How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes

Dogs and puppies are wonderful until you step in their poo and get it stuck in your shoes. While you cannot get rid of dog excrement, you can get it off your shoes without throwing them away. Even better, there are several different methods to ensure your shoes are ready to go to more than just the dog park. 

How to Get Dog Poop Off Shoes

Woman Holding Shoes with Dog Poop

Before you get too upset about a natural problem, you have several methods to get dog poo off your shoe. While it would have been better to avoid the poop altogether, it’s time to get your shoes ready to go out with the following methods. 

Option 1 – The Stick and Grass Method 

Before all the fancy cleaning methods came about, people used the tried and true method of using a stick and grass to remove poop from their shoes. First, you use a stick to remove the poop from your shoes. Second, find a patch of grass and wipe the poop off. 

After those detailed steps, grab the hose and remove the rest with the power of water. While it seems too good to be true, this method works quite well. However, you will need to make sure to choose a patch of grass far enough away to make sure you do not step in the same poop again! 

You may need to remove the shoes before using the hose to get the poop off. A spray hose will work faster and get into the grooves but will also make a major mess and take a long time to dry. 

Option 2 – Good Old Fashion Cleaning

Grab some dry paper towels and remove the big clumps of poop. Keep a disposable shopping bag handy so that you can take it to the outdoor trash quickly. Now use an old toothbrush to remove the rest from the grooves in your shoes. 

Use the kitchen sink, free of dishes and sponges, and rinse the shoe or go outside and use a hose. If you have a spray hose, it will get the poop out of the shoe crevices. Toss the toothbrush after use or sanitize it before use. 

Use the garbage disposal side to get the poop and smell out of the sink as soon as possible. Repeat those steps as needed and let the shoes dry before wearing. Clean the sink with disinfectant or bleach after to get the sink completely clean and disinfected. 

Option 3 – Washing Machine 

If your shoe is machine washable, put it in the washing machine instead of scrubbing it. But hold on—don’t stuff it in there with a clump of crap! Most of the excrement should be removed. In step one of each approach above, you can do this using a paper towel or a hose.

In the washing machine, run it through a cycle. If your shoe comes with instructions for cleaning, follow them to avoid harm. If not, put your shoes in a garment bag, add a couple of old towels for balance, and wash them on a delicate, cold cycle. 

Allow your shoes to air dry. Don’t put them in the dryer since it will ruin them. Instead, pack them with paper towels to absorb moisture and store them somewhere dry, like outside in the sun during the summer or near a heat vent.

Option 4 – Hand Steamer 

Handheld steamers are becoming increasingly popular as a convenient way to clean various surfaces around the house. For example, take your shoe outside, to a sink, or place it on a towel to avoid a mess. But, of course, after reading this post, you don’t want to be looking up how to remove dog poop off other surfaces!

Most of the excrement should be removed. Scrape the excrement into the garbage can with a paper towel or rub your shoe on the grass outdoors.

Hold the shoe away from your face and clean the nooks and crannies with the steamer. 

Make sure the steamer isn’t pointing at you because it will break up the feces between the gaps of your shoe and push it away. Using paper towels, wipe the surface. Wipe away the excrement as the steamer breaks it down and gets it out of the grooves of your shoe.

Steps 3–4 can be repeated as needed. However, it’s possible that you’ll have to wipe away the broken-up poop a few times before it’s completely gone.

Option 5 – WD 40 Spray

As you may be aware, WD 40 is a multi-purpose solution that is quite useful to have on hand. And, guess what? It’s also great for cleaning up dog feces! First, remove your shoes, wipe the excrement clean with a paper towel, and then spray with WD 40. Finally, scrub it thoroughly with an old toothbrush or an all-purpose brush to totally remove the feces from your shoe.

What makes this a viable option is it does not require soap and very little water. Also, it can work on many different shoes (but not leather or suede). Do this method outside as you do not want to replace one nasty smell with another. 

Option 6 – Freezing the Shoe

While it seems crazy, you can free the shoe to remove the poop. Toss the offensive shoe in a plastic bag, so you do not get poop around your freezer. Wait until it’s completely frozen, then chip off the frozen poop. 

Preferably chip off the poop outside with a stick or sharp object. Use a toothbrush to remove anything leftover in the grooves of the shoe sole. You can use a little dish soap to remove the smell. 

Wait for the shoe to thaw and dry before wearing it. Then, clean up everything that the shoe touched or throw it away. 

Option 7 – Dry the Shoes in the Sun

We all know the sun dries everything. This procedure, like the freezing method, eliminates dog excrement, so it’s a good alternative if you’re concerned about sanitary issues. Furthermore, this is one of the simplest methods for removing dog poop from your shoe and may be used on any shoe type.

Allow the dog excrement to dry completely by placing the shoes in direct sunshine. Scrape or knock off the dog excrement once it has dried. Dog feces can often be removed by slamming the shoe against a hard surface, such as a brick wall. Remove any leftover particles by rinsing the shoe with water and mild soap and brushing it.

How to Remove the Odor from the Shoes

When it comes to dealing with the odor, it’s time to grab a box of baking soda, the great deodorizer. Sprinkle the white powder on the shoe, put it in a zipper bag, and leave it to set for about half an hour. If the smell is still there, add more powder and leave it on the shoe overnight. You can also try activated charcoal or a smell remover like those made for dog urine. 

Final Thoughts 

Anyone can accidentally step on dog poop pretty much anywhere. It can happen to both dog and non-dog owners, so keep these ideas on hand as a quick reference for what to do and which strategy is most appropriate at any given time. All of these methods for removing dog poop from shoes are simple and guaranteed to leave your shoes excrement-free and odor-free.