The Best Boots for Skinny Calves

They make wide calf boots, but what about slim calf boots? Believe it or not, women with skinny calves have a harder time finding a flattering pair of boots. Men with narrow calves have a similar problem. Most manufacturers don’t design their shoes with a specific body type in mind. This means that women with thinner legs will find boots that are comfortable on their feet but too wide for their legs, or vice versa.

We’ve collected the top-rated boots specifically designed for men and women with slim calves so that you can find the most flattering pair to suit your wardrobe this winter.

BootPriceBest Feature
CLARKS Women’s Mojita Crush Boot Expensive; our choice for the best boot for skinny calvesTop of the shaft has a buckle for adjusting the fit
Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall BootExpensiveAdjustable straps around the top ankle and at the top of back shaft for securing better fit
Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Gogo-300Moderately-pricedComfortable retro boot inspired by the fashion of the 1960s
Bed Stu Women’s Manchester Knee High BootExpensiveCorset stitching on top back shaft
FRYE Women’s Lindsay Plate Knee-High BootExpensiveDistressed leather upper
DREAM PAIRS Women's Utah Knee High Riding BootsBudget-friendlyAdjustable buckle and zipper
Stuart Weitzman 5050 ExpensiveAvailable in multiple colors in suede and leather
Ariat York Fashion Boot ExpensiveSlip-resistant Duratread rubber outsole with good traction
Naughty Monkey Women’s Stride Chelsea BootBudget-friendlyInside zipper
BCBGeneration Women’s BG Raymona Slouch Boot Budget-friendlyStretch faux suede upper

The Best Boots for Skinny Calves

CLARKS Women’s Mojita Crush Boot

The history of CLARKS Shoes dates back to the 1820s; since then, the company has continuously innovated comfort in their shoes and boots for men, women, and children. The CLARKS Women’s Mojita Crush Boot is an adjustable, water-resistant knee-high boot with excellent traction; the weather doesn’t have to affect whether or not you wear your favorite boots. With a leather and suede upper, the interior fabric lining keeps your feet warm during chilly conditions. The synthetic outsole comes with a 1.75” heel, a small lift without being overwhelming. The foam insole keeps you comfortable, allowing for all-day wear.

With buckles and zippers, the CLARKS Women’s Mojita Crush Boot is adjustable to attain the perfect fit for those with skinny calves. A buckle on the ankle keeps your feet stable, while a top-shaft clasp secures the boot to your calf. An inside zipper also makes it easier for you to slide your feet into the 14.25” opening which is a good size for those with skinny calves. These boots run true to size, but the foam insole doesn’t provide much arch support. Although the Mojita would be better for women with flat feet, you can order an extra size up to accommodate an insert if you have higher arches. There is a mild break-in period for the leather/suede upper, but this isn’t a lengthy experience. The only downside to these comfortable boots is that they are only available in black and brown. However, their adjustable fit makes the CLARKS Women’s Mojita Crush Boot a must-have for any woman, making it our choice for the best boot for skinny calves.


  • Our choice for the best boot for skinny legs
  • 5” from arch; knee high boot
  • Water-resistant leather/suede upper with interior fabric lining
  • Foam insole
  • Synthetic outsole with 1.75” heel has good traction
  • 25” opening
  • The buckle on ankle provides stability
  • Top of the shaft has a buckle for adjusting the fit
  • Inside zipper
  • True to size


  • Expensive
  • Only available in black and brown
  • Poor arch support
  • Mild break-in period

Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall Calf Boot

Image of the Timberland Women's Savin Hill Tall Boot,Black,6.5 M US

Timberland is a featured company on work sites, manufacturing some of the most durable work boots on the market today. They have a variety of footwear in their inventory, including women’s fashion boots. The Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall Boot is a knee-high boot that measures 13.75” from the arch. The synthetic leather upper includes a side zipper and adjustable straps around the top of the ankle and the back of the calf for securing a better fit. A soft interior helps your feet slide into these well-made boots. The rubber outsole as a 1” heel for shock absorption, and the insole has great arch support.

There is a mild break-in period with the Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall Boot to stretch the upper. The boot runs small with a narrow toe box, so you will have to order up a size from your standard boot size. There have been some minor reports that the upper separates from the sole after a year of daily use. Although these boots are expensive, their comfort and adjustability make them ideal for women with skinny calves.


  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Rubber outsole with 1” heel
  • 75” from arch; knee-high boot
  • 14” circumference opening
  • Side zipper
  • Adjustable straps around the top ankle and at the top of back shaft for securing better fit
  • Good arch support
  • Soft interior


  • Expensive
  • Run small with narrow toe box
  • Some reports that the sole separates from the upper within a year of consistent use
  • Mild break-in period to stretch the leather


Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Gogo-300

If you need a fun boot for a costume party, or you want to go with a retro look, the Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Gogo-300 Boot fits women with thinner legs very well. The faux leather upper of this knee-high boot is shiny and smooth, inspired by the fashion of the 1960s. Available in multiple colors, the Gogo-300 has a synthetic rubber sole with a square toe and 3” block heel for better stability on your feet. The opening of the boot is very small, only 13” in circumference, but a side zipper makes putting this narrow boot on much easier.

Although customers have reported that this narrow calf boot is very comfortable, it has poor arch support for women with defined arches. The insole is removable, so a gel insert will fix this problem. When purchasing the boot in a lighter color, the black rubber sole will scuff. Having a rag or a cloth on hand will keep the upper looking brand-new. The Gogo-300 runs small and narrow with a tight toe box, so you may need to order a size up if you have long or wide feet. The Funtasma by Pleaser Women’s Gogo-300 boot is rarely for everyday wear, but they are a comfortable boot with a streamlined fit for women with skinny calves that will inspire your next costume.


  • Moderately priced knee-high boot (16.5” from arch)
  • Retro design in multiple colors
  • Faux leather upper
  • Synthetic rubber sole with square toe and 3” block heel for better stability
  • 13” circumference at opening
  • Side zipper
  • Very comfortable


  • Run small and narrow with a tight toe box
  • The sole scuffs
  • Made for costumes, rarely for everyday wear
  • Poor arch support for those with defined arches (insoles will fix this)

Bed Stu Women’s Manchester Calf Boot

One trick to finding a well-made pair of boots to fit your body is to invest in a hand-made pair. These have a higher quality of craftsmanship, planned to the last detail, so they guarantee a better fit. Bed Stu is one of the few footwear companies that still manufactures handmade boots. The Bed Stu Women’s Manchester Knee High Boot has a leather upper with an antique finish for a classic look. The rubber outsole includes a 1.25” heel and a 0.5” platform and excellent traction for slippery conditions. The 14” circumference of the shaft is designed for thinner legs.

Although the boot doesn’t come with an interior lining, a side zipper and corset stitching allow you to custom-fit them to your body and slide them on easier. There is a mild break-in period for the antiqued leather of the Bed Stu Manchester to stretch. These boots run large and narrow with a tight toe box, so they aren’t ideal for women with wide feet.  The only downside to the Manchester is that, since they are handmade, they are expensive. If you are looking for an adjustable knee-high boot with excellent traction, the Bed Stu Women’s Manchester would be a great investment.


  • Leather upper with antique finish
  • Rubber outsole
  • 75” from arch; leather knee high boot
  • 25” heel
  • 5” platform
  • Corset stitching on top back shaft
  • Interior side zipper to mid-calf
  • Good traction
  • 14” circumference opening


  • Expensive
  • Run large and narrow with a tight toe box
  • Mild break-in period for the leather
  • No interior lining

FRYE Women’s Lindsay Plate Calf Boot

Image of the FRYE Women's Lindsay Plate Knee-High Boot,Black Stone Antique Leather,8.5 M US

FRYE is a leading retailer in leather boots and accessories with a global presence. The FRYE Women’s Lindsay Plate Knee-High Boot measures 16” from the arch, with a distressed leather upper with a pull strap at the opening. Including an ankle strap for stability, the boot has a 1” heel that supports the back of your foot by diffusing impact.

Despite the quality manufacturing of this well-made boot, there are some design flaws. Even though it has heel support, there is poor arch support in the insole. These calf boots would be better for women with flatter feet who don’t have such a defined arch. They do run small and narrow, so ordering a size or two up will accommodate a custom insert. Unlike other boots on this list, there is no side zipper. Some women have complained that this makes it more difficult to slide their feet into the boot. Although these boots run high on the price point, the company’s attention to detail and sophisticated manufacturing processes make them an ideal addition to any wardrobe.


  • Distressed leather upper
  • 16” from arch; knee high boot
  • 1” heel
  • 13” circumference at opening
  • Pull strap at top for pulling on
  • Ankle strap for stability


  • Expensive
  • Run small and narrow
  • No side zipper; some women complain that makes it difficult to slide their ankle into the boot
  • Poor arch support

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Knee High Riding Calf Boots

If you prefer a set of knee high boots, the DREAM PAIRS Women’s Utah Knee High Riding Boots are a comfortable and lightweight option. The smooth leather upper comes in multiple colors, and a soft fabric interior gives them a luxurious feel. With only a 1.6” heel, the elevation of the boot doesn’t take away from its style. Once you have these boots on, you’ll never want to take them off. A thermoplastic rubber insole breathes and insulates, making them perfect for either summer or winter wear.

Since there is a side zipper and adjustable buckle, these boots should have the adjustable qualities you need for your calves.  Some customers have complained that Dream Pairs can be a little slow in responding to customer inquiries, so plan ahead if you’re concerned about that. Unlike many well-made calf boots, these are affordably priced, so they won’t break your budget.


  • Affordably priced
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • 16” from arch; thigh-high boot
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Leather upper
  • Soft fabric interior
  • Thermoplastic rubber insole breathes and insulates
  • 1.6” heel


  • Difficult to get into contact with the company
  • Has a wider opening than some boots on this list
  • Some complaints of a weird smell from the dye

Stuart Weitzman 5050

Stuart Weitzman is a designer that manufactures luxury boots and other accessories. One of their most popular leather boots, the Stuart Weitzman 5050, is a thigh-high boot, measuring 21” from the arch. They are available in multiple colors in both suede and leather, so you can find a pair that suits you and your wardrobe. The front upper extends over the knee at about two inches higher than the back. The back shaft is designed with a stretch suede, giving them the recognizable look of the brand.

With a low heel, these boots are all about their sleek appearance. The suede of the front upper is stiff, so they require some breaking in. They run large and wide, so you may need to order a size down from your regular footwear. The 5050’s are designed to have a fitted look, but some women have complained that they look a little baggy around the ankles. However, this report does not seem to be consistent. If you are in the market for a designer boot that form fits your body that you can dress up or down, the Stuart Weitzman 5050’s are an elite boot that lasts for ages.


  • Leather upper
  • Rubber outsole
  • 21” from arch; thigh-high boot
  • 1” heel
  • 14” circumference at opening
  • Available in multiple colors in suede and leather


  • Expensive
  • Suede can be stiff; takes some breaking in
  • Baggy around the ankles
  • Run wide and large

Ariat York Fashion Calf Boot

Ariat has built its reputation on providing quality footwear for the world’s best equestrian athletes, but their top-quality calf boots are ideal for a variety of uses. The Ariat York Fashion Boot is an attractive knee-high boot that suits any style. The full-grain leather upper has a classic look, and the Duratread non-marking rubber outsole is slip-resistant, providing excellent traction. Designed for all-day wear, the Ariat York has a moisture-wicking insole to keep your feet dry. A well-placed side zipper helps you slide your feet into the 14” shaft opening.

The Ariat York runs narrow, so you will have to order either half a size to a full size higher than your usual boot size. The leather upper will feel tight on even narrow calves during the break-in period, which shouldn’t last more than a few days. In some cases, the zipper can fail, so it is best to treat this part of the boot gingerly. There have been some reports that the upper separates from the sole within a year, but this is when you wear them every day. While some women may balk at the expense, the Ariat York Fashion Boot is a fashionable and durable calf boot with a timeless look to impress.


  • Full grain leather upper
  • Slip-resistant Duratread rubber outsole with good traction
  • 15” from arch; knee-high boot
  • 14” opening
  • Moisture-wicking footbed keeps your feet dry
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Side zipper


  • Expensive
  • Zipper fails
  • Upper separates from the sole within a year of use
  • Run narrow
  • Mild break-in period for the leather

Naughty Monkey Women’s Stride Chelsea Boot

Image of the Naughty Monkey Women's Stride Chelsea Boot, Tan, 7.5 M US

While some women may hesitate before purchasing a boot named Naughty Monkey, they will think twice when they discover they are some of the best budget-friendly boots out there today. The Naughty Monkey Women’s Stride Chelsea Boot measures 15” from the arch, making it a knee-high boot with a streamlined fit. The synthetic sole has a 0.25” platform and a 1.25” heel for better shock absorption while you are on-the-go. A side zipper helps you slide your feet into the 13.5” opening.

Despite the small shaft opening, the boot itself runs wide, but they have a tight toe box. The Naughty Monkey Women’s Stride Chelsea Boot is best for women with wider feet and thin calves who like a snug fit in their footwear. The arch support isn’t the best in these boots, so they would be ideal if you don’t need more support for defined arches. The Chelsea Boot can feel heavy at first, and getting used to the weight will take some time. There have been some complaints about the aged detail at the heel and toe; women either love it or hate it. If you have a difficult time fitting into boots because of the discrepancy between the size of your feet and your calves, then this is the perfect boot for you.


  • Budget-friendly
  • 15” from arch; knee high boot
  • Leather upper
  • Synthetic sole with 0.25” platform and 1.25” heel
  • 5” opening
  • Inside zipper


  • Aged detail at the heel and toe
  • Foot runs wide; not for narrow feet
  • Feel heavy
  • Poor arch support
  • Tight toe box

BCBGeneration Women’s BG Raymona Slouch Boot

If you are a modern woman, then you need a boot that reflects that. BCBGeneration is a fashion conglomerate that designs quirky yet sophisticated clothes and footwear for only the trendiest of women. The BCBGeneration Women’s BG Raymona Slouch Boot is a calf boot that measures 15” from the arch. With a long-lasting stretch faux suede upper, the Raymona has a non-marking synthetic sole with a 3.25” heel to add height to your look. The comfortable memory foam insole makes these boots ideal for all-day wear; you may forget you are wearing them.

With only a 13” opening, these boots are made for women with very slender calves. Although there is no side zipper, the suede stretches so that you can slide your feet and legs into them. These boots run narrow with a tight toe box, so they are best for women with small feet. The only consistent complaint about the boot is that there is no elastic at the top of the upper, which makes the top slip down occasionally. The Raymonas have a very thin heel, so you might want to choose another boot if you have weak ankles or you have trouble keeping your balance. The BCBGeneration Women’s BG Raymona Slouch Boot is a budget-friendly knee-high boot for women who struggle to find the perfect boot to fit their bodies and their style.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Stretch faux suede upper
  • 13” opening
  • Non-marking synthetic outsole with thin 3.25” heel
  • 15” from arch; knee high boot
  • Memory foam insole


  • Thin heel
  • No elastic to hold the top up; makes the boot slip down
  • Run narrow with a tight toe box

Essex Round Toe Leather Ankle Boot

It was pretty tough to find the best ankle dress boot, but after a lot of research, it became clear that the Essex Round Toe Leather Ankle Boot from Florsheim was a sure winner. The design almost looks like a revamped Chelsea boot with a slightly higher heel and a sleeker silhouette.

Soft and Pliable for Easy Entry

Because the boot was designed to be slightly tighter around the calves to provide people with narrow legs a better fit, they become slightly harder to don. That said, the brand made sure to use forgiving, pliable uppers that bend and flex according to your movements to make wearing the boots less of a chore.

Needless to say, the minor design feature was a success. Even without the extra goring, the boots are very easy to on and off. Short slits on either side of the collar also help widen the entry to accommodate wider feet. It’s also worth mentioning that despite having such soft, pliable uppers, the boots hold impressively against wear and tear which I’ll discuss more about later on.

Forgiving Leather Welts Allow a Natural Step

The welts on a shoe will tell you how well that design will let you flex your toes. Any welt that’s too rigid or tough won’t bend or move too freely, compromising your step and making you feel restricted while you walk.

The Essex Leather Ankle Boot uses the same pliable leather uppers for its welts. So what you get is a highly flexible boot that lets you flex and extend freely without limitations. Walking in the boots feels very natural, and the pliability also prevents any ripping or tearing that usually occurs with unforgiving materials that resist movement too excessively.

Gets Better with Wear

The sign of a good boot is its ability to roll with the punches of wear and tear. Needless to say, the Essex Leather Ankle Boots from Florsheim outshine lots of others in its category when it comes to standing the test of time.

The soft leather uppers crease pretty noticeably which might be annoying at the start. But with time, those lines shine through with personality, giving you a beautifully aged boot that doesn’t lose any of its handsome appeal. Personally, I think the Essex looks even better after a few months or years of use. So don’t be afraid to use them every day as they wear really well.

Pros of the Essex Leather Ankle Boots from Florsheim

  • Soft, pliable leather uppers make it easy to don the boot despite its narrow silhouette.
  • Sophisticated aesthetics lends classy appeal to any outfit.
  • Leather welts are exceptionally forgiving, so the boots allow a natural gait pattern for added comfort and confidence.
  • Looks better with wear, so there’s no need to worry about maintaining that pristine, fresh-from-the-box look.

Some Downsides

  • Tend to look odd when those first few creases show on the uppers.
  • Comes with a steep price tag that might not seem reasonable for a lot of buyers.

Ariat Cascade 8″ Work Boot

Work boots are pretty common in the market as hundreds of brands try to compete for the patronage of a single audience. It took me a while to find it given the thick variety of choices. But the Ariat Cascade 8” Work Boot is a superb work boot design that’s perfect if you’ve got narrow calves.

Easier to Achieve a Custom Fit

Across the front of the boot is a smart lacing system that makes it incredibly easy to achieve a custom fit. The round, smooth rope laces are highly adjustable, tightening to your preference with just a tug of the excess lace. This eliminates the need to keep tugging through lower eyelets and making sure that the tight fit is consistent throughout the length of the lacing system.

For people with narrow calves, the system can reduce the entire girth of the shaft to bring both edges of the uppers together, concealing the entire width of the tongue. This way, you get a much narrower fit that locks down the ankle for better injury prevention.

Burly Construction for a Long Lasting Boot

Work boots are subject to some of the most demanding conditions. So it’s best to look for a design that can withstand the onslaught of challenging environments so you don’t end up buying a brand new boot too soon.

Ariat is one of the most popular boot brands out there. And although their main focus is on athletic outdoor footwear such as those for horseback riding, the company does have quite a positive reputation in other categories like work boots as well. This particular boot design just shows how well the brand knows its boot construction. The Cascade features premium reinforced stitching, durable uppers, and a heavy duty outsole that makes it perfect for different kinds of work conditions.

Reliable Outsoles for an Injury-Free Shift

One of the main selling points of this particular work boot is its ultra-efficient outsole. The Duratread technology which is unique to the brand allows an unwavering grip on a variety of terrain. The deep sole treads create something of a suction, and provide notches for your boot to hook against uneven surfaces to prevent you from slipping.

The soles are also oil and slip resistant, making the boot ideal for warehouse work as well. Finally, the entire construction is reinforced with a composite forked shank that provides exceptional stability so you don’t lose your balance as you tread dangerous terrain.

Pros of the Ariat Cascade 8” Work Boot

  • Duratread outsoles provide flawless traction for demanding work conditions.
  • Forked composite shank allows greater stability compared to other work boots.
  • Hardy construction promises to last through some of the toughest work environments to give you a worthy boot investment.
  • Adjustable laces can tighten down to accommodate even the narrowest of calves.
  • Premium materials promise greater comfort, support, and lifespan.

Some Downsides

  • Takes some time to break-in, so they feel pretty stiff for a pretty long time.
  • The material is prone to scuffing which can be an issue for those concerned with aesthetics.

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme

Thinking of traversing the great outdoors? For those with slim calves, there isn’t a better boot for the job than the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Insulated Hiking Boot. With its 10” high uppers and Custom K-Talon outsole, you can  be sure to get the right support and stability to keep you confident all throughout your trek.

Intuitive Lacing System Maintains a Snug Fit

One of the features that caught my eye when I was checking out the Mountain Extreme from Kenetrek is its unique lacing system. The middle speed hook was of particular interest as it doesn’t follow the other hooks’ alignment. Placed slightly backwards towards the heel, this hook optimizes fit, pushing the heel towards the heel counter to lock the ankle in place. It’s also this feature that enables users to adjust the fit to suit their narrow calves.

Upwards of the middle hook, the speed hooks allow a lot of adjustment. So users can close off the uppers to cover up the width of the tongue. This helps accommodate even the narrowest of calves for a better, more supportive fit.

Extended Outsole Keeps Feet Extra Protected

The soles on the Mountain Extreme are rugged, to say the least. These beastly rubber outsoles are incredibly thick, featuring some of the deepest treads I’ve seen thus far. Beyond the outsoles are equally hardy midsoles that are 7mm thick. These add extra stability and support perfect for demanding outdoor conditions.

A few inches around the uppers, the soles extend and turn into a thin coat that covers the toes, heel, and sides of the boot. This provides an extra barrier of protection against rocks, branches, and mud. It also helps keep the uppers from ripping away from the soles – a common problem for boots that have seen quite a bit of a beating.

Made for the Trail Less Traveled

The company wasn’t kidding when they designed these boots for the trail less traveled. So whether it’s snow, sand, or mud, you can be sure that these extra durable boots will stand against wear, tear, and damage with flying colors.

Of course, the only real trade-off is their weight. Because the boots are made from such durable, high-quality materials, they tend to weigh down on the feet a bit more than some would prefer. Nonetheless, they get the job done, and with all the great features they offer, the issue of weight seems very forgivable.

Pros of the Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 10” Hiking Boot

  • Super durable construction can take on snow, mud, and sand with little to no damage.
  • Extended outsoles protect the uppers and prevent the material from ripping away from the soles.
  • Custom K-Talon Outsoles offer outstanding traction against some of the most dangerous trails out there.
  • Smart lacing system creates the right pressure to lock down the ankle, and makes it possible for users with narrow calves to adjust to meet their size.

Some Downsides

  • Pretty heavy, so they cause significant fatigue after a few minutes of use especially through demanding conditions.

The Bottom Line

If you have smaller calves, shopping for the best pair of boots shouldn’t have to be as difficult as it seems to be. Any of the selections on this list would make a perfect addition to your wardrobe. With classic and modern styles, you can find a boot that works for you.

When it comes to comfort and stability, our favorite boots for skinny calves are the CLARKS Women’s Mojita Crush Boot. The company has been in the business for almost two hundred years, consistently delivering quality boots to their customers. Although they have poor arch support, an insert can remedy this. Their comfort and style make them perfect for any woman who has struggled to find that perfect pair of boots.



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