Thorogood Exfil Boot Review

If you’re a fan of hard-wearing work boots, then Thorogood has something new in store for you. As one of the oldest work boot manufacturers still existing today, Thorogood has established itself as a reliable source of top quality work boots for any and every kind of worker. So there’s no question why the Thorogood … Read more

Rockport Boots Review

View on AmazonRockport basically tries to make shoes that are as comfortable as sneakers but look like regular shoes, so that you can wear them on occasions where sneakers are inappropriate, or you would just prefer to not to wear them even though comfort is a priority. It’s obvious that the company devotes a great … Read more

Blundstone Boots Review

Men's Blundstone Boot review

Blundstone is a family-owned business that has been making unique sturdy boots since 1870. The company is based in Tasmania, Australia and maintains the same authenticity, integrity and quality of their products that has existed since the very beginning more than 130 years ago. The durability of Blundstone boots is phenomenal. This is no-nonsense footwear … Read more

Red Wing Moc Toe Review

Red Wing has been manufacturing work boots and shoes of the highest quality for almost an entire century. The quality of their products is now legendary around the world. In fact, soldiers in the United States military wore shoes provided by Red Wing in both World Wars.  Now, the company has evolved to meet the … Read more