Best Basketball Shoes for Guards

In many ways, point guards and shooting guards are the backbone of a basketball team. Largely responsible for the offensive strategy, these two members of the team are often the biggest scorers. So it’s no question that these members need to make sure they deliver their best game every time.

If you’ve ever played as a guard, you probably already know how demanding the role can be. So how do you equip yourself to guarantee a good game? Well, in my opinion, the best way to bring out your top performance on the court would be to invest in a good pair of basketball shoes.

Wondering which shoes are the best for guards? In my opinion, it has to be the Adidas Peformance Men’s D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes.

I believe the D Rose 7 takes the cake as the best basketball shoe for guards because it’s lightweight, features a responsive cushioning system, and provides superior flexibility for guards on the go. And aren’t these all the things we guards look for in basketball shoes?

However, because previous models of the Adidas Rose basketball shoes struggle with fit, traction, and support, some are left to wonder – do the Rose 7s really redeem the brand from those poor designs of the past?

Make and Material

One of the major selling points for the Rose 7 is its lightweight material. The shoe makes use of engineered mesh and synthetic uppers that maximize breathability and reduce the weight on your feet. This makes it easier for guards to run around and navigate the court without being weighed down by bulky shoes.

Over time, the material can break in which means that they’ll get much softer. Not that that’s a bad thing though – at the end of the day, it does make the shoes much more comfortable.

On the overall, the Adidas D Rose 7s feel like they’re made of a higher grade material than the Rose 6 which is definitely a nice upgrade for buyers who are avid fans of the basketball shoe line.

Form and Fit

Another marker of a great guard basketball shoe is the fit. Generally speaking, the D Rose 7 shoes truly deliver stellar performance with forefoot and hind-foot support. The footbed is designed to keep the front and rear of your feet in lockdown during sudden stops, cuts, and crossovers.

Of course, the shoe isn’t flawless. Mid-foot lockdown can be a little on the poor side, causing the user’s foot to skid forward even if the shoe is a tight fit. Despite this, the Rose 7 design does outperform its predecessors.

The shoes’ lace system is superb, preventing the tongue and sides from bunching up and moving around. Plus, an external heel counter and some amply padded Achilles pillows keep the heel and ankle in optimal positioning.


No one wants to slip and slide while playing a game. That said, the Rose 7s offer superb traction, preventing accidents on the court. This is mainly thanks to the shoe’s unique sole pattern.

A tight, multi-directional herringbone pattern gives the shoe aggressive traction. This makes the shoe stick to the court with a forceful bite, so you can be confident that you’ll stop no matter how fast you were going.

The material is a soft rubber that does give in to some wear and tear over time. But really – isn’t that something we expect from all basketball shoes?

Cushion and Comfort

When your feet aren’t comfortable, your performance will take a toll. Shoes that don’t provide enough comfort can cause pain to radiate up to your thighs and hips, and for any athlete, that can be a major drawback.

One of the reasons why the Rose 7 managed to draw a lot of attention before it was even released is because of its cushion system. The design incorporates the Adidas’ signature Boost technology – one of the best cushion systems in the industry.

However, it seems the technology wasn’t leveraged as much as it could have been. This is especially apparent when you compare the 7 to the 6. The heel cushions are soft and responsive, but not quite on the same level as the Rose 6s. The midsole feels a lot firmer, and doesn’t respond quite as noticeably when weight bearing.

Sadly, cushioning along the forefoot of the shoes can barely be noticed. Nonetheless, the Rose 7s do provide ample comfort if you’ve never tried the 6s to be able to establish a comparison.

Other Essential Factors

In terms of breathability, there’s nothing exceptional about the Rose 7s. Of course, your socks of choice play a role in the ventilation all together. However, all on its own, the shoes neither surprise nor disappoint, which isn’t really all that bad.

Moving on to durability, there’s very little to complain about with the 7s. Save for the soft rubber component used for the soles, the entire shoe feels reliable, long lasting, and robust, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart on you any time soon.

Finally, the Adidas Rose 7s are hands down some of the most handsome shoes you’re ever going to have. They look sexy and sporty both on and off the court. So, whether you want them to boost your guard game or step up your style profile, the shoes deliver.

Pros of the Adidas Performance Men’s Rose 7

  • Aggressive traction
  • Ultra responsive cushion system
  • Durable build and structure all around
  • Unreal aesthetics
  • Superb lockdown across different areas of the foot

Cons of the Adidas Performance Men’s Rose 7

  • Breathability could use some improvement. Ultimately, the shoe doesn’t really wow with the ventilation factor. But that will hopefully change as the brand tries to improve the design later on.
  • Mid-foot areas are relatively subpar. If you were to divide the shoe into three parts horizontally, it’s not difficult to see that the mid-foot portion falls short of the support, comfort, and lockdown that the heel and forefoot areas offer. This could be a problem especially for users with high arches.

Other Great Picks

While the Adidas Performance Men’s Rose 7 are my shoe of choice for guards, there are a few others that come close. So if you weren’t completely sold with the Rose 7s, these picks just might suit your fancy.

Nike Hypershift

If you’re on the lookout for a guard shoe that fits a tight budget, the Nike Hypershift might just be right up your alley. This low-top, budget basketball shoe exceeds expectations with its high-rated performance and wallet-friendly price tag.

One of its main selling points is its traction. With tightly spaced, oval shaped, shallow nubs covering the bottom and wrapping around the midsole, the shoe gives superb stability even with harsh cuts and stops.

Plus, the bootie design was pretty much perfected with the Hypershift. Even without a tongue, the shoe clings on to the user’s feet for superior fit, comfort, and lockdown.

Some Downsides

  • The shallow pattern on the sole can be compromised by dust, especially for those who usually play indoors.
  • No bounciness and poor cushion system can be an issue for flat footed and high-arched users.
  • Not necessarily the most durable shoe on the market, but that’s what you get for a budget price.

Under Armour Curry 3

With a name like Curry slapped endorsing a basketball shoe, you know it’ll make a great choice if you’re a guard. The Under Armour Curry 3 offers some aggressive traction with its herringbone sole pattern. The material is also pretty firm, so it’s a great pick for players who enjoy getting their game on under the sun.

Not to be outdone by Nike and Adidas, Under Armour has started introducing their Threadborne design into their latest releases. The Curry 3 uses the material along the lateral side of the foot, making it both comfortable and highly supportive. Lockdown across the entire insole is beastly, making it one of my favorites on the list.

Some Downsides

  • While it does feel durable, the shoe feels like it lacks some flexibility. Majority of the shoe is made of ultra firm materials, so that can take a toll on overall comfort.
  • It’s not the best looking shoe on the court, but if aesthetic isn’t one of your major considerations, you might be able to let this issue slide.
  • Fit can be smaller than the usual.

Nike KD 9

At a glance, the Nike Zoom KD9 looks like a desperate attempt to come up with something new. The shoe features a unique sole pattern that may put some buyers off. But luckily, I was took the chance and gave it a shot.

Despite looking like it popped straight out of a sci-fi film, the KD9 offers some great traction thanks to its unique sole design. The cuts along the sole of the shoe turn the solid areas into something like suction cups – keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground for stellar traction and cling.

On the overall, the shoe is breathable, durable, and efficient on the court. So if you’re a Nike sneakerhead, the KD9 might just send you into a bad case of gear acquisition syndrome.

Some Downsides

  • Lacing cables could use some improvement, lacking the ability to lockdown your foot especially if you choose a loose fitting pair.
  • The area of the lateral forefoot tends to collapse when landed on with force. It’s not necessarily a cause for worry, but it can be annoying for users with wider feet.


All in all, the Adidas Performance Men’s Rose 7 basketball shoes are my top pick. They offer aggressive traction, lots of support and bounce, industry standard durability and breathability, all in a pretty good-looking package.

Then again, if you’re not sold on the Rose 7s, the Nike Hypershift, Under Armour Curry 3, or the Nike KD9 might be great picks for you. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of preference. And in my honest opinion, these four choices are guaranteed to satisfy just about anyone.


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