Chippewa Boots Review

Chippewa boot

Chippewa Boots have been producing top quality rugged boots and shoes since 1901. Every Chippewa boot is made to the highest standards of craftsmanship and materials. In this article, we review Chippewa’s best across 4 categories: Engineer Outdoor Field Road Best Engineer Boot: Chippewa Whirlwind Engineer Original Benefits Hardy Sole The use a nitro fibrum … Read more

Wesco Boot Review

Wesco boot review

The West Coast Shoe Company got its start in the timber camps of Oregon way back in 1918. Yet it is, to this day, still a family owned business selling its shoes all over the world from a workshop in Oregon. The company attributes its long-lasting success to two factors: attention to detail in craftsmanship … Read more

Sanita Clogs

Sanita is the original Danish clogs company, created in 1907. A lot of people may not be aware that Dansko clogs which were manufactured before 2008 were actually manufactured by Sanita. So it is not surprising that Sanita has a long history of making shoes which are specifically created to keep feet happy after spending … Read more

Dansko Shoe and Clogs Review

dansko has some of the best occupational shoes

If you are looking for a new shoe and comfort is at the top of your wish list, it makes sense to take a gander at a brand that people who are on their feet all day tend to rely on.  Dansko has developed a reputation for delivering “all day comfort” for good reason.  And … Read more

Dr. Martens vs Timberland

While  is based in the United States and  are manufactured in the UK, both brands are successful and well-respected worldwide. Although the success of both companies originally stems from work boots for men, they have both profitably branched out into a wide range of other styles, including those for women and children.   Online opinions … Read more

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