Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

For a flat-footed basketball player, getting the right shoe for the court can be quite vexing. I’m a flat footer myself. So I’m speaking out of my desperate search for good basketball shoes that would offer me a mix of cushion and stability.

Mind you, I’ve tried several ways of treating my flat feet including trying to build muscles to no success. I’ve also tried all methods of supporting the feet, but that didn’t work for me too. However, after a vigorous research for the best basketball shoes for flat feet, I can gladly declare Adidas Dame 3 as my absolute fave.

Why is it my best pick? It’s well-balanced and has awesome full-length bounce foam with a superb balance. These are hands down, some of the solid features that the flat-footed community looks for in the best basketball shoes for flat feet, right?

But Adidas has had some serious problems with traction in the past? So, is Dame 3 safe on your courts or did they drop the mic with the Rose 7?

Why the Adidas Dame 3?

Traction- how does it hold up on the ground?


In my opinion, Dame 3 is currently the king in terms of traction. I’ve had some basketball shoes that had me slipping all over the court. Adidas Dame 3 didn’t. It uses blade traction pattern that gives you an excellent grip on most floors.

Worth noting, these blades are rubber– not the continental rubber, though. But they still allowed me to make some surprise moves and cuts confidently. Again, the rubber isn’t so sensitive to dust. So you won’t have much to worry about if you intend to use the shoes on dusty courts.

However, the soft rubber that makes the blades limits the type of grounds that you can mindlessly cruise on. Long story cut short, Adidas Dame 3 isn’t for rough outdoor basketball courts. Sure! You could use the shoes on them. But the blades will lose traction real fast.



This is one big feature that most flat-footers do love about Dame 3. You might also like it. This shoe has a full-length Bounce cushion that offers incredible balance that most shoes for our special feet lack. What I like about my pair is the way my heel rides a little bit higher than my forefoot.

This feature makes the shoe not only protective but also bouncy and amazingly responsive. It might sound crazy, but I really like the way these shoes seem to propel me to the next step- there’s almost no lag time and I didn’t experience any noticeable impacts until after several games on the same day which is quite understandable.

How does it SUPPORT your flat feet?


This is another biggie feature that makes Dame 3 the best basketball shoe for flat feet, in my opinion. This shoe has a beast for a heel counter. Your heels remain cupped by a stiff webbed counter that stretches up to to the mid-foot cradle.

There’s also an internal heel counter that further ties the heel into the midfoot cradle. Sure, the entire system makes the shoe feel a little bit clunky and stiff at first. But this should smooth out after break in.

What’s more? I also love this shoe’s wider base that gives you a wider grounding. There’s also a small outrigger that adds to stability.

And what are all those holes on the collar? These are not just holes. They are eyelets. They are designed that way to give you multiple lacing options. The way they have been arranged on the collar gives you versatile lacing options. You need to play around with them to get your perfect fit- this might take you a few trials but it pays.

Bottom line, Dame 3 has a killer support with a great lockdown and containment. The rubber cage, wide base, and the customizable lacing system complement each other to give a shoe that accommodates you well

Do they FIT?


Sure! These shoes seem great even for the wide-footers. I went true to my size and didn’t experience any problems with these. However, if you have had issues with your true size with other shoes in the past- perhaps due to your foot’s narrow shape- I would advise you to go down half a size. This might leave some width at the front but the versatile lacing system should offer a quick fix for that.


Material- Is it breathable?


The mesh/fuse-like material that Adidas has used on this shoe appears a little bit awkward for a kickass shoe like Dame 3. But the way it performs makes it the perfect match for this shoe. This FUSEDMESH- as they call it- is a mesh with a woven design and TPU coating. It also has a padding on the inside to protect your skin from the rough material.

This material is super flexible as you walk or run around. It might be a bit stiffer at first but should flex out and feel good once broken in. It’s incredibly breathable and super comfortable even in the roughest games.

The FUSEDMESH also seems to have good durability than the jacquard we’ve seen in other shoes.

Dame 3 Pros


  • Killer aesthetics
  • Incredible hitting system
  • Bounce cushioning
  • Superb traction
  • Durable and breathable fuse mesh
  • It’s detailed and of great quality

Possible downfalls


It’s pricey

Adidas Dame 3 isn’t among the cheapest basketball shoes for flat feet on the planet. There are several other options that come at almost half its price. So, is it worth its price tag? In my opinion, it does.

I’ve had several other inexpensive basketball shoes that I ended up giving away since they could not offer the support and stability mix that I was seeking. The aggressive blade traction, impact protection, and great lockdown all give you incredible quality to price ratio.



As I said before, my pick of this shoe was a perfect fit for me. However, going through other verified purchasers’ reviews shows that you need to know your size really well before ordering. Some wide-footed buyers report that their shoes hurt like crazy.

So, if your foot is both wide and flat, you might want to order a size up then play with the lacing system to find a perfect fit.


Other bests

Adidas Dame 3 is my #1 choice of the best basketball shoes for flat feet. However, as it’s always the case in life, this might not be the best choice for everyone else. So, here are some other basketball shoes that you might consider depending on what you need.


Adidas Harden vol. 1– best basketball shoe for WIDE feet

If you think that Adidas Dame 3 might have some narrowness issues for you, then Harden 1 might be a better option. One thing, though. This model runs a little bit pricier than my previous recommendation. But if you’re ready to shell out more for your feet’s comfort- which I think you should- this might be the way to go.

Harden 1 has an incredible cushioning with a low ride. It isn’t as bouncy as Dame 3, but it still absorbs impacts well and has enough response. It has solid traction and wide and squared toe-room. So you won’t have to go a size up or down.

Major downsides

  • Pattern is so thin for rough outdoor courts
  • Thin pattern fills up with dust quickly
  • It’s also super heavy

Adidas Crazylight – best basketball shoes for outdoors

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for rough outdoor courts? Adidas Crazylight is my best recommendation for that. Its key selling point is its full-length Boost setup that is both comfortable and amazingly responsive.

Unlike the Dame 3, Crazylight comes with CONTINENTAL Rubber sole.  This one is performance-friendly and durable even for outdoor courts. Amazingly, it also seems a little bit resistant to dust than Harden 1 and Dame 3.

What about the size? Perfect! This is the one type of shoe that you won’t have to worry about fitting (not for wide-footers though). It’s stable, comfortable, and non-restrictive. There’s also enough ventilation to keep your feet throughout the game.

Major drawbacks

  • Narrow for wide-footed players
  • Not durable

Nike Men’s Air Jordan XXX1 31– Do you want something wide and roomy?

Air Jordan XXX1 also appears on most lists of the best basketball shoes for flat feet. What I didn’t like about it is that it didn’t offer me the stability I required especially at its price. I also found it a little bit roomy for my narrow feet.

But if you have wider feet and can afford this one, it’s hands down, a great shoe for basketball. Traction wasn’t so good, but it wasn’t the worst either. This shoe combines Zoom Air and FlightSpeed Technology to give you a pair of shoe with pretty good cushion setup.

I found its forefoot area amazingly flexible and comfortable thanks to the Flyweave material used there. The heel features synthetic leather. Add these 2 and you get a shoe with superb support and excellent mobility.

Major drawbacks

  • Not the best traction- sensitive to dust too
  • Might be roomy for narrow-footed players

My recommendation

I highly recommend Adidas Dame 3 to anyone looking for the best basketball shoes for flat feet. These shoes have incredible multi-direction patterns that stick like glue for quick, stable halts. They also have good stability when changing directions even at full speed.

A biggie feature that I like with these babies is their customizable lacing systems. Whether you want the shoes laces super tight or just right, the numerous eyelets here will offer exactly what you want.

But there isn’t a perfect fit for everyone. For instance, if you need the best basketball shoes for outdoor courts, Adidas Dame 3 won’t suffice, but the Crazylight will.

Again, if you have those crazily wide feet, Air Jordan XXX1 and Harden might be the shoes for you. But I found these a little overpriced for what they offer. So if you need a perfect balance between quality and price, Adidas Dame 3 is, in my opinion, the best basketball shoes for flat feet.


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