Red Wing 1907 Boot Review

Reliable, long-lasting boots are more than just a pair of shoes to wear – they’re a trusty companion. So because the Red Wing 1907 has gotten lots of praise as a worthy pair of everyday boots, I decided to dig into the research. After scanning hundreds of customer reviews and comparing these boots to the 20 or so best alternatives,  I have to say, I am impressed.

As one of the Heritage line’s most functional boots, I think the Red Wing 1907 makes for a great pair of boots that you can use in a variety of environments. While they are not technically built for the blue collar industry, they are definitely sturdy and high-quality and will last for years with normal use.

Interested in buying yourself a pair of the Red Wing 1907 Boots? Find out if they’re the right choice for you by learning more about my own experience with this practical pair.

The Classic Red Wing Look and Feel

The 6-Inch Moc Toe was designed to resonate with the style and aesthetics of the original Red Wing boots from way back in the 1950’s. Its combination of worn-looking Copper Rough and Tough leather, a white rubber outsole, and triple stitched construction give it that unique Red Wing look that can just zap you back to a time forgotten.

Despite its generally vintage look though, the 1907 is still pretty good looking for a contemporary shoe. In fact, lots of those who purchase the boot use it for casual outfits, giving a pop of masculine appeal to any old shirt and jeans combo.

Straight from the box, the leather does give a bit of resistance. But unlike the Beckman Round 6” Boot which is probably one of their toughest in the Heritage collection, the 1907 is a lot more forgiving. So I managed to break them in just a few weeks of daily use.

A Daily Companion for Dirty Work

Before anything else, I would like to point out that I don’t think the 1907 would make a suitable blue collar work boot. Aside from the fact that they don’t meet work boot safety standards, they’re not reinforced enough to withstand the hazards in a demanding work environment.

Despite that, the 1907 can be a good choice if you work a few dirty jobs around your home or neighborhood. I can definitely see someone getting sufficient protection and support out of the boots for auto repair work, DIY home repairs, and maybe even wood working.

Aside from that, the Red Wing 1907 can be suitable for casual everyday use. So for walking around the town or even working your usual 9 to 5, the 1907 will definitely give you the comfort and even the style you want out of reliable footwear.

Impressive Durability But Lacking in Some Aspects

Generally speaking, the Red Wing 1907 boasts impressive durability. Even with everyday wear and tear, the boot just seems to get better. Becoming more and more comfortable the more you use it, the 1907 also starts to look better with age. Just give it a few months, and you’ll find them looking even more like the Red Wing classics from the 1950s.

Image of the Red Wing Heritage Men's Classic 1907 6-Inch Moc Toe Boot,Copper Rough & Tough,9.5 D US

Mainly, this is thanks to the premium full-grain leather used for the uppers. Red Wing is known for their fine leather material that’s treated and tanned to age with superior quality. This – in combination with the expertly executed triple stitch construction – gives the 1907 boots great resistance to wear, tear, and even aggressive scuffing.

I do want to point out though that while the uppers are in a different league all together when it comes to durability, the soles aren’t quite as satisfying. In a word, I would describe the white rubber traction treads as subpar, being the weakest aspect of the boot all together. They wear out easily, rub out their texture, and even thin out and lose density over just a few years time.

Fortunately, Red Wing does offer restoration services to bring your 1907 boots back to their original state. But even then, sturdier soles could have improved overall design.

Satisfying Comfort Through and Through

The problem with a lot of Red Wing boots is that they can get pretty stiff. Out of the box, most of their boots are unforgiving and stubborn, refusing to bend along with ankle movements and feeling more like a plank under the foot.

With the 1907 though, that ceases to be true. In fact, the boots seem to use much softer leather that’s more pliable than typical Red Wing boots’. Right off the bat, the 1907 boots offer greater comfort allowing more movement above the ankle and throughout the mid and forefoot.

With more wear, the boots shape around the user’s foot. By the end of the first month of my using the 1907 boots, I would usually forget that I was even wearing them at all as they tend to feel more like a second skin.

You can expect the cushion insole with a boot of this design. That is, it’s nothing like a heavy duty work boot with plush collar padding and cushion inserts. Instead, it has a reasonably soft insole that compresses against your weight and returns to its original shape during toe off. All in all, it’s good enough for most users. But if you don’t find them quite as comfortable, you can easily replace the insoles with your own footbed liners.

Step in Confidence at Least for a While

When you first take your 1907s out of the box, the white outsoles can be really reliable on a variety of surfaces. I’ve used the boots for everyday work like outdoor repairs, but some find them to provide satisfying traction even for landscaping work. The texture on the soles gives the boots great bite for a number of different environments. They also resist mud and dirt, so outdoor work won’t leave you with muddied soles that make your boots feel heavy.

The only problem is that the soles don’t actually last too long. Sure, they’re really great at first but just a few months of using the 1907s can leave you with really worn out treads. Plus, there really isn’t a lot to the material used for the outsoles. Using nothing more than basic rubber, the soles don’t incorporate much science or carefully thought-out design. So it’s easy to see why they wear out so easily.

1907 Boot Alternatives

The 1907 boot from Red Wing uses the same design that several other Red Wing boots do. In fact, one of Red Wing’s most iconic designs is the Classic Moc silhouette. So it comes in a variety of colorways. The 1907 boot simply pertains to the Classic Moc that uses the Copper Rough and Tough leather uppers.

Other available alternatives include the 8890 in Charcoal Rough and Tough leather, the 875 in Oro Legacy leather, and the 8138 in Briar Oil Slick leather. All together, all of these three alternatives use pretty much the same construction and design. The leather uppers used for the designs are main difference. In terms of feel and form, they’re essentially the same, it’s really just the aesthetics that switch up.

The Classic Moc is also available as an 8” boot. Again, there isn’t much of a difference between this design and the 6” variation aside from the shaft length. Ultimately, the 8” could simply be a better choice for someone who expects to need the extra height for certain types of dirty work.

Pros of the Red Wing 1907 Boots

  • The boots boast true-blue vintage Red Wing aesthetics. This gives the boots appealing character and personality that’s unrivaled by any other boot design.
  • The boot uses the highest of standards for its upper construction. Triple stitches keep the boot in perfect shape even after years of use.
  • The boots make the perfect companion for dirty work and demanding chores that require superior foot support and protection.
  • Pliable upper leather material becomes a second skin after several weeks of use.
  • Traction is great straight out of the box, giving you greater grip on a variety of surfaces including mud and grass.

Cons of the Red Wing 1907 Boot

  • The sole isn’t as durable as the rest of the boot, giving in to wear and tear much sooner than any other part.
  • The 1907 isn’t really a suitable blue collar work boot despite sometimes being advertised as one.

The Verdict

Functional, reliable, and adaptable, the 1907 Classic Moc Boot from Red Wing is a great footwear investment. The boot design can be a suitable companion for a variety of chores and activities, keeping your feet protected, supported, and comfortable throughout use.

On top of being a reliable everyday boot, the 1907s can also add a touch of fashionable appeal to your casual get-ups. With its beautiful copper toned leather and striking silhouette, the boot can become a style staple for your favorite everyday outfits.

So, should you cop a pair of the Red Wing 1907 Boots? I say go for it! The design is timeless, reliable, and versatile so you can be sure you’re getting the best functional footwear for a variety of occasions.