Asos Chelsea Boot Review

The Chelsea Boot is a footwear blueprint we’ve seen time and time again. Asos released their own version of the design a few years back. And while I have to admit that it does look like a sleek, sophisticated, classy boot, there are far better choices available. The Dr. Marten’s Chelsea Boot for instance offers great performance all around, and definitely gives you greater value for your hard earned cash.

Do I mean to say that the Asos Chelsea Boot isn’t deserving of your purchase? Well, if you’re looking for a legitimate looking Chelsea that falls within a budget price range, then you might not be too upset with what Asos has to offer. But with unimpressive durability and substandard comfort that doesn’t seem to have been given much thought at all, I simply can’t bring myself to recommend this Chelsea choice.

Find out more about this boot blunder and how it fairs against vetted Chelsea boot designs in the market by checking out my comprehensive review.

Asos Chelsea Boot Review

Poor Construction That’s Prone to Damage

Much like brands like Topman, Asos focuses on form rather than function when it comes to footwear. That is, they manufacture designs that aren’t particularly capable of standing against the test of wear and tear. I’ve found their Chelsea Boot to be lacking in terms of durability.

The welt in particular was poorly put together. After a few months of use, lots of users complained that the uppers would tear away from the soles. Plus, because the welts are exceptionally stiff, constantly walking in the boots could easily damage them.

If you’re looking for a Chelsea boot that’s really well put together, you can check out the Timberland EK Brook Park Chelsea Boot instead. The design boasts impeccable construction, looking even better as the years of wear start to show. Sure, it might not come at such an affordable price point, but with its long lasting structure and premium materials, it does turn out to be a great investment.

Disappointing Comfort from Heel to Toe

As I said previously, Asos tends to design shoes more for their fashion than anything else. So much like durability, comfort had to take a back seat with their Chelsea Boot. The footbed is uninspired, giving users nothing but a flat surface that doesn’t offer any support for the arches at all.

The borders of the leather uppers also feel sharp against the skin. Friction with these edges can cause painful blisters. Plus the fact that Chelsea boots are rarely ever worn with socks that extend beyond the height of the shaft, it becomes difficult to find a work-around to such a glaring design flaw.

For those on the hunt for a comfortable Chelsea boot, I highly recommend the Crevo Denham Chelsea Boot. Aside from its soft, pliable uppers, the boot also comes equipped with a special memory foam footbed that offers exceptional comfort. What’s more, the design also uses a flexible non-slip outsole that makes them incredibly easy to walk in for added comfort and freedom of movement.

Lacking in Lockdown and Ankle Support

One of the first things I noticed about the Asos Chelsea Boot is that it fits pretty loose around the ankles. So even if you buy the smallest size that can accommodate your feet, you won’t be able to enjoy too much support or lockdown especially against lateral movements. The goring panels don’t do a lot for the design either and seem completely unnecessary when you find how loose fitting they can be.

Needless to say, the boot performs poorly when it comes to reducing lateral movements of the ankles. And because they don’t use reinforced or textured outsoles, they become something of a safety hazard. The slippery soles together with the complete lack of ankle support make a dangerous combination. So make sure you’re ready to take extra care with each step once you don the Asos Chelsea.

Personally, I think the Dr. Marten’s Cheslea Boot does significantly better in terms of support and lockdown. The uppers taper slightly as they reach higher up the leg, so they provide a snug fit that prevents lateral movement more efficiently. The lug sole is also much more reliable at providing stable footing on a variety of terrain. So all together, is a pretty safe boot that gives you greater confidence.

Flat Soles Pose a Safety Risk

Chelsea boots are often designed with slim, smooth soles for the purpose of aesthetic. But even then, most manufacturers try to incorporate features to give the boots traction despite their sleek appearance. For instance, the Rockport Wynstin Chelsea Boot uses textured rubber outsoles that give it just the right bite for walking around your office or the mall.

Unfortunately, Asos seems to have overlooked that, using completely flat leather soles that offer little to no traction at all. The end result is a hazardous boot that could cause a number of slip and fall accidents if you’re not careful enough with your step. They’re particularly poor at providing traction on tiles, smooth pavement, and any other indoor terrain.

Streamlined Silhouette Exudes Sophistication

Despite all the negative things I had to say about the Asos Chelsea Boot, I have to admit that it doesn’t look too shabby. The silhouette is sleek and classy, thinning down your feet and adding a touch of substantial sophistication to any outfit. Then again, there are a lot of other Chelsea boot designs that offer the same high-class cut without having to put the rest of their features on the line.


Anyone interested in an ultra-streamlined Chelsea might be better off with choices like the Steve Madden Highline Chelsea Boot. This sharp looking footwear design comes in a handsome suede variation, and adds extra appeal with its high contrast outsole-upper color combo. They look particularly dapper with a pair of jeans, but they work great with slacks, too.

Thursday Boot Company’s Duke Chelsea Boot is another premium choice for those who want something that’s extra good-looking. This design has a particularly pointy toe box, giving the illusion of a longer, thinner foot. The uppers are also slightly more tapered around the leg, so you can easily slip them under your pant legs for subtle styling.

Pros of the Asos Chelsea Boot

  • Sleek silhouette adds a touch of sophistication to a variety of outfits.
  • Falls within the budget range, so they’re really easy on the pocket.
  • Comes in a variety of colorways and material combinations to suit every discriminating taste.

Cons of the Asos Chelsea Boot

  • Uppers tend to peel away from the soles just a few months after use.
  • Welts are particularly stiff and resistant to movement.
  • Footbeds are flat and dense, making them very uncomfortable.
  • Loose fitting around the ankles and calves, providing very little support.
  • Slippery soles can cause an unstable step even on relatively flat surfaces.
  • Poor performance overall, so they’re better off for one-time use rather than the daily grind.

Other Chelsea Boots to Consider

If you’re still on the hunt for a good Chelsea boot, I’ve done some extra research to provide you a quick overview of some designs worth checking out. For those in search of a budget Chelsea, I suggest you give the Bruno Marc Casual Chelsea Ankle Boots a good look. These boots were designed with exceptional durability and stability despite coming at a very reasonable price point.

The Timberland Carter Notch PT Chelsea Boot makes a great investment if you were hoping to buy something you could use for the daily grind. The reinforced rubber soles and the hardy leather uppers are both pliable and robust, giving you the perfect combination of comfort and support.

Finally, for those who want something for those fancy occasions, a top-of-the-line, high-end Chelsea Boot like the FRYE Sam Chelsea Boot can be a superb choice. The design oozes with sophistication with its low shaft and slim soles. Of course, with its pretty steep price tag though, you get what you pay for. And that is a long lasting, good looking boot that can help you serve classy looks for several long years.


Obviously, the verdict on this particular boot design is clear. With poor construction, non-existent comfort, and disappointing performance overall, I can’t recommend the Asos Chelsea boot even if you were looking for a budget friendly option. All in all, there are other more reliable Chelsea boot choices that provide better functionality without putting too much of a dent on your wallet.

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  1. Great review these chelseas. Thank you very much. Do you have any recommendations for chelseas that come in size 14-15? I like the timberland or Dr. Marten ones for the durability. They arent my favourite to look at. I would get them if i found them in a size that fits perfect.

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