioned insole and the Phylon midsole. The iconic Heel Max Air also helps with impact. There is durability in the rubber waffle outsole. Also, there is the breathable mesh knit upper, Flywire technology to lock down the foot. Overall, the shoe is light in weight.

So, yes this is a pretty good running shoe and there are plenty of reviews online to prove that. If you already have your heart set on purchasing a pair, then they will fulfil the criteria you have. Just keep in mind the slightly more negative reviews when making your purchase. Namely, the Nike Air Max Dynasty is not as good a running shoe as others by the Nike brand. Weigh up your options before making a final decision.