What is the Vamp of a Shoe?

Woman Trying On Shoes for Vamp

You’ve found the perfect outfit but can’t figure out what shoes to go with them. It’s a dilemma many women face daily. So, what’s the big secret to finding the perfect pair? It all traces back to the vamp of your shoe. But what is the vamp of a shoe, and why does it matter? … Read more

How To Measure Shoe Size

Finding Perfect Fit for Shoes

“Fit governs function.” Without the right sizing, a shoe cannot serve its main purpose. Thankfully, it does not take a professional to determine your correct size. Here are some simple steps on how to measure your shoe size that will ensure that any footwear fits perfectly! How To Measure Your Shoe Size In Four Simple Steps … Read more

Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

indoor soccer net

Playing indoor soccer can be challenging. It is fun, fast-paced, and competitive, but it is essential to have soccer shoes made specifically for indoor play. Sometimes, the equipment we use can push a player over the edge from good to great. Highly competitive players are always looking for an edge to be a step better … Read more

How to Prevent Shoe Bite

Applying a Band-Aid to Prevent Shoe Bite

Wearing shoes that fit properly is the best defense against shoe bite. However, that isn’t always an option when you’re trying to break a shoe in or if you’re in between sizes. These tips on how to prevent shoe bite will stop blisters before they happen.  Reduce Friction If you are breaking in new shoes, … Read more

How To Know If Shoe Fits: Is It Too Big or Too Small?

Ensure That There Is Adequate Space In The Shoe

When it comes to your shoes, you always want to be like Goldilocks – the fit needs to be just right. Otherwise, you can develop a slew of foot disorders and endure regular pain. Interestingly enough, research studies have shown that “between 63% and 72% of participants were wearing shoes that did not accommodate either … Read more

How to Clean Shoelaces

White and Colored Shoe Laces

When your shoelaces are just dirty, and not frayed or coming apart, it’s more cost-effective to clean them than it is to replace them. With these methods on how to clean shoelaces, you’ll be able to get them looking like new without damaging them. You’ll find instructions for cleaning them by hand, in the washing … Read more

How Long Are Shoelaces?

Shoelace length varies depending on the number of eyelets, size of the shoe, and how much lace you want to be left free at the end. On average, the length of shoelaces can range from 24-inches to 59-inches or even more. Shorter shoelaces are better for fewer eyelets and smaller feet while longer shoelaces are … Read more

The Best Nike Running Shoes For Shin Splints

woman running

Shin splints are familiar to runners of any speed. The injury is brought on by repeated stress from hitting the pavement. Roughly 10-20% of injuries amongst runners are from shin splints. The best Nike running shoes for shin splints aid in preventing the problem before it has time to strike. While shin splints are common, … Read more

The Best Shoes For Vet Techs

best shoes for vet techs

Between the fur, the drool, and the other bodily fluids, vet techs need shoes that can handle whatever animal grime might be in their path. They also need to be durable and comfortable for long hours of sitting, standing, running, and anything unexpected! That’s a lot to look for in a shoe. But fear not! … Read more

The Adidas Nite Jogger Reviewed

Adidas Nite Jogger Review

Adidas stakes its reputation on making the most comfortable and stylish footwear on the market. With both innovative and classic designs, the company is always reinventing the wheel in terms of combining fashion and comfort. The is a throwback to the 1980s design, perfect for the retro look that you love.  This model isn’t just … Read more