Dansko Shoe and Clogs Review

dansko has some of the best occupational shoes

If you are looking for a new shoe and comfort is at the top of your wish list, it makes sense to take a gander at a brand that people who are on their feet all day tend to rely on.  Dansko has developed a reputation for delivering “all day comfort” for good reason.  And … Read more

Red Wing Blacksmith vs Iron Ranger

Red Wing is one of the most popular and well-respected shoe manufacturers in the industry today, and for good reason. The company has been selling boots and shoes of the highest quality for almost a century, so there is no question that it continues to evolve to meet the needs of each generation. View on … Read more

Best Rain Boots For Wide Calves

Rugged Outback Women’s Tsunami Rainboot. for wide calves

There is nothing better about a cloudy, dreary, rainy spring day than a brand-new pair of slick, sleek rain boots. However, when one has thicker calves sometimes squishing them into a pair of standard-sized rain boots can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Top picks: For women with wide calves, our rain boot recommendation is … Read more

Best Pointe Shoes for Beginners

Best pointe shoes for beginners ballerina picture

As a dancer, it’s important that your pointe shoes fit you properly and provide the support that you need for your feet and the technique you’re using. The options available when I searched for the best pointe shoes for beginners are endless. However, thanks to my endless research, I have provided you this guide to … Read more

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