How To Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip

Non Slip Shoes with tight tread pattern

Your feet are your foundation but without the proper tools to function in different environments, you run the risk of injury. Whether you work in the food industry, on a construction site, or in a healthcare setting, it is imperative that you have the right footwear for the job. Research indicates that “slips, trips, and … Read more

The Best Nike Shoes For Nurses

best nike shoes for nurses

Foot pain is the number one complaint of full-time nurses. There is a lot one can do after hours to try to mitigate that pain, such as soaking your feet in Epsom salts or having a comfortable pair of slippers to slide into at home. But what can be done during working hours to lessen … Read more

The Best Shoes for Teachers – Our Top Comfortable Choices

The Best Shoes for Teachers

In a world that manufactures shoes for every profession, from mechanics to nursing, teaching is one of the few professions that do not have a specific footwear line. Teachers scramble to find a comfortable shoe that follows the dress code and helps them keep up with the demands of their job. When I was student-teaching, … Read more

10 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete- Work and Move in Comfort

10 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Concrete is one of the hardest materials in the world. It provides no cushion when you walk on it, so you need to have durable shoes with excellent support. Whether you have concrete floors at work, concrete floors at the gym, or you love to go sightseeing around town, having the right footwear will relieve … Read more

The 10 Best Shoes for Waitresses and Waiters

The 10 Best Shoes for Waitresses and Waiters

Waiting tables is one of the most hectic and tiring jobs. Did you know you can burn between 150 and 250 calories per hour waiting tables? Having a pair of comfortable work shoes with excellent support and durability is essential for any waiter or waitress running around for eight hours or longer. An ideal work … Read more

The 60 Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet

The Best Work Shoes for Flat Feet

Around thirty percent of the population has flat feet. That means no defined arch, so the entire sole of your foot touches the ground and absorbs the impact when you walk. When you have flat feet as I do, you understand the struggle find quality work footwear that feels comfortable for long hours on your … Read more

10 Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

7 Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet 2018

Nursing is one of the most unappreciated professions in the medical field. You spend long hours on your feet all day, potentially exposing yourself to hazardous materials and chemicals. When you are a nurse with flat feet, your day usually ends with you in severe pain from shoes that do not support your feet correctly. … Read more

10 Best Lace-Up Work Boots

10 Best Lace Up Work Boots

It’s a classic battle: lace-up work boots vs slip on work boots. Which boots should you buy? Although one isn’t necessarily better than the other, lace-up work boots fit more securely than pull-on models. Lacing them up allows you to adjust the shoe to your foot as tight as you feel comfortable. We’ve reviewed the … Read more

Best Mechanic Shoes: The Top 12 Work Shoes and Boots for Mechanics

Review for Timberland PRO PowerTrain Men's Mechanic Shoe

Many mechanics turn to the same reliable work boots that many other workers wear. These can be great, safe option. But work boots are not the only options for people who work as auto mechanics. Auto mechanic shoes are a lightweight, less bulky alternative to safety work boots that offer the same protection for your … Read more

The 10 Best Slip-On Work Boots

Lace-up boots have become trendy again, for work and for hanging out. So why would you buy slip-on boots for a long day on your feet? Pull-on boots are more convenient to put on, and they are more comfortable in hotter weather because they have a looser fit. While most people choose between slip-on and … Read more