The Best Nike Dunks Low

There was a time when no one would consider wearing Nike’s as a skater shoe. Many brands already offered the comfort and the style that skateboarders wanted and needed, Van’s sitting at the top position. But Nike? No way. 20 years ago, Nike made shoes for all different types of athletes, just not those athletes. Before Tony Hawk successfully commercialized skateboarding, few even considered it a sport. It was more like an activity that a small subset of the population did, but nothing that Nike would actually design shoes for.

That all changed in 2002 when they launched Nike SB Dunk Lows. Now, Nike offers skate shoes and many different ones with different styles and colors. These are shoes that skaters want to wear and watch release dates to get them as soon as they come out. If you went back in time, no one would believe it. Of course, Amazon was a book warehouse back then, and eBay was akin to an online garage sale. However, times change, and we are so happy Nike changed with them.

Keep reading this article to find some of the best Nike Dunks low on the market today!

Top 6 Nike Dunk Low ShoesWhy It's BestRating
Nike Women's Green StrikeColorful and Bright, awesome colorway, great style.★★★★★
Nike Women's Lime IceStylish, good color scheme for women, good use of overlays.★★★★★
Nike Women's Orange PearlPretty without being over the top, good ventilation, style and traction.★★★★★
Nike Men's RetroClassic, retro, versatile look with a good amount of comfort and traction.★★★★★
Nike Men's Michiganretro classic shoe spirit style, and comes in a lot of sizes so everyone can rock these shoes.★★★★★
Nike Men's Multi-CamoDifferent and unique, outside the box thinking in design, fun.★★★★
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The Best Nike Dunks Low 

Nike Women’s Dunk Low Green Strike

The Nike Women’s Dunk Low Green Strike  is a fan favorite. It was a highly anticipated release at the end of the 2022 spring season, and it did not disappoint fans. There are numerous reasons why people wanted these shoes, but the pops of color and the green Nike swoosh made these shoes jump off the shelf. The neon green swoosh is reminiscent of Nike shoes from the early 2000s, taking fans right back to where this shoe line started.

This shoe is exclusive to the women’s line, encouraging female skaters to make everyone else jealous of their new skater shoes. Except for the tongue (which is made of nylon), the shoe is made out of leather. It has a black outer sole with good traction. The midsole is white with black stitching. These shoes have a bright and fun colorway style which is especially great for the warmer months where people are always looking for new ways to express themselves.


  • Style – The unique colorway style is a huge seller. These shoes include white, yellow, black, red, lime green, and a bluish-purple color. These are perfect for people looking to maximize their fashion with every part of their wardrobe, including the shoes.
  • Easy To Clean – Although there is a lot of white on these shoes, they are relatively easy to clean with a black outsole and a black inner lining. Nike was able to throw enough black into the shoe without taking away the overall bright appearance of these shoes.
  • Comfort – These shoes offer a fair amount of comfort whether worn for skating, style, or everyday wear. They are not as comfortable as running or athletic shoes as they have less cushion in the design, but they are great for what they are.


  • Imperfect – Although the style is great, the stitching on the shoes could be better than it is.
  • Quality – Most of the shoe is leather, but more like midline leather than the buttery soft top-of-the-line leather. However, the materials they use are perfect for the price they are marked at.

Nike Women’s Dunk Low Lime Ice

The Nike Women’s Dunk Low Lime Ice is another popular shoe for the ladies. If you like the idea of a colorful and unique skater shoe, but the first example is just a bit much for you, check these out. This color scheme is so much better suited towards the spring – they will also look great during the fall and winter months.

It is a little subdued without being boring at all. These shoes are called lime ice because the color is fantastic. It is like watering down the brightness of lime until you have this beautiful shade of green. It also features a light soft pink that gives off the same effect. The show is finished with a ghost blue Nike swoosh and some pops of white to brighten it up the perfect amount to create perfection.

The shoe liner is a lilac or ghost blue color like the swoosh. The outsole is the lime ice color, but there is also a fair amount of white/beige coloring on the sole of the shoes and the tongue, making them a little more challenging to keep clean. These shoes are also made out of mainly leather with a nylon tongue. Much of the colorway is done with different overlays, so whether or not this shoe is for you will heavily depend on if you would rather have one continuous shoe or you love overlays that bring in a pop of color.


  • Stylish – These shoes are the perfect balance between colorway styles. It is not too bright and in your face, but it still has an attractive color combination that is striking and will get her noticed. However, they are calm enough to go with any outfit she chooses to wear.
  • Overlays: Has plenty of overlays to add color and style. They also add a little extra weight and protection to these shoes.
  • Comfort – These shoes are adequately vented so her feet will not get too warm or sweaty. 


  • Quality – Again, this is not a pro or a con; it is more like a draw. The quality of the leather, as well as the stitching, could be better. However, it is totally acceptable for these shoes’ price point.

Nike Women’s Dunk Low Orange Pearl 

The Nike Women’s Dunk Low Orange Pearl is our final choice for the best Nike Dunk Low Shoes. The orange pearl is a warm palette answer to giving women shoes with a softer feel without being over the top pink and girly. These are perfect skater shoes, and they stick to the basic style of dunk lows with pops of color using overlays in the best possible way. These shoes are available up to 12 (sometimes you can even find higher), so collectors can buy them for males or females with a size conversion.

These are all-season sneakers that are slip-resistant and lightweight. Those factors make them great to use for skateboarding and other street sports. They are low cut with a round toe and a flat heel.


  • Crisp Design – The colors in these shoes offer a crisp design that is pleasing to the eye. It is simple but not dull. Although they are all-year shoes, they would be great for the spring or fall.
  • Ventilation – These shoes offer plenty of ventilation to keep women comfortable regardless of doing.


  • Difficult to Keep Clean – Although the colors are great, they are so light that these shoes may scuff or become dirty quickly, which is less than ideal.

Nike Men’s Dunk Low Retro Black/White

The Nike Men’s Dunk Low Retro Black/White is a great choice for men as you can never go wrong with a well-designed black and white shoe. Many words can describe this shoe. Skater Shoe. Classic. Striking. Statement Shoe. Street. Trendy. Iconic. Perfection. Whatever word or words you choose, this is a perfect shoe for everyone! These shoes have a black and white colorway, lace-up closure, a leather upper base, and leather overlays.

The black and white design of this shoe is contrasting in every way. The central black Nike swish contrasts with the white Nike swish on the tongue. The sole is also black and white in different spots, drawing attention to these shoes – including black stitching on the white part of the sole.

These shoes also have a fabric lining, a rubber sole, a padded ankle, and a ventilation perforation. These black and white Nike’s will go well with any clothing he chooses to wear, which makes them a versatile pair of shoes to own. The rubber sole will provide just the right amount of traction. Dunk Low shoes are traditional skater shoes, but they are often chosen for the fashion aspect. With the traction available on this shoe, the wearer will skate and stay on their board or wear them in an urban setting doing whatever they do on a typical day or a night out.


  • Versatile – The level of style these provide is terrific. Black and white really go with everything.
  • Comfort Level – These shoes are very comfortable for Dunk Low shoes. However, if this is your first pair of dunks or skater shoes, you may find them less comfortable than other sneakers you have worn. Most non-skater shoes are athletic or running shoes which typically provide more support and cushioning than this style.
  • Classic – Although this is a new model, it is classic. Most people gravitate towards black or white in their shoes, so almost everyone loves this classic style.


  • Ventilation – This is more of a style issue. Ventilation can undoubtedly be a selling point, so people’s feet get proper air and do not overheat or sweat. However, the ventilation on both the top of the shoe and the sides is apparent. Some people love this look and think it adds to the style. However, others do not like the look of the ventilation holes.

Nike Men’s Dunk Low Michigan

The Nike Men’s Dunk Low Michigan  is another popular Dunk Low for men. Although it appears to be yellow and black at first glance, it is actually Varsity Maize and Midnight Blue – they are called Michigan because these shoes are a shout-out to the University of Michigan and their colors. These shoes are actually a new low-top take on the original “Be True To Your School” colorway, initially released by Nike in 1985. These shoes are retro-cool, a real homage to where they came from with an updated style.

There are a lot of selling points for these shoes. Of course, you have fashion. These two colors look stunning together and would go with just about anything. Of course, if you are a Michigan Wolverines student, alumni, or fan, these Dunk Low Michigan’s are the obvious choice to express your school spirit or fandom. There is already a high dunk in a similar style and color scheme, and it would only make sense to own both.

Of course, these leather shoes with a nylon tongue and the rubber sole is comfortable and functional. The collar is low-cut, and it has ventilation and a perforated toe box for support and fit. The outer sole gives the wearer an extra layer of traction.


  • School Spirit – If you are looking for school spirit, this is an excellent choice as they use the exact colors as the Michigan Wolverines. Michigan has plenty of students, faculty, fans, and alumni who have powerful feelings about this school and sports team. This was a highly anticipated release for that reason.
  • Traction – There is a fair amount of traction on these shoes, making them ideal for many situations. Some of the events people will wear these shoes to or for include tailgating, going to games, attending class (perhaps running across campus to get there on time), and, of course, skateboarding.
  • Sizing Availability – Although these are men’s shoes, the wide variety of available sizing will allow men, women, and even youth to choose this style.


  • Retro – Although this is a selling point for some, some people prefer all-new styles, not throwbacks to decade-old bestsellers.

Nike Men’s Dunk Low Black Multi-Camo

The Nike Men’s Dunk Low Black Multi-Camo is a unique and fun style for men to choose. The color scheme of these shoes is black, white, total orange, and oil green. It has multiple camo prints, so the shoes are not totally a match, which is true to any type of real camo or camo fashion. So, that was a great decision during the design process. 

The design of this shoe is an excellent combination of a nod to military influences and the need to bring sport into the shoe functionality. The style screams military and support of that choice and troops. Still, the actual style of the shoes, including the basketball Nike insignia on the back of the shoe, reminds us that besides skating and style, at the core, Nike represents all athletics, especially basketball.


  • Style – These shoes offer a specific style and differing fashion choices than most Nike lines, even Nike SB. When you think of Nike, camo is not an image that comes to mind. However, as a company, they are growing and being more inclusive by designing shoes for all types of people, including those who like to step off the beaten path.
  • Design – The overall design of this shoe is excellent. It combines the need for one to express themselves with the desire to be active and have appropriate footwear to do both of these things in.


  • Quality – Overall, the shoes look great, but some of the stitching and finer points could have been done better.

How We Chose These Nike Dunk Low Shoes

When choosing a specific style or model of shoe, most people have a list of qualities that they are looking for. This is true of the Dunk Low shoes, just like other shoes. The difference may be the qualities people look for and the importance each one places. Here are some of the top attributes, in no particular order. These are typically things that people buying this style of shoe compare to make their decision.

Typically, in this type of shoe, this is the number one consideration for people. Since these shoes are so colorful and modern, the style attracts people to these shoes. These shoes have colors and designs not found in most shoes on the market. They really let the wearer express themselves just by lacing up a pair of these kicks.

Comfort will be a consideration that needs to be thought about, regardless of the shoe’s appearance. If the shoe is completely unwearable, it does not matter how great they look. The only exception is for people buying shoes as collectors.

Since these are first and foremost designed as skateboarding shoes, it is essential that they can be used for that. During skateboarding, the shoes/feet are one of the most used part of the body. There is a lot of moving, bending, and repositioning, so it is vital that proper ventilation is being provided.

Traction is still essential whether someone is getting these for skateboarding or urban wear. Slipping and falling is not cool, and it could also damage the shoes, which should not happen to fashionable pieces of footwear such as these.

FAQ About Nike Dunk Low Shoes

What Does Nike SB (the brand of Dunk Low) Mean?

Nike SB stands for Nike Skateboarding. We keep referring to these as skater shoes because that is what they were initially designed for. The brand may have grown and evolved in the last 2 decades, but at the core, these are still designed for skateboarders and skateboard culture.

What Other Shoe is the Dunk Low Comparable to?
As for comfort level, how they wear and culture, they are comparable to Converse and Van’s.

Why are Dunk Lows so Popular?
Dunk Lows have always held a certain amount of popularity, but the rise of social media and streaming video has undoubtedly helped. It never hurts when celebrities wear them or the vast number of people who make videos about this brand and style.

What are Sneakerheads?
Sneakerheads are people who are buy, collect, trade, and sell shoes as a hobby (sometimes even as a side hustle or business). These people are very knowledgeable about sneakers, brands, history, and popularity. Many people who love these shoes are sneakerheads.

What if I Want a Shoe Only Available for the Opposite Sex?
It depends on your size. For instance, if you are a male who wears a size 13 or 14, you are probably out of luck. However, for US shoe sizes to convert, men add a size and a half, women subtract a size and a half. So if a man wears a size 9 and they wanted a style only available for women, they can buy a size 11 ½.