Adidas SolarBlaze Shoe Review

News on the Adidas SolarBlaze has recently surfaced, but the company is careful not to let too much information out. In true Adidas fashion, the shoe manufacturing juggernaut was able to keep any of the specifics on their new design from slipping through the cracks.

So far, all we can speculate is that it will be a running shoe, comparable to the other shoes in the Solar line-up including the Boost, Glide, and Drive.

Another bit of information worth mentioning is the release of the latest¬†Solar Boost update. This particular Solar design is the line-up’s flagship, despite not getting as much attention as the company would have hoped back in 2015.


The Adidas x Pharrell collaboration has also been announced a few months back, with Pharrell acting as the brand’s spokesperson for the latest Solar HU Glide.

What do we know about the Solar line-up performance wise? Well, the Solar Boost is a definite winner, offering impressive performance at a reasonable price point. The only real issue I could spot with the older Solar Boost version was that the collar has a tendency to dig into skin, making it raw and irritated. Of course, that’s not something a pair of decent socks won’t fix.

Although there’s not a lot of information on it yet, it’s safe to say that the SolarBlaze is one to look out for. We’re hoping to find out the official release date for the design within the next few weeks or months, but until then, we’re waiting for more details. If you want to learn more about the Adidas SolarBlaze, be sure to check back here regularly as we continue to update this article to bring you fresh news as soon as it drops.