Wolverine Evans Boot Review

Interested in buying a handsome pair of Wolverine 1000 Mile Fashion Boot? I did some digging to find out the nitty-gritty on this popular footwear choice. After trying them out myself and doing some research on what others had to say, I can definitely recommend the Wolverine Evans for anyone who wants a good looking boot that they can use for casual purposes and perhaps even the occasional dirty work.

Boasting beautiful full-grain leather uppers, a sophisticated silhouette, and expert craftsmanship characteristic of the Wolverine brand, the Evans Boots can be a very sound footwear investment if you’re willing to spare a pretty penny for them. In fact, if not for their price tag, the boots would have been even more popular. Even then, they do have a substantial following.

All things considered, the Wolverine Evans Boot is the perfect marriage between style and function. So if you’re in search of a boot that can give you the best of both these worlds, then keep on reading to find out why the Evans Boot might just be your perfect pair.

Sophisticated, Stylish, Stunning Aesthetics

With a sleek, slim silhouette, it’s not hard to see why the Wolverine Evans Boot makes a great wardrobe addition. Of course, there are similar-looking boots, like the Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger 6 Inch Vibram Boot. But the smooth, semi-polished finish on the Evans, plus the cleaner-upper edges puts it at an aesthetic advantage.

I also want to draw attention to the fact that the Evans Boots are a lot slimmer when worn. The shoes look really lean, unlike similar designs that tend to make your feet look a lot bigger than they actually are. So Evans adds a real fashion-forward touch to everyday outfits and maybe even some more dressed-up looks.

Pliable Leather Uppers for an Instant Worn Look

One of the things that make leather boots more appealing is a well-worn aesthetic. With Evans though, you won’t need to wait long months of wear before you can achieve that authentic vintage appeal.

The full-grain leather uppers are unbelievably pliable and easy to break-in. Of course, the boots aren’t exactly the softest right out of the box. But compared to a lot of other similar boots I’ve tried, the Evans takes less time to mold according to your foot shape.

Aside from being very forgiving, the boots’ uppers are also prone to light-grain creasing. That is, you may notice some folds and creases where the boots frequently bend and move along with your joints. On my own Evans, creases were particularly noticeable around the ankles and the throat. Personally, I don’t think it was too big of a problem as it does add some character to the boot.

Lastly for the uppers, I want to mention that they are very easy to scuff up. Something as subtle as drawing your fingernail lightly across the surface of the uppers can create a very prominent scuff. Even then the boots are easy to buff out with a clean cloth, a brush, or even just your finger.

The Right Balance Between Support and Comfort

Boots like the Wolverine Evans are made to be worn on the daily because of their all-around look and versatile use. So comfort has to be one of the main considerations people have when looking to buy these boots.

To put things simply, the boots are extremely comfortable right off the bat. The soft, pliable leather uppers are very forgiving of movement. So they don’t dig into bony prominences like other, less accommodating boot designs. The Wolverine Evans also has some good insole linings that wick away moisture and provide cool, dry comfort for long term use.

Without a composite or metal shank, the boots are very easy to walk in. They move with your feet and don’t restrict plantar flexion, which makes you feel like you’re walking in any other typical walking shoe. Despite this though, Evans are very good at providing just the right ankle and heel support. They’re very stable and secure, wrapping sufficiently around the joints to prevent injury.

Probably the only issue I encountered with the shoe in terms of comfort or support was the width of the toe box. Sure, it was a tight fit at first. But once you get through the break-in phase, you can expect a pair of well-fitting boots that give you enough room all around.

A Sound Investment with Impressive Durability

Compared to other forms of footwear, a premium pair of leather boots is often seen as a long-lasting purchase. So anyone looking to buy a pair of leather boots is likely in search of investment. Good news for those interested in buying the Wolverine Evans, these boots are pretty hardy against damage.

One of the reasons why is because the boot itself was designed to roll with the punches of wear and tear. Leveraging everyday use to further improve its aesthetics, the boots look better with time without sacrificing their overall sturdiness.

The stitching on the boots is also very impressive. Parts of the upper that are susceptible to damage feature expertly executed triple stitching. This keeps all the different sections of the leather securely attached to withstand years of use.

Turn the boot over and you’ll see it uses a half-sole. This also helps prolong the life of the outsole as it prevents wear and tear to the midsection which is often the most beat-up part of any boot. By dividing the sole into two, you get a longer-lasting design that eliminates the chances of having the rubber crack and break over time.

Remarkable Attention to Detail

If there were an award for attention to details, then the Wolverine Evans would be a formidable contender. At a glance, it’s easy to see that the boot is made from premium materials with expert craftsmanship. But take a closer look, and you’ll see that the boots were really well thought out.

Four traditional eyelet lacing holes followed by three lacing hooks closer to the top edge of the uppers make the boots unbelievably easy to adjust and fit. This further reinforces the boots’ role as an everyday shoe, because not everyone wants to sit down and take their time with just wearing a boot every morning.

Aside from a discreet imprint on the uppers indicating the Wolverine brand, the entire design is pretty much free from labeling. Of course, there is an imprint on the underside of the midsole, but this doesn’t really take away from the discreet, minimalist aesthetic that the boot tries to aim for.

Lastly, I also want to mention how the different available colorways take the midsole stain into consideration to make a handsome boot no matter which color you choose. For instance, the stone leather shade boasts a beautiful ashy light brown midsole that gradually darkens closer to the sole. This gives the boot a distinct appearance that gives just the right balance between sole and upper contrast.

Pros of the Wolverine Evans Boot

  • Timeless design and silhouette guarantees that you can use your boot on the daily for years without falling out of fashion.
  • Versatile aesthetics make it a great casual boot or a suitable formal footwear choice for work and special occasions.
  • Soft, pliable leather uppers take to wear and tear very well, looking even better with age.
  • Comfortable design ditches the shank to give you a step that’s comfortable and natural.
  • Despite being pliable and forgiving, the leather uppers give just enough support so you can walk in confidence minus the worry for injury.
  • Beautifully designed boots shine with expert craftsmanship from all angles, so you know you’re really getting a premium pair of footwear.
  • Vibram sole provides sufficient traction and is designed in a way that won’t give in to damage even with everyday use.
  • Easy to break-in, allowing you to enjoy the boots as a second skin just weeks after you take them out of the box.

Cons of the Wolverine Evans Boots

  • The boots’ ability to take on wear and tear may cause them to look more worn out than you prefer.
  • Exaggerated light-grain creasing. So maintaining a smooth and seamless look may be a challenge.
  • Runs half size larger than typical sizes.

The Bottom Line

Despite coming with a pretty heavy price tag, I would say that a Wolverine Men’s Boot can be a very sound purchase for anyone who wants something that won’t just last but will give them the best quality for their money’s worth.

The boots look great, age wonderfully, and go above and beyond many other leather boots in terms of performance. Plus the fact that they boast unrivaled craftsmanship that’s immediately apparent, there’s no such thing as buyer’s remorse with these premium quality boots.

So even if they cost a very pretty penny, I’d recommend that you go for the purchase. In exchange, you’re getting a lifelong footwear companion that you can leverage anytime, anywhere.

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