Best Cheap Skate Shoes : The Top 5 Shoes for Skateboarding

When you skate, you need superior traction to grip the board. Slipping simply won’t do it when you’re riding the halfpipe and doing tricks or trying to get from point A to B. You also need flexibility and durability, for when you scuff the shoes. It is also great to look cool while doing it. These best cheap skate shoes will make your feet look great and give you the control you need while skateboarding, without breaking the bank.

DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker. Padded with comfortable fitMid-RangePerformance cup sole cradles your foot
Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate ShoeFits as expectedMid-RangeGreat ankle support and high durability
Vans Vee3NVY Unisex Authentic ShoesFits well, depending on shoe sizeBudget-FriendlyMinimalist design that is very flexible and lightweight
Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Life Skateboarding ShoeNarrow fitBudget-FriendlyVersatile and stylish
The Globe Men’s Fusion Skate ShoesPadded for comfortable fitMid-RangeSoft and comfortable

There are not many athletic activities I have not tried, and skateboarding is among those that I enjoy. While I’m not necessarily a committed skater, I do enjoy climbing back on my board from time to time and I understand the importance of a quality shoe while skateboarding. For me, things like having a textured sole to grip the board and having enough bend into the shoe that I can do a few tricks is most important.

Best Cheap Skate Shoes

DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker

Among the many contenders, my top pick is the DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker. It has a wide range of colors available that let you show off your personality. It features a traditional skate shoe style, a padded tongue and collar, and is incredibly breathable and flexible. It is a little heavier than some skate shoes, but the many great features make up for that.

These traditionally-styled skate shoes have a wide range of color options that let you show off your personal style and flare. They have a thick padded tongue and collar and a lace-up tying style. There are also ports on the side of the shoe, which add to the breathability and reduce odor and sweating. The upper leather also has mesh lining to enhance breathability.

Inside the shoe, a padded tongue and collar hold your foot securely, providing ankle support and softness. This increases the security of the shoe and makes the break-in period easier. The DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker also has a performance cup sole, which cradles your foot regardless of its size. The shoe is roomy and has good arch support as well.

The outsole is sturdy, being abrasion-resistant and very sticky. It is durable for light and heavy riders and can withstand the abuse of skateboarding. It even grips oily, greasy, and muddy surfaces, which is perfect for the rider that uses their board to get around town. It is clear that it is a thick, solid shoe that will not break down easily.


There are not many disadvantages to this shoe. There are some sizing discrepancies, so it is best to try them on in the store if you are going to buy them online. The fit is a little tight, but they will break in. Finally, they are not as light as some other shoes, but this is because of the padding and durability of the shoe.

Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe- Best High-Top Style Skateboarding Shoe

This Osiris shoe has a higher ankle than most skate shoes, which makes it a good choice for people who need a lot of ankle support. This is important when attempting big jumps and tricks, especially when your ankle might bend. The shoe has a wraparound midsole and textured toe bumper to protect the shoe from skid marks and damage that are common while skateboarding.

The upper of the shoe is constructed of fabric and leather, so the shoe is breathable and durable. The inside of the Osiris Men’s NYC 83 Vulcanized Skate Shoe accommodates wide feet and is comfortable to wear. The shoe is as durable as is expected for a skateboarding shoe, generally withstanding a year or two of regular use before the shoe starts to show signs of wear. This often happens with problems in the sole.

The inside of the shoe features a padded tongue and collar that help the shoe conform to your foot. This lends to a better all-around fit. On the outside of the shoe, an abrasion-resistant outsole improves durability and performance. It also improves how well you can grip the board.


To ensure the integrity of the shoe, you should store tissue paper or something inside when you are not wearing them. Otherwise, the shoe might cave in. The soles are glued instead of stitched, which can lead to durability issues. Additionally, the soles tend to squeak during the break-in period and the white sole can become dirty easily.

Vans Vee3NVY Unisex Authentic Shoes- Best Grip on a Minimalist Shoe

This shoe features a minimalist skate shoe design, which is less bulky than the average shoe for a skateboarder. It has 30+ colors to choose from in a canvas-style design, for plenty of chances to showcase your personality and coordinate your shoes with your riding gear. Even with the minimalist design, the shoe still features vulcanized construction for increased durability in high-skid areas like the toe and heel.

Whether for skateboarding or casual wear, the soles of the Vans Vee3NVY Unisex Authentic Shoes are just enough to provide support.  It is flexible and features a waffle pattern, which is designed especially for gripping a skateboard. There is minimal padding inside, but the right shoe size will hug your foot. Another benefit is the price since you can easily buy several styles to coordinate with your boards.

This is among one of the most lightweight shoes since there is minimal padding. It has a good amount of toe space and the shoe is easy to slide on and off. Finally, the rubber sole is just enough to provide cushioning between you and the ground.


This is a shoe where the fit is important to how well it works. While the shoelaces provide a little give, the shoe can be stiff for some people and can cause blisters if it is a poor fit. Additionally, there is no arch support but that is expected in this style of canvas shoe.

Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Lifestyle Skateboarding Shoe- Most Versatile Skating Shoe

These shoes feature a sleeker style than a traditional skateboarding shoe, with a low-top style and lightweight design. There is comfortable padding inside the shoe and it has a minimalist feel, making the shoe very flexible. The upper is constructed of a sturdy denim for a unique look and feel. The denim also conforms to your foot as it breaks in.

The rubber sole has a textured bumper on the toe area for increased durability. Though the Adidas NEO Men’s SE Daily Vulc Life Skateboarding Shoe only has a small amount of arch support, it’s a good choice for people with flat feet. Inside the shoe, memory foam cloud insoles are comfortable to wear under your feet. It is also soft around the ankle so it won’t cause blisters.

In addition to being a great skateboarding shoe, this model is perfect for casual and professional wear. The styles are not especially colorful, but the denim material gives them texture and personality. They are versatile and stylish. The shoes also match a wide range of outfits. Additionally, the style of the shoe gives you better control and feel of the board.


This is not a good shoe for long treks, as your feet will be sore by the end. The sole is thin and this reflects in the quality, as both the sole and insole will start to break down over time. Even though the shoe is designed lightweight and thin, the denim material becomes hot if you wear it for several hours. The fit of the shoe is also narrow.

Globe Men’s Fusion Skate Shoes- Best Fit in a Skating Shoe

These classic-style skate shoes come in mostly grey, black, and white color schemes, but some feature a pop of color that makes a statement. They have an integrated inner sock, which makes them easy to slide on and off. The tongue is stitched into the shoe, which gives it a sock-like feel when you slide it onto your foot.

The Globe Men’s Fusion Skate Shoes have an upper constructed of synthetic material and leather and a synthetic sole. The upper is breathable and an all-around bumper increases durability for scuffs. Unlike many other skate shoes on this list, not all the styles have a white bumper, which is nice if you are worried about keeping your shoes clean.

Though this shoe sits low on the ankle, it offers a fair amount of ankle support. It is fully padded and has plenty of cushioning, which makes the shoe very comfortable to wear. The shoe secures to your foot well and though it seems a little tight out of the box, it will stretch to accommodate. The bottom of the shoe has a grippy design that feels gummy and grips skateboards amazingly well. The fit of the shoe lets it bend with your foot.


Compared to more expensive brands, this shoe is not the most durable and it might break down after less than a year of heavy use. Often, this happens with the sole coming apart because it is glued instead of sewn. Though the general fit of the shoe is good, the sock-like design can be a little tight in the toe box. This can cause the shoe to rub and cause blisters on the pinky toe.

General Criteria

Some people wear skate shoes for style. When you want them to function, however, here are some of the criteria that you should use to choose the best shoe for your foot:

  • Tread and traction
  • Flexibility
  • Protection on high-scuff areas like the toe and shoe
  • How comfortable the shoe is
  • Style
  • Durability
  • Breathability

We used these criteria to evaluate dozens of skate shoes for men and narrowed it down to the contenders above. Most of the skate shoes listed cost less than $100 in most of the sizes offered.

My Overall Pick

Overall, the DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker has the most features that are best for a skate shoe. You can show off your personality with the many color options and they are comfortable, being flexible, breathable, and soft. It’s not the best option for a skater looking for a lighter  shoe but will work for someone who doesn’t mind sacrificing a little weight for a good fit and enjoyable wearing experience.


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